Why can absolute zero be infinitely close? It’s about the movement of these things

I believe we are not unfamiliar with the word temperature. We have to contact with it every day, our body has temperature, the rise and fall of the sun brings different temperatures, the temperature of day and night is also different, it can be said that the temperature is always with us.

Temperature is like time. Although it accompanies us every day, we don’t know much about it. Maybe many people will say, what’s the complexity of temperature? In fact, human cognition of temperature is still in its infancy. The simpler things are, the more mysterious they are. For example, time, which seems simple, is the most mysterious and difficult to understand and master in the universe.

The temperature has appeared since the big bang. The nuclear fusion reaction inside the star has brought some warmth and brightness to the universe. It is also the source of temperature. The temperature on the surface of the sun can reach 6000 degrees Celsius, and the temperature inside the star is even higher than it can be imagined.


What is the temperature? We don’t know that in order to better study and explore the mystery of temperature, scientists have defined and divided temperature into above zero and below zero. I believe many people know that there is no upper limit to the temperature. Thousands of degrees, tens of thousands of degrees and hundreds of millions of degrees can rise infinitely, but there is a lower limit to the temperature. The lower limit is absolute zero, that is, 273.15 degrees below zero.

Although scientists have proposed the lower limit of absolute zero, up to now, we have not found an ultra-low temperature environment that can reach absolute zero in the universe, and we can not produce absolute zero in the laboratory, so we can only approach this value infinitely. So why is absolute zero only infinitely close, but not reachable? This is mainly related to the molecular motion inside them.

Many things are difficult for you to understand from a macro perspective. Fortunately, human beings have been able to preliminarily explore the micro world. In the micro world, the essence of many macro things can be expressed clearly, all the secrets are displayed in front of us, and so is the temperature.

From a macro point of view, it is difficult for us to understand why the temperature can continue to rise without an upper limit. It is even more difficult to understand why the temperature has a lower limit of absolute zero, which can not be reached. But after entering the low light world, all these can be answered. The change of temperature is actually the intensity of the movement of particles in the micro world.


When the motion of particles is continuously strengthened and intensified, the temperature of the object will also continue to rise, and there is no upper limit for the intensity of particle motion, so there is no upper limit for the temperature. Theoretically, the temperature can rise infinitely.

When the particle’s intensity continues to decrease, that is, the temperature begins to decrease, but the particle’s motion has a limit, that is, static. When the particle is still, the temperature will reach the limit, which is absolute zero. Therefore, the temperature has a lower limit. It is impossible to want as low as possible. Without the motion of the molecule, the temperature will not change Another change.

However, the motion of particles is a relative concept, it has no absolute static state, that is to say, particles can not be completely static, it will still have some motion, just very slow, just because particles can not be absolutely static, so the temperature can not really reach absolute zero, only infinitely close.


From another point of view of particle kinetic energy, we can well explain why the temperature cannot reach absolute zero. When the particle is motionless, the kinetic energy is zero, the heat energy is zero, and the kinetic energy and potential energy cannot have negative numbers, so absolute zero is the lower limit of temperature. But the motion is relative, the motion of particles can not stop, so the temperature can only be infinitely close to absolute zero, and can not reach.

Maybe some people think that whether there is an upper limit and a lower limit of temperature is just an understanding of temperature limited by current science and technology. It is possible that with the continuous development of science and technology, people’s understanding of temperature will be more profound in the future. It is possible that our understanding of temperature today will be completely wrong in the future. The temperature may also have an upper limit, and the lower limit may not be minus 273.15 ℃.

Of course, we also support this. There is no end to the development of science. Today’s theory may not hold tomorrow. What is the essence of temperature? Different times may have different understandings. Maybe in the future, scientists will really uncover the essence of temperature, and let us have a thorough understanding of temperature, and use it to serve human beings

If you want to find out whether the absolute zero is the limit, you have to find the temperature environment in the universe to reach this value, or create the temperature that can reach the absolute zero in the laboratory, which can show that the absolute zero can be reached or even broken. However, scientists have not found or done so far.


In fact, the universe is an ultra-low temperature environment, which can reach minus 270 degrees Celsius, which is very close to absolute zero. Maybe somewhere in the universe, there is a lower temperature environment than this, and there may be a place where the temperature can reach absolute zero.

However, the scope of the observable universe is still limited. Within the existing observation range, it is estimated that there is no place that can reach absolute zero. Perhaps only the mysterious edge of the universe can have a real ultra-low temperature. We have to look forward to solving this mystery in the future.

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