Why are Hu, Liu, Hui, Bai and Huang listed as the five immortals in Northeast China?

Since the recent popular tomb raiding movies, the five immortals in Northeast China have also entered people’s horizon. To tell you the truth, Xiao Bian, who was born in Northeast China, has heard that weasel has spirituality at most, but he has never heard of other immortal families. How did this statement begin?


Xiaobian found that the five immortals’ theory was popular in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, most of the people in the pass went to the sparsely populated northeast to make a living, and then there appeared the phenomenon of acclimatization. Therefore, some of these people improved the treatment method, that is, the Northeast Folk “Chuma Fairy”, and Chuma fairy combined with the Manchu Shamanism “everything has spirit” Besides Taoist immortals and Buddhist Bodhisattvas, most of them are the five immortals of Shamanism.

1、 Hu (Fox)


The fox fairy is commonly known as the great immortal among the people. It has high magic power and can be transformed into human form. In the works of the Warring States period, there appeared the immortal beast with fox as the prototype, which was endowed with special ability. The spring and Autumn Annals of the Lu family records that Dayu, in order to control the water, had not married at thirty. When he passed by Tushan, he met a Nine Tailed white fox, and the people there sang: “big white fox, nine tails are long and white Long, may you get married as soon as possible, son and grandson It is recorded in the spring and Autumn Annals of Wuyue in the Eastern Han Dynasty that Dayu married nine white foxes and became Tushan’s wife.


Legend has it that foxes are a kind of ascending animal. They were unwilling to be killed in ancient times. They began to look for their own powerful methods. They were told that they had been guided to find places to connect with the outside world, and that they could endure loneliness and perseverance.

2、 Willow (snake)


Liu Xian is considered to be the incarnation of the dragon, the snake in the zodiac is considered to be the little dragon, the body is strange, the ability is dormant, the change of molting is hidden, the action is strange, the mana is more powerful, and the magic of taking food from thousands of miles. I believe you have heard the folklore of the legend of the White Snake, which attracts people’s attention and admiration.


3、 Grey (mouse)

Gray fairy belongs to one of the five immortals, which originates from the spiritual thought of all things. It is said that gray fairy can predict the future, calculate divination, and make people rich. It is regarded as the God of passing wealth by the folk. It is good at changing fate against heaven, arranging array and transportation, moving mountains and seas, and divining the true meaning of heaven. (Xiaobian really didn’t expect that the mouse that everyone wanted to fight was also an immortal family… How many immortal families have I killed?)


4、 White (hedgehog)


Since the founding of BAIXIAN Tainai education, BAIXIAN group 1 has been the best at treating all kinds of real diseases, asking for medicine, giving up medicine, hanging pot to help the world, treating people’s diseases, and helping the kind and poor.

5、 Yellow (weasel)


There are two reasons why Huangxian is worshipped: one is its beautiful body and bright temperament; the other is that it influences people’s spiritual world, which makes people feel mysterious and difficult to practice. It is hard to move forward between being eaten and making leather goods. There is a popular folk saying in the North: Black for a thousand years and white for ten thousand years. It’s said that Huang Xian had to read a key test in the process of cultivation, which was to seek the seal. When he became human, he found a human child and asked, “do you think I’m human?”? If it’s like that, it’s the right result. (Xiao Bian is so big. I’ve never heard of this magical creature. Have you ever seen it?)

In fact, for the “five immortals”, this is more of a culture. The formation of the five immortal families is not accidental. It is the result of the precipitation in the long history. Although it does not represent the “strange powers and gods”, it can fully explain people’s reverence for nature and respect for all things at that time. There are few “ghosts and gods” in western culture, but in Chinese culture, all things can become “immortals”. Although there is no belief in the five immortals, the reverence for nature is still there.

Do you know the stories about which animals are worshipped as “immortals” in Chinese culture? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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