Why are we still unable to find extraterrestrial civilization? After listening to several reasons of scientists, I understand

With the rise of the industrial revolution 200 years ago, science and technology began to develop rapidly. It took us more than 200 years to surpass the development of mankind in the past tens of thousands of years, which is a miracle. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings quickly go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the universe, they find that the universe is so vast and vast, while the earth is so small. At this time, many people look at the stars in the universe and can’t help thinking: is there really only human intelligent life in the universe? If we think so, there is no difference between humans and frogs in the well. Of course, we are not frogs in the well. We are a great human civilization. There is no doubt that there is an extraterrestrial civilization in the universe.

In order to explore and find the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, scientists launched voyager-1, flying toward the outer solar system, carrying the information of human civilization and the coordinates of the earth. In addition to sending detectors to search for extraterrestrial civilization, we also receive radio signals from the universe, and find out the most likely signals from extraterrestrial civilization through analysis, so as to crack them.

Scientists have made a lot of efforts to find extraterrestrial life and civilization, but up to now, no matter voyager-1 or other methods, we still have not found any extraterrestrial civilization. Scientists are convinced that there must be extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe, even some of which are very old and far more powerful than the earth. Why have they never appeared and we have not found their existence? Scientists have come up with three possible reasons for this problem that has plagued countless people.


1、 Our misunderstanding of Aliens

For decades, human beings have been searching for extraterrestrial life based on the life of the earth, such as breathing oxygen, having water, having the same temperature as the earth, and having to be carbon-based life. But the universe is a very complex, changeable and mysterious world, and we know very little about it. The way humans evolve or the template of life on earth does not necessarily apply to the whole universe.

Maybe we have to breathe oxygen and need water to survive, but some extraterrestrial life, oxygen and water may be highly toxic to them. Extraterrestrial life may breathe nitrogen and do not need water. Another example is the temperature. The temperature of the earth is suitable for the survival of life on the earth. If the temperature is too high or too low, human beings will not be able to adapt, or even suffer a disaster. Just like now, every summer, we can’t stand the high temperature of 40 degrees. If the temperature reaches 50 degrees, it will be a disaster for life on the earth.

But the temperature of the earth may be catastrophic for extraterrestrial life. The temperature is too low. Extraterrestrial life may need more than 100 degrees to survive, and such earth like planets are bound to be closer to the main star. However, when human beings are looking for living planets, they often remove the living planets that are very close to the main star. Maybe extraterrestrial life or the earth like planets Civilization exists among the planets excluded by human beings, which may be one of the reasons why human beings have not been able to find extraterrestrial life until now.

2、 Alien civilization is not scientific civilization


The universe has a history of 13.8 billion years since the big bang. Scientists believe that the universe began to stabilize 8 billion years ago. At this time, there will be a cosmic environment for the birth of life. Some of the leading early civilizations may have been born at this time. As long as they don’t die halfway, they may have developed for billions of years, compared with millions of years of human beings These are very ancient civilizations.

The later development of these civilizations has two directions, one is to develop themselves, and improve the level of civilization by strengthening themselves, such as the cultivation of truth and Immortality in some novels. This kind of civilization relies on tapping its own potential and constantly breaking through the limits of life to complete evolution. Such a civilization has no science and technology, but the strength of individual life is extremely strong, and the strong individual is very strong By virtue of cultivation, they can fly out of the planet and survive temporarily in the universe. In the end, this kind of civilization may be stronger than scientific and technological civilization.

This kind of civilization is called Xiuxian civilization. The individual strength is extremely strong. The physical body can survive in the universe. Even with Xiuwei, it can open the space channel and reach other planets in the universe. But there is also a weakness of the immortal civilization, that is, they can’t receive signals from other civilizations in the universe. They don’t have astronomical telescopes, and they can’t observe other galaxies and planets in the deep of the universe. Only when this kind of civilization really grows into the top civilization in the universe, can it shuttle freely in the universe, that is to say, the cultivation of immortals civilization is difficult to start and develops slowly, but once it grows up, it is by no means comparable to the strength of scientific and technological civilization. Scientific and technological civilization is developing rapidly. Like human beings, it took less than a hundred years to get out of the earth and explore the universe.

3、 The law of the dark forest


The universe is not a completely peaceful and stable world. There are also dark laws among civilizations. It is also a world of the jungle. As long as it is intelligent life, it must have the characteristics of greed and fear. When human civilization finds a low civilization planet in the universe that is still in the primitive society, it is impossible for human beings not to let them go. We will certainly invade and occupy the civilized planet, and then excavate resources for human use. However, the aborigines on the low civilization planet will encounter kind-hearted human beings We will hire them to do all kinds of work. If we encounter a malicious alien civilization, we may not be as kind as human beings. We may be directly exterminating it and forcibly colonizing it.

It is precisely because of the dark forest law in the universe that all alien civilizations move forward cautiously in the forest and dare not easily expose their position and traces. Any civilization that exposes its position may be destroyed by other powerful civilizations. If this is the case, it would be a very dangerous act for human beings to send out detectors and civilization signals to the universe at will.

Hawking has warned mankind several times not to try to contact civilization. The civilization that has the ability to cross tens of light years or even hundreds of light years to come to the earth must be the existence that we can’t resist. It’s just a good wish that human beings in the movie will finally win the fight against aliens. Once the real world really happens, our earth may even lose the shot of alien civilization I can’t resist it. Maybe the alien civilization only needs to send out an ordinary spaceship, and we human beings will not be rivals when we gather all forces.

The above three reasons may be that human beings have not yet found the answer of aliens. However, the main reason is that human strength is too weak. We have only been out of the earth for decades, but we still can’t get out of the solar system. After thousands of years of human civilization development, we have really entered the interstellar civilization, and we can travel in the universe at the speed of light and faster than light. At that time, I was very happy We can find a lot of alien civilizations, and we are not afraid that other civilizations will find the existence of the earth. At any time, big fists are the truth, and the survival law of cosmic civilization is the same. As long as your civilization is strong enough, other civilizations will not dare to bully you.

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