Why are there more supernatural events in the countryside than in the city?

People often ask Xiaobian why most of the supernatural events we have heard or experienced take place in rural areas? Is there no supernatural event in the city?


1. According to Chinese tradition, there are more people, more yang qi and more Yin Qi are suppressed, and less unclean things appear.

2. There are few people in the countryside,


Go alone


It is inevitable that there will be a sense of psychological fear on the night road, which will lead to hallucinations, so that people will think that there are supernatural phenomena or strange things.

3. Popular science in rural areas is relatively backward, especially the feudal superstition of the rural elderly is still very strong. Most of the supernatural events come from the elderly.


4. There are also many urban villas, hotels, hotels have supernatural events, but people in the city will block the news for their own development.


5. There are mountains in the countryside and graves on them.

6. People always like to put things beyond their cognitive scope on ghosts.


7. The city’s steel and concrete cover the air, so most of the city ghosts are dead in a house, or in the place of a car accident.


8. City people rush around every day, worrying about the house and life. How can they have the leisure time and mood to play supernatural.

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