Why are these young girls wearing diapers every day?

What kind of young girls will take diapers every day? Is it a newborn baby or a child used to wetting Kang? The answer is, a group of young girls in their prime of life, and why do they take diapers every day? Is it because of Japan’s strict working system that there is no time to go to WC? Or something special?


The real incident is like this. Not long ago, a “self photo” shocked the Internet. The girl in the photo was wrapped with an adult diaper under her skirt. She claimed that she smoked k powder with her boyfriend when she was in high school. As a result, she now has to wear a diaper every day. She bravely put the photo on the Internet in order to alert the world and keep away from drugs.

A girl is now a sophomore in University. She says that drugs have changed her life. Although she has successfully abstained from gambling, the harm caused by drugs to her body is irreversible, and the psychological harm is unimaginable. Beautiful as flowers, Cardamom is destroyed by the rapidity of the past. It is the drug ketamine, which can make people feel excited and separate hallucination, is causing trouble. This substance may also cause permanent damage to the lungs, heart and brain, and also cause the atrophy of the bladder. In serious cases, the volume of the bladder will shrink to one tenth of that of normal people, which is normal bladder The capacity is 400-500ml. After the bladder capacity damaged by ketamine is reduced to 40-50ml, let’s think about it. You dare not drink more water every day. A little water makes you feel full of urine. Frequent toilet or daily diaper package. What kind of experience is life? For the sake of a moment’s stimulation, but destroyed the whole life.


Nowadays, many young people are willing to go to KTV, clubs, bars and other nightclubs to seek stimulation. Because of curiosity, they “follow the trend”, and even more because of ignorance, they are deliberately spread by drug dealers that they “will not be addicted, and will not harm their health”. There is a saying in the group of smokers, “pull K for a while, diaper for a lifetime”, hoping that such words full of helplessness and despair will no longer be heard in later life, let alone seeing cases of mental loss, physical disability, and even family destruction due to drugs.


Although the poppy is beautiful, its bright red color is a wake-up call to people. The red flower is beautiful, full of temptation, but it has hidden opportunities to kill. I hope you know about drugs, so that you can stay away from drugs and avoid drug abuse.

This article is the original work of Zhou Zhiquan, the author of Jiujian


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