Why are scientists so enthusiastic about finding alien civilizations? Is it just curiosity?

Human beings launched the extraterrestrial civilization search program soon after they came out of the earth. Although we have made a lot of efforts in more than half a century, we still haven’t found anything. But as time goes on, scientists’ enthusiasm for searching for extraterrestrial civilization has not decreased, but has become higher and higher. Why?

Some people may say that the reason why human beings are so enthusiastic about looking for alien civilizations is mainly due to their curiosity. They want to find out whether there are other intelligent civilizations in the universe and what the form of alien civilization is? What aliens look like, etc.


Is it really just curiosity that scientists are so enthusiastic about looking for alien civilizations? Maybe it’s not that simple. Although scientists have not found any trace of alien civilization after more than half a century of efforts, they have no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

The universe is too big for us to imagine. With the current scientific and technological strength of human beings, the observable range has reached 93 billion light years. And this range is just the tip of the iceberg of the universe. Some scientists think that the radius of the universe may have reached 12 trillion light years, and this number is increasing with the rapid expansion of the universe.

Even within 93 billion light-years, there are at least trillions of galaxies like the Milky way, and every galaxy like the Milky way has hundreds of billions of stellar systems, and each stellar system has a different number of planets, including the earth like planets in the habitable zone.


With such a vast cosmic scale and 13.8 billion cosmic history, the probability of the existence of alien civilization is basically 100%. Therefore, scientists are actively looking for alien civilization, not to prove that aliens exist. Because this does not need to be proved, just like human beings have been looking for dark matter and dark energy, not to prove their existence, their existence need not be doubted.

Scientists are looking for dark matter and dark energy just to find out what their essence is? What benefits can it bring to human civilization. Scientists actively explore and search for alien civilization, naturally, not because they are curious and want to prove anything, but for the future of human civilization.


Don’t scientists know that contact with alien civilizations may bring great risks to human beings? Of course, they know that Hawking has repeatedly warned mankind not to try to contact with alien civilizations, which may bring unknown risks. Although we know everything, we have never given up on the search for alien civilization, and our enthusiasm is getting higher and higher. Now our heavenly eye has also joined in the search for alien civilization.

Such a positive and enthusiastic search for alien civilization shows that human beings must have expectations for alien civilization. What do we expect? Naturally, we are looking forward to the friendship and help of the alien civilization, and we are looking forward to getting some advanced technology from the alien civilization, so as to make the human civilization a powerful interstellar civilization as soon as possible.

Some people may not understand: is it not good for human beings to develop science and technology by themselves? Why seek the help of alien civilization? In the eyes of many people, it is only about 5000 years since the formation of human civilization and only a few hundred years since the development of science and technology. In such a short period of time, human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to have a preliminary understanding of the universe. At the present speed of human development, as long as we are given enough time, we can become a powerful interstellar civilization.


In fact, it is true that human science and technology are developing very fast. As long as there is enough time, such as 10000 years, 100000 years, even millions of years, hundreds of millions of years, then sooner or later, human beings will become a powerful interstellar civilization and realize interstellar travel. But will human science and technology develop smoothly? Can it develop safely and steadily until it becomes an interstellar civilization?

Many people may think that human development will be smooth sailing, but scientists do not think so. As scientists at the top of human science and technology, they see and recognize far more things than ordinary people, but scientists can see risks that we can’t see.


In fact, human development in the future is unlikely to be smooth sailing, and there will be many challenges in this road of science and technology. These challenges include the risk of the earth’s own system, the risk of human internal, and the disaster from the universe outside the earth.

The earth’s ecosystem has not been really stable for billions of years. Every once in a while, there will be an ecological upheaval, which will lead to mass extinction. In the past 500 million years, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions. The fifth mass extinction is 66 million years ago. According to the time cycle, the sixth mass extinction may not be far away. Some scientists even believe that the earth may have entered the early stage of the sixth mass extinction.

Human beings are not peaceful and stable. There have been two world wars since modern times. Will there be a third or fourth World War in the future? Einstein had a prediction: “I don’t know what weapons human beings will use in the Third World War, but I know that in the fourth World War, human beings will use stone tools and wooden sticks.”.


The danger outside the earth is even greater. In 1994, a huge comet flew to the inner galaxy. If it was not blocked by Jupiter in front, it might have hit the earth directly. If so, friends would not be able to sit here to read this article. The impact of this comet is powerful enough to make the earth a second Mars.

To sum up, the human ecological environment is not particularly safe. Before we become an interstellar civilization, we have no way to deal with the earth’s mass extinction disaster or the disaster from the universe. As long as it happens, the high probability result is the end of human civilization and becoming a passer-by of the earth.


If human beings want to become an interstellar civilization, they must at least become a second-class civilization. Only the second-class civilization can have the ability of preliminary interstellar navigation and reach other galaxies outside the solar system. At present, the level of human civilization is only 0.7, which is not even the first level of civilization. According to the conservative estimation of scientists, it will take at least hundreds of years for human beings to grow into a first-class civilization, while it may take tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years to become a second-class civilization.

Can human beings wait such a long time? Obviously, we can’t afford to wait for an unknown disaster to come at any time. To shorten the development time of science and technology and make human beings quickly become an interstellar civilization, we can rely on the advanced civilization in the universe.

According to the 13.8 billion year history of the universe, it is understandable that there are some advanced civilizations tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years ahead of human beings. If we can get in touch with such a powerful civilization and get help and technological support, it will be very easy for human beings to become an interstellar civilization. It took tens of thousands of years, but now it may only take a few months or less.


It can be seen that although the contact between human beings and alien civilizations has certain risks, it may also be a huge opportunity. However, due to the short development time of science and technology, together with various natural disasters and cosmic disasters that may be faced in the future, what we lack most is also time. Only by contacting and communicating with powerful alien civilizations can this time be greatly shortened and the level of human civilization be rapidly upgraded.

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