Why are mummies so popular in Europe after being buried in the earth for many years?

When it comes to mummies, I believe that many people think of mystery and fear. Chinese people pay attention to making things safe. Many people may not understand why people should make mummies after death. But in ancient Egypt, mummies were a symbol of identity. The ancient Egyptians believed that the soul would not be destroyed after death, and the soul was attached to the body. Therefore, many Pharaons with status would ask to make their bodies into mummies after death, so as to realize the eternal life of the soul. Now mummies have become an important means for scientists to study history, and the research value is very high. But in Europe, mummies have become objects in the abdomen. Why?


Europeans believe that eating mummies can cure diseases


In fact, this was caused by the propaganda of the ancient Egyptians themselves. As early as the beginning of the 15th century, there was a trend of “Mummy excavation” in Egypt. They believed that mummies had two functions, one was to be used as medicine, the other was to be used as fuel. Many local people dug up mummies and used them to make fuel oil, which was sold at a high price, but this behavior was a serious violation of the law at that time, so the trend gradually faded. But local laws have no effect on Europeans. So after smelling the smell of money, Europeans began to recycle a large number of mummies.


They believe that mummies can survive for thousands of years. In addition to the superb preservation technology, they also have a lot to do with the soul. Europeans also believe in the immortality of the soul, so the soul attached to the mummy has spiritual power, so eating mummy can cure difficult and miscellaneous diseases. So after they dig out the mummy, they will grind the mummy into powder and add honey or alcohol, which can be used as medicine to treat headache, tuberculosis and other diseases.


Scientists believe mummies have no therapeutic effect


Besides the European mummies Francis and Francis, there are two scientists who advocate that people can cure diseases. Boyle discovered Boyle’s law, and Bacon said that “knowledge is power”. Therefore, with the praise of the two, people are more unscrupulous in digging mummies, but the number of mummies is limited after all. In order to make a profit, the ancient Egyptians even used livestock as mummies, but the Europeans did not know.


Speaking of this, many people will think of our country’s famous book journey to the West. The reason why the four teachers and disciples met many demons and ghosts on the way of learning scriptures is that the goblins thought that they could live forever after eating Tang Monk’s meat, but this is only a myth. In fact, eating mummies is as good as this phenomenon. Maybe some people have recovered from some diseases after eating mummies, but it is also accidental. It is absurd to think that mummies can cure diseases only by coincidence.


The mummy making process is very complex and has high research value. Nowadays, there are only a few mummies that can be completely preserved. It’s very sad to see that the European once abused the mummy so much. What do you want to say about this situation? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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