Why are Mantis eaten by females voluntarily after mating? Is sex food the feminism of nature?

The charm of nature is unparalleled. Every landscape is full of magical colors and endless fun. For example, after mating, female mantis usually eats male mantis. In order to complete the cause of reproduction, do male mantis really willing to devote their life?

Sex eaters: not all male mantis are eaten

Mantis is is widely distributed on the earth except in polar regions. There are more than 2000 members in the mantis family. In our daily life, the common Mantis are Chinese big mantis, brown mantis and so on. Mantis is is a carnivorous insect and also a kind of sex eater. What is sex eating? In nature, some animals will eat each other after mating. This phenomenon is called “sexual cannibalism”.

The picture shows the sex food of Mantis recorded in insect records


In the world’s most famous insect record, it records how a female mantis eats a male mantis after mating. So why would a female mantis do such a ridiculous thing to eat her mate? Biologists found that there is a rich nutrient in the body of the male mantis, which helps the female mantis to better breed their offspring. Moreover, the energy consumed by the female mantis in the process of breeding is extraordinary. Only by storing abundant energy can they better breed their offspring. Therefore, biologists believe that the male mantis is for their own offspring To make such a sacrifice.

“Not all male mantis will be eaten by female mantis after mating. Some male mantis can get away with it,” said a new study published in Biology Letters For example, when the female mantis is full, they will not eat the male mantis after mating with the male mantis. On the contrary, when the female mantis is hungry, they will ruthlessly attack the male mantis.

The picture shows a mantis injured during mating

For male mantis, every time they encounter female mantis, they are like walking on thin ice. It seems that this is their end of the world, and they will never see the sun tomorrow. Of course, for male mantis, it still depends on their own luck whether they can survive safely after completing mating tasks. Why do you say that? It’s because not all female mantis will eat male mantis, and it’s not only when they mate that they will be killed. Why do you say that?

The picture shows the sex food of Mantis


1. The male mantis is not actively dedicated, so it is urgent to develop escape means

In order to reproduce, they have to face being eaten by their partner female mantis. For male mantis, they are not willing to face this kind of thing. They risk their lives to complete the mating task, and the male mantis is also thinking of all kinds of strategies to protect themselves. A paper in biology letters pointed out that most male mantis would choose to develop escape means or measures to protect themselves before completing mating mission. For example, some male mantis would specially bring some delicious food to female mantis before mating to distract their attention and make them have no time to take care of themselves. When female mantis are full, they will no longer eat to themselves It’s a threat.

In 1984, biologists liske and Davis conducted experiments with the common Chinese big knife mantis, which also proved this point. In the case of sufficient food, there will be no phenomenon of being eaten at all, and the longer you are hungry, the easier the male mantis will be eaten. In addition, there are some male mantis that are not very strong. They know that the other is not their opponent, so after completing the mating task, they will choose to play dead, so that the female mantis can give birth to new life harmoniously.

The picture shows the Chinese big knife Mantis



Before mating, the male mantis will fight and win to avoid the risk of being eaten after mating

Scientists have conducted in-depth research on the mating habits of Mantis. Researchers have found that before mating, female mantis and male mantis will launch a fierce battle. If the male mantis wins this battle, it means that after successful mating, it will avoid the risk of being eaten by female mantis. On the contrary, 90% of the male mantis lost in the fight will be eaten by the female mantis. So based on these studies, the researchers concluded that whether male mantis can be eaten by female mantis depends on whether they are active enough and strong enough. If they are strong enough, they will get away with it and avoid the risk of being eaten by female mantis.

The picture shows two Mantis facing each other

In addition to mantis, what other phenomena of cannibalism exist in nature?


Some scholars think that task-based cannibalism is a kind of fearless spirit. For example, male creatures are eaten by female creatures for the purpose of reproduction. Male creatures are willing to sacrifice themselves so that female creatures can get better nourishment. This sacrifice is a commendable spirit. However, in the eyes of some scholars, the phenomenon of sexual cannibalism is an abnormal behavior. Male creatures are not willing to be eaten by each other. They prefer to escape rather than wait to die. In other words, male creatures do not care about their offspring.

1. Spiders are the most typical predators in nature

Spiders have a notorious nickname “black widow” in nature. Most female spiders will eat male spiders after mating with male spiders. In Australia, in order to reproduce better, male red backed spiders have adapted to the risk of being eaten by female spiders. They have developed two antennae to fertilize females, that is to say, they will complete two mating tasks before they are eaten by each other.

The picture shows spiders eating


2. Chironomid is a kind of sexual predator

Chironomid is similar to common mosquitoes, but the biggest difference is that there are many dense fine hairs on their antennae. Chironomid is small to medium-sized. Chironomid likes to live in various ponds, lakes, rivers and streams with high oxygen content. During mating, male chironomid is usually eaten by female chironomid because male chironomid is rich in protein, In order to better breed offspring, female chironomid will eat male chironomid.

The picture shows chironomid


Natural sea slugs


There are more than 3000 kinds of sea slugs in the world. In fact, it is not a slug, but a kind of snail. The two pairs of antennae on its head are protruding like rabbit ears. It is a very special member of mollusk family. In the process of mating, it lasts for a long time, from several hours to several days. After mating, there is a risk that the female will eat the male.

The picture shows a sea slug

Does sex eaters represent Feminism?

In some people’s eyes, homovorous creatures are a very cruel species, and their love price is extremely extravagant, just like the male mantis, in order to reproduce, is finally eaten by the female mantis. So is this powerful female creature claiming sovereignty in nature? Is it suggesting that females are always stronger than males? No, because breeding is a mission for male animals.



Female creatures bear the task of procreation, in order to reproduce “bear the blame”

In fact, for female creatures, they are the most painful. In order to complete the mission of reproduction, and for the future generations to be born smoothly, they have to eat the male creatures to obtain some energy. For female creatures, this is also the last thing they want to receive. After all, which mother is willing to face the fact that she becomes a widow after the birth of her child, What about the loss of a father? So, in many cases, when these female creatures undertake the reproductive task, they also live in the world with people’s “Curse” on them. They are not the strong, but the most compassionate weak in nature. For males, they will never take the place of females to complete their reproductive work, and they will never eat females.


It’s the male’s mission to reproduce, and they’re just fulfilling that obligation


Male creatures live in the world. What is their mission? We should inherit our genes and reproduce. Mantis is is a kind of omnivorous arthropod predator, which only eats live prey in natural condition. Facing the male mantis in front of us, how to choose between food and sex? So male mantis in order to reproduce, in order to complete their mission, they will choose to take risks to choose. For female mantis, the initiative of this choice is in the hands of male mantis in the final analysis. If male mantis has no obligation to reproduce, maybe they will not face the risk of being eaten by female mantis.

3. Males are eaten by females, which is good for reproduction

Like most creatures, mantis is the nature of animals to survive and reproduce, but it is also the nature of animals to eat the male mantis after mating. In the state of starvation, only eating the male mantis will have the chance to survive. For this unfair choice, the female mantis is not willing to face. After all, it is suffering from widowhood.

So in general, among the sex eaters, females don’t swear feminism, they are also victims. The law of nature is so cruel that no one or anything can deliberately try to prevent it. Most animals on the earth form a form of sexual reproduction in which both sexes participate by pairing. During the mating process of each species, genes recombine like playing cards to produce a different group of offspring.


However, it is worth mentioning that the crueler natural law faced by the same species of sex eaters is to eat the male and reproduce. Although this method is a kind of inferior reproduction, since the female can not get rid of it, they can only choose to accept it, because only in this way can they obtain more energy and help the male better complete its mission. As human beings and onlookers, I hope we can also abide by this natural law. We should not easily destroy the way of reproduction of the same species. We should respect nature as well as ourselves!

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