Why can all the stars in the universe “float” in space? It’s “it” that’s making trouble

You may think it’s normal for planets to float in space, but some scientists who are constantly pursuing the mystery of the universe have begun to study the mystery. Many people want to know why all the planets in the universe float in the sky? Don’t they fall?


In fact, some people say that this problem is related to gravity, while others say that the mystery behind it is very complex, far beyond the explanation of human technology.

The reason why the universe star has been able to “float” in the sky is that the planet and its parent star have reached a state of force balance. It will neither fall into the “ground” of its parent star, nor fly out of the universe to become a lonely galaxy.


And this force is Newton’s universal gravitation. Generally speaking, galaxies “floating” in the sky are affected by two forces: centrifugal force generated by inertia and centripetal force generated by the gravity of the parent planet. These two forces keep the planet around the parent planet and prevent it from hitting the parent planet, that is to say, falling to the ground. In fact, the solar system we live in is the most typical manifestation of this .


Usually, we see the sun and the eight planets “floating” in the sky. In fact, it is an illusion that we are in the solar system. If human beings can jump out of the solar system and observe the trajectory of the solar system, it may completely overturn your imagination.

Because the solar system is not slow, rotating and stationary in a horizontal form. Instead, it takes the sun as the center and takes a group of “little brothers” to run to a place in space. Because they can’t get rid of the speed of the sun’s gravity, they surround the sun and run with the sun. This is the real motion form of the galaxy.


At ordinary times, the planets we see still “floating” in the sky in the sun are illusions, just a way to understand the stars in the universe. Similarly, the Milky way is actually a huge “solar system”, but the center of the Milky way is not the sun, but a huge black hole with a mass 100000 times greater than that of the sun.


The gravity generated by this huge black hole attracts all the stars and planets around it. For the planets, the black hole in the center of the galaxy increases a huge centripetal force for almost all the planets in the galaxy, so the stars in the galaxy will “voluntarily” and “always” rotate around the center of the galaxy.

However, some people have doubts about the above statement. The reason why stars can be suspended in the universe is that the law of universal gravitation is at work. All kinds of stars and galaxies are “dragged” by their superior celestial bodies, so they do not fall below the universe. But if we think about it in this way, we will fall into a dead circle, that is, what will drag the highest level celestial body?


The creator? Is it the universe? Or alien higher civilization? But at present, there is no evidence to prove their existence, so this explanation is not feasible, which is a misunderstanding. Secondly, some people think that the sense of direction of the earth is due to the existence of the reference object of the earth. According to the standard of the earth, the upper part of the earth is the upper part, and the ground is the lower part. When you look at the earth from a certain angle, the front, back, left and right are the East, West, North and south.


But when we get to the universe, if we lose the reference object, we can no longer divide the East, West, North and south directions. If we don’t have the direction, we naturally don’t have the upper, lower, left and right directions, and we don’t have the upper, lower, left and right directions. So it’s meaningless to discuss whether the stars are suspended in the universe.

In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. Why do you say so? Because the stars we see in the universe, no matter their mass is larger or smaller than the earth, are almost on the same plane as the earth. Take Jupiter for example, its mass is more than 300 times larger than that of the earth, but it still runs on the same ecliptic plane with the earth, and there is no difference in orbit due to different mass.


In addition, there are more than 100 billion stars in the Milky way, whose orbits are almost all on the silver surface, rather than revolving around the Milky way like a sphere. What does that mean? It shows that there is an unknown force in the universe, which makes the earth, Jupiter and the sun produce the same buoyancy, so their orbits are in the same plane.


In the same way, if the universe does not have the power to support the ball, then due to the different mass of the stars, the flying state in the universe is very chaotic. In this way, the night sky we see is not calm, but the scene of stars scattered all over the sky. So what is the power to support the floating of the stars in the universe?

Scientists have found that in addition to visible matter, there are also invisible matter in our universe. Scientists name this invisible matter dark matter. This kind of matter accounts for 95% of the total mass of the universe. Dark matter can produce a kind of energy called dark energy, which is the driving force of many celestial bodies in the universe.


For example, the driving force of the accelerated expansion of the universe is dark energy, and the abnormal speed of planets in the stellar system is also dark energy at work. Because dark matter is scattered in every corner of the universe, so the universe is full of dark energy, so scientists speculate that this dark energy is the main force supporting the planet’s suspension.


Dark energy can provide the earth with levitation force, so that stars of different sizes can be suspended in the same plane, so we can see that these stars seem to be in the “levitation” state in the universe.

Some scientists even think that dark energy is likely to be the source of gravity. Of course, these are only conjectures at present. As dark matter is invisible, scientists still don’t know where it is hidden.


If scientists can find dark matter and dark energy, it may lead to a technological revolution. Therefore, at present, human beings can not see all the magic of the universe. As long as there is an unsolved mystery, it will perplex human beings. Only because of the limitation of technology and cognition, human beings have a long way to go.


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