Why are rare plants in the forest called “flowers of death”? Will it threaten mankind?

In nature, there are all kinds of plants, especially in some primeval forests, which we have never found or are afraid of. Recently, some very rare plants were found in the ancient forest of Tongren City, Guizhou Province. They can also be seen in many suspense novels. This kind of plant is also called “flower of death”. What is it?


Zhang Bo, the villager who discovered these rare plants, was going to go into the forest to pick mushrooms on October 2. When he was in the process of picking, he was suddenly attracted by several crystal white plants. These plants grow near the mushrooms, which are very different from the mushrooms we see in our daily life, so he quickly photographed these mushrooms. From the photos, we can see that these plants have slender branches, just like the pea shooter in the zombie war.


What is crystal orchid?


After the identification of the local authorities, they found that this plant is actually crystal orchid. Many people may not have heard the name of crystal orchid, they are a very rare flower, generally speaking, the living environment is very high, cool, humid, humus environment is their paradise. In this forest in Guizhou, the ecological environment fully meets the requirements, so it is not surprising that crystal orchid was born.


Since many novels claim that crystal orchid is a kind of “flower of death”, will it do harm to human beings? Crystal orchid’s whole body is snow-white, because it does not carry out photosynthesis, it can only rely on rotten plants to extract nutrients and absorb energy. It is this unique habit and shape that gives it a terrible color in many martial arts novels and fairy tales. There is even a local legend that human beings will lose their lives in a moment when they encounter these words.


Will crystal orchid threaten human life?


Of course, these are just the passages described in the novel. Scientists say that crystal orchid is not a threat to human life. Its crystal orchid is also a kind of herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. Now more than 10 crystal orchids have been protected by local authorities.


After seeing this discovery, many people are impressed by the infinite charm of nature. Human beings live on the earth. In addition to a variety of resources, unknown plants and animals also add a touch of beautiful color to the ecosystem. Of course, although crystal orchid has no toxin and will not affect human beings, some plants are life-threatening to human beings, just like many poisonous mushrooms. Every year, there are many poisonous mushroom poisoning incidents in China. We must also be vigilant. Sometimes the most common plant may be the most invisible killer. What do you think?

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