Why are some people more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes? It has something to do with the gaseous substances emitted by the body

Why do mosquitoes like to bite you? It’s about the gaseous chemicals that our bodies emit

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There are 365 days in a year and four seasons in a year. The most popular and the most difficult season is summer. When summer comes, everything grows, which is the most beautiful season in nature. At the same time, the temperature in summer is relatively high. Many young people like night markets, so summer is their favorite season.


Of course, summer is the season with the highest temperature in a year, with constant high-temperature weather. At the same time, typhoons, rainstorms, floods and other natural disasters caused by high temperature are also the most frequent seasons. Everyone of us is lamenting that when the high temperature comes again, in fact, there is another kind of creature that humans hate very much in summer, which also worries many people. This kind of creature is mosquito.

Don’t look down on the little mosquito. It’s the most terrible bacterial transmitter in the human world. Because it likes to suck human blood, it can spread germs everywhere. A lot of influenza and other diseases in summer are related to the spread of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nocturnal creatures. At night, when we eat delicious food and watch TV dramas, there are always mosquitoes that we hate so much coming quietly to our side and leaving a “red envelope” to our body.

So in summer, it’s time for us to fight with mosquitoes. Insecticides, mosquito repellent incense, mosquito nets and so on must be prepared before we dare to meet the summer. But we often see such a phenomenon: when five people in the same dormitory wake up, four people are left with “red envelopes” by mosquitoes, but only one person is not bitten by mosquitoes. What’s the matter? Are mosquitoes still looking at people? In fact, you’re right.

Some people are particularly attracted to mosquitoes and are often bitten with red envelopes, but some people are rarely watched by mosquitoes. In our real life, there are many such examples. A cousin of Xiaobian is a kind of people who are not bitten by mosquitoes. When we were at school, my cousin and I lived in the countryside at the same time. We should know that there are many mosquitoes in the countryside.


At that time, Xiao Bian was often bitten by mosquitoes. Most of the time, he was bitten eight bags overnight, but his cousin didn’t have one. Later, I heard that my blood is sweet and mosquitoes like it, but my cousin’s blood is bitter and mosquitoes don’t like it. Later, when I grew up, I looked up this scientific data and found out that it had nothing to do with blood sweet and blood bitter. So what’s the reason that mosquitoes are treated differently?

Recently, a report on the life science website of the United States explains why some people are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes, while others are seldom bitten by mosquitoes. The reason why this happens is related to the invisible gaseous chemicals produced around our bodies, which are very complex and different people produce different chemicals.

When we exhale, the carbon dioxide in our lungs will not immediately mix with the air. It will stay for a while to form a plume, which is the “bread crumb” that mosquitoes follow.


Mosquito’s perception ability is very strong, it can lock the target 50 meters away according to the different concentration of carbon dioxide odor. So people who like to exercise at night are more likely to attract mosquitoes. The reason is that when we exercise, we emit more carbon dioxide. At this time, mosquitoes within a radius of tens of meters will smell that the carbon dioxide here is very high, and will move to your side.

When mosquitoes are about one meter away from a group of potential targets, things will be alienated. At this time, when mosquitoes are close to each other, many individual factors will be taken into consideration, including skin temperature, the presence of water vapor, and the color of people’s clothes.

Scientists believe that when mosquitoes select certain target groups, the most important thing is based on the compounds produced by the human skin microbiota. Bacteria can convert our sweat gland secretions into volatile compounds and enter the olfactory system of the mosquito head through the air. These chemicals are very complex, including up to 300 different compounds, which vary according to genetic variation and environment. If you compare fathers and daughters in the same family, their bodies may produce different proportions of chemicals.

Studies have shown that men with high skin microbial diversity are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than men with low skin microbial diversity. It can be seen that people who are not bitten by mosquitoes have low microbial diversity in their skin. To put it simply, people who are not easy to be bitten by mosquitoes have relatively simple microorganisms in their skin, while mosquitoes like microorganisms with heavy taste.


Scientists have found that men with low skin microbial diversity usually have the following bacteria: ciliates, delfts, actinomycetes GP3 and Staphylococcus. These bacteria are odors that mosquitoes don’t like, while Pseudomonas and voracious bacteria usually exist on the skin of men with high microbial diversity. On the contrary, these bacteria are substances that mosquitoes like very much. These subtle differences in chemical composition can explain why some people are bitten many times by mosquitoes, while some people are not easy to be bitten by mosquitoes.

The reason why mosquitoes bite different people has been found. In real life, people with skin microbial diversity account for the majority, so most of them are still the objects that mosquitoes like to bite. Now it’s the season of mosquito infestation. In order not to be bitten by mosquitoes, we still need to do a number of measures, such as spraying some anti mosquito agents on our skin.

If you are resting indoors, and you live in a place where there are many mosquitoes, there is a necessary artifact, which is mosquito killing lamp. Although there are mosquito killing incense and so on, the smell produced will also affect us more or less. Only mosquito killing lamp, a physical mosquito killing method, is the most safe and effective. When the bedroom lights off, turn on the mosquito killing lamp, and the unique blue light will attract mosquitoes It’s close, and then it’s wiped out. It works very well.


For the harm of mosquitoes, we should pay attention to it, it can not only give you a red envelope, make you itch, more importantly, it may spread bacteria and diseases to you. In particular, different areas of the mosquito will be different, some areas of mosquitoes more common, not much harm. But mosquitoes in some areas are terrible. There have been many cases of mosquito bites and deaths all over the world. We should pay attention to these particularly serious mosquitoes.

If you live in a place where there are particularly serious mosquitoes in summer, you should take all kinds of protective measures. Once bitten by mosquitoes, if there are fever, dizziness and other phenomena, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment instead of taking it lightly and causing more serious consequences.

Mosquitoes in nature are a very pleasant creature for human beings. They are more annoying than mice. However, human beings have no ability to eliminate mosquitoes. The vitality of these creatures is very tenacious. Every summer, they can miraculously appear. Even if you eliminate all mosquitoes in an area this year, they will still appear next year, and they will never die out, Mosquitoes are very ancient life. Among the biological fossils discovered by scientists, 65 million years ago mosquito fossils have been found. It can be seen that mosquitoes are far older than we think, and their history may be even longer than terror. This kind of creature can evolve and survive from ancient times to now. Naturally, it has something special. It may be just a fantasy to eliminate mosquitoes.

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