Why are there so many poisonous snakes in Dalian Snake Island? Less than 1 square kilometer, hiding nearly 20000 poisonous snakes

There are numerous islands in China, which attract a large number of tourists every year. They not only have beautiful scenery, but also have little-known millennium history stories. However, the island we are introducing to you today is quite special, which makes visitors feel creepy. It is the only island with snakes in China. It is located in the Bohai Bay at the northwest corner of Lushunkou District, Dalian city. It is a famous Snake Island in China and has become a nature reserve in China.

Less than 1 square kilometer, but nearly 20000 poisonous snakes are hidden, no one dares to travel

Unlike other islands, the Snake Island in Dalian covers less than 1 square kilometer. The whole island is composed of quartzite and quartz sandstone. The slope of the Snake Island is from northwest to Southeast. The terrain is steep, with shrubs and nearly 20000 poisonous snakes. The biggest difference between Dalian’s Snake Island and other snake islands is that it has a large number of vipers: Agkistrodon halys, which can be called “the kingdom of vipers”, making Dalian the only island in the world where only a single Viper exists. This is also the reason why few people dare to visit this island.


1. How did Snake Island come into being?

Some netizens can’t help asking, “how did Dalian’s Snake Island come into being? Have these snakes been around since the beginning? ” Long ago, the location of the west of the old fellow iron mountain in Dalian was not an island, but a small mountain peak connected to the Dalian land. Due to Dalian’s mild climate, not cold in winter, not hot in summer, and humid air all the year round, these small peaks are luxuriant in vegetation and become animal kingdom. There are not only docile herbivorous small animals, but also ferocious carnivorous large animals. Under the blue sky and white clouds, these animals live a leisurely life here and continue to breed.

However, the good time does not last long. One day, the soil collapsed, and after the violent orogeny, all the mountains were surrounded by the sea. The steep cliffs made it an island in the sea, and the animal kingdom became a hell. Although some animals survived, they still did not escape the fate of death. This isolated island has become a battlefield without gunpowder. After the earthquake, there is no fresh water resources on the island, and the vegetation here is less and less, so the herbivores can not do what they want. Hungry animals have no strength to run, and they continue to become the targets of carnivores.

In this vicious circle, herbivores almost died out on the island, and predatory animals began to kill each other. After a few months, almost all the animals on the island disappeared, and only one creature survived, viper.


Because Agkistrodon halys is a kind of creature with strong endurance, it did not suffer any damage in this orogenic movement. When the animals kill each other, the Viper can hide in the cave, avoiding the war without gunpowder. Although some of the Agkistrodon halys died because they had no food for a long time, some survived. When migratory birds pass here in autumn and are ready to supplement food and energy, they can continue to fly over the sea. Unexpectedly, they become the delicious food of Agkistrodon halys, which makes Agkistrodon halys seem to see hope, because with migratory birds, it means that they have food. This also makes the Viper have the habit of catching birds on land.

2. After the discovery of Shedao, it went through many hardships

When was the Snake Island discovered? The discovery of Dalian Snake Island can be traced back to the 1930s. At that time, the isolated island was dark at night. In order to build a lighthouse and point out the direction for the ships sailing at night, the staff specially came to explore and select the site. Unexpectedly, several persons in charge of the site selection were terrified. As soon as they arrived on the island, they found a large number of poisonous snakes crawling wantonly and abandoned After fleeing, the information about the Snake Island spread and became the most famous one.


It is worth mentioning that since the news of a large number of vipers in the Snake Island spread, the Japanese aggressors had a great interest in it. After the Japanese army landed on the Snake Island in 1931, they began to cause damage to the ecology of the Snake Island and wantonly hunt and kill vipers. According to historical records, in 1937, the Japanese went to the island to catch more than 7000 vipers and transported them to Taiwan, China, where they were made into snake wine for sale. Since then, human beings have paid close attention to snake wine The destruction of Shedao continued until Shedao was listed as a national nature reserve. With the emergence of island watchers, the ecological environment here developed in a balanced way.


Agkistrodon halys is a kind of poisonous animal

In nature, there is a certain reason for the existence of every species. In the environment of survival of the fittest, creatures continue to reproduce, including Agkistrodon halys. Agkistrodon halys, also known as “tugong snake”, propagates in large numbers in the Snake Island. Its body is 60-70 cm long, its head is slightly triangular, its back is gray brown to brown, and its back has two longitudinal round spots. Because the crawling speed is very fast, it is also called “flying on grass”. Agkistrodon halys has a strong toxicity. According to the network records, its 1 gram of snake venom can kill 1000 rabbits, and only 0.1 gram of venom can kill people. Agkistrodon halys is a small poisonous snake with the largest number distributed all over China.


4. Agkistrodon halys

The activity is regular, the reproduction speed is fast, the reproduction way is very special

We all know that snakes are oviparous animals. Like chickens, snakes hatch by temperature. After the fertilized eggs mature, the Viper will give birth to embryos until the eggs hatch out of the body. In order to adapt to the living environment of the isolated island, the Viper gives birth to relatively small snakes. After birth, these young snakes will go up to the tree to catch birds, and also eat centipedes, rats and so on.


If we say that we humans have regular work and rest time, it is also true for animals. Agkistrodon halys’ activities are extremely regular. In the early morning, they will climb onto rocks or tree trunks one after another, wait until mid afternoon and then leave. At about 3 p.m., they will continue to go out of the cave to hunt. After sunset, they will return to the cave. The activity of viper is just like that of human beings. Of course, the frequency of viper activity is also related to the peak of birds. If birds appear more often, Viper activity will be frequent.

Why are there so many vipers in isolated islands in the sea?

The number of Agkistrodon halys in Dalian Snake Island is the largest, and it is also famous at home and abroad. In the fifth census, the number of Agkistrodon halys in Shedao was “17569-19739”. Compared with the statistics of previous years, the annual increase in the number of staff vipers is about 1000. So why are there so many vipers on this island?



The geographical location of Snake Island is suitable for the reproduction and survival of Agkistrodon halys

The biggest difference between Dalian Snake Island and other islands is that Dalian Snake Island is mainly composed of quartzite and quartz sandstone. There are many cracks of different sizes in each rock layer here. This kind of crack provides a good living place for Agkistrodon halys. With a stable and suitable living space, Agkistrodon halys will breed and survive in large numbers here.

2. Temperate marine climate is a must for migratory birds


Because the isolated island is located in the Bohai Sea of Dalian, the climate here is temperate marine climate, not cold in winter, not hot in summer, humid air, a lot of vegetation grow luxuriantly, in addition, it is the only way for migratory birds to migrate every year, which is conducive to the growth of birds and vegetation, so in this good environment, the number of Agkistrodon halys has become more and more, and the isolated island has become a paradise for breeding Agkistrodon halys To be the real overlord of the island!

3. There is no natural enemy in the isolated island, which makes the Viper fearless

In nature, all the food chains are interconnected, and each species has its own natural enemies. However, it’s amazing that there are no natural enemies of Agkistrodon halys (hedgehog, viper, etc.) in Dalian Snake Island. Due to the loose soil layer in the island, it’s especially beneficial for Agkistrodon halys to burrow. The color of the body of Agkistrodon halys is very similar to that of the tree trunk. They reproduce very fast. After the baby snake is born, it can live independently. After losing its natural enemies, it is more conducive to the reproduction of Agkistrodon halys, and they become more and more prosperous.



The survival of the fittest can hibernate and hibernate

In order to adapt to the living environment, Agkistrodon halys can practice both hibernation and summer hibernation. In the four seasons of the year, they only need to prey according to the spring and autumn seasons when migratory birds migrate. For Agkistrodon halys, spring and autumn are the seasons for them to wake up and hunt. These two seasons are also the seasons for a large number of migratory birds to migrate. After having a good meal in spring and autumn, they can go to sleep directly in summer and winter. Because of the special growth mode, their survival rate is very high, and their vitality is more and more tenacious, even if they don’t eat anything for a year, they can survive.

Why is there no other “brothers and sisters” in the Snake Island?


Previously, we have introduced to you that Snake Island was formed after orogeny. After many animals died out one after another, Agkistrodon halys was the only survivor. In the snake family, the viper is the most tolerant one, can be called “King Kong warrior”, no matter how bad the environment, they can adapt! After this orogeny, the other “brothers and sisters” of the Viper also died one after another. Only the Viper survived alone. What should we do without food? Agkistrodon halys chose to hibernate and hibernate, waiting for migratory birds to migrate and then wake up. Agkistrodon halys is in this special environment, a large number of breeding to survive! They are just like “undead cockroaches”. The worse the environment, the more they can develop their skills. The skill of “catching birds” is acquired in the bad environment.

Agkistrodon halys has strong medicinal value

Although the venom of Agkistrodon halys is very big, but they have very high medicinal value, which is why Agkistrodon halys often suffer from man-made disasters! In Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, it is recorded that Agkistrodon halys is mild in nature and sweet in taste. Its meat can treat epilepsy, heartache and abdominal pain, as well as lower qi stagnation. Its gall taste is bitter and slightly sweet. It has the effects of promoting Qi, eliminating phlegm, removing wind and dampness, cooling eyes, nourishing liver and gallbladder. It is effective in treating cough and phlegm, liver heat and red eyes, acute rheumatoid arthritis and hemorrhoids.

For us humans, we should respect the laws of nature. It is a blessing for the vipers and other creatures living there that Dalian Snake Island has become a nature reserve. We should be proud of such an isolated island, which is famous for its viper. No killing, no harm, we have experienced many natural and man-made disasters, we should learn from them!

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