Why can animals predict death? The cat will run away from home, like looking for a family grave

In nature, every creature is spiritual, they can predict their own death in advance. After in-depth research and exploration, scientists have found that animal sensory organs are more sensitive and special than human. On the verge of death, these clever and obedient animals will do some abnormal things in advance. In the words left by their ancestors, this is probably the “return of light”.

In nature, which animals can predict death?


Once on the Internet, I saw many people’s messages: “which animals in nature can predict their own death in advance?” In fact, the most common animals in our life are cats, dogs, elephants, turtles, lions and so on. Every animal is following the law of birth, aging, illness and death in nature. Even the tortoise, which has been for thousands of years, will die one day. For these animals, life and death seem to be an overwhelming force dominating them. When they are about to die, they can’t change the fact that they are about to die, so they are forced to accept it. Each animal has its own view of life and death, and the way they show it is different. As low-level creatures, when there are abnormal physiological changes, it means that they are sick. We all know that exercise is the basis of animals’ life. If the body has abnormal reactions, these animals will not have more energy to exercise, which means that they are sick.

Why can elephants predict death, and why do they leave the herd to look for family tombs on the eve of death

The largest animal on land is the elephant, which has more than a third of the population in southern Africa. These elephants live in groups. In addition to being killed in a tragic accident, they can predict the time of their own death. One month before they are dying, they will raise their heads to the sky and sing as if to say goodbye. Then they leave the group alone and go to the family grave. And these tombs may be hidden in the most hidden place in the deep mountains and forests, or in a very large cave, covered by luxuriant trees, or in a very large ditch. What’s most surprising is that even those little elephants, who have never seen the tombs, will find the tombs when they die, waiting for death there .


Some netizens can’t help asking: “why can elephants predict death, why should they leave the herd alone?” Before death, elephants will behave very abnormally. For example, when their food intake is tens of times higher than before, or their emotions are irritable and their physiology changes abnormally, their sensory organs will transmit these abnormal signals to their brains. When they predict that they are going to die, elephants will leave the herd silently and go to find the tombs alone.

In fact, when elephants die, they leave the herd to protect their companions or humans. Because elephants eat too much before they die, and their size is very large, the gastrointestinal tract of elephants will rot in the body after they die. In the long run, harmful gases will be produced. When the air pressure in the body is greater than the external pressure, the dead elephant is like an inflated balloon. Once affected by external factors, it will explode instantly, and the rotten organs inside the body will be destroyed This kind of power is not only very powerful, but also easy to infect diseases. For example, some large single celled prokaryotes are easy to damage the ecological environment. Therefore, in order to protect other companions and not damage the original ecological environment, elephants will leave the herd one month before their death, look for tombs and wait for death.


Before the cat dies, it will predict in advance and choose to run away from home. The reason is moving

If the elephant is the largest animal on the land, then the cat is the most mysterious animal. They will appear in front of us, even walking is not moving, walking gracefully in the room back and forth. Friends who like to keep cats know that their life span is as short as that of dogs, only 10-15 years. When they know that they are on the verge of death, they will hide in a corner of their home alone, or they may choose to run away from home, quietly waiting for the day of death to come, so as not to make their masters sad.

A friend of mine likes cats very much and even set up a cafe with cat as the theme. Of course, I have a little yellow cat in my friend’s home. Different from other cats, this little yellow cat has a very special commemorative significance. Since my friend started his business, this cat has been with him. When I went to his house as a guest before, I always liked to tease with the little yellow cat. However, not long ago, I received a phone call from a friend who said that his cat had disappeared. In order to find the little yellow cat, my friend specially posted a notice on how to find it. On weekdays, the little yellow cat was accompanied with him just like his family. When the cat couldn’t be found, his friend was devastated. Until last Sunday, my friend told me that xiaohuangmao had been found and hid under the cabinet in their store room, but he had passed away. I think maybe this cat has already foreseen that she is going to die. In order not to make her friends sad, she will choose to avoid it.


Why do cats know that they are going to die, and why do they choose to hide before they die?

Why can cats predict their own death in advance? In fact, the cat is a very mysterious animal, and its sensitivity is very strong. Relevant experts speculate that the reason why the cat can predict its imminent death is related to the strong smell of the cat. Before dying, the cat will smell this special smell from its body, which will make the cat make a special behavioral response. I believe many people have similar experiences. When their kittens know that they are going to die, they will choose to leave alone and hide themselves. The purpose of doing this is not to make their owners sad. Moreover, cats are always alone. They like to be lonely. When they are dying, they don’t want to rely on their own owners, and they don’t want to live alone The city cats will choose to hide in the hidden corner of the home, while most of the rural cats will choose to run away from home.


Secondly, cats choose to avoid when they die because of their instinct to defend against foreign enemies. Because on the eve of predicting death, cats themselves know that their own body has changed. Because of their weak body, they can not resist foreign enemies, so they can only protect themselves by hiding.

There are three signs of a cat’s death before it leaves home or goes into hiding

In fact, for cat owners, they can find that their cat will make a lot of abnormal reactions at a certain stage. For example, in the first three months of dying, the clever cat will suddenly become impatient, and they will urinate everywhere. In the past, this kind of situation is rare, when excretion, the cat will go to a fixed place. And once the cat at home appears to defecate and defecate disobediently, the owner should pay more attention to it. It is possible that this is an abnormal reaction of the cat before death.


In addition, cats will deliberately leave their body odor on their owners or in daily necessities. When the cat is dying, the cat will often hide in the owner’s closet, or pester the owner, let the owner hold it more. When the cat is more clinging to itself than before, you should know that this may be a way for the cat to say goodbye to you.

Of course, some cats will take the initiative to eat their owners’ food. They probably want to say to their owners, “this is the last way I love you.”. Relevant experts found that cats are the weakest and the most emotional among many animals. They choose to say goodbye quietly, hoping that their owners will not feel too sad for their death!


Why do animals know that they will die?

From some details, we can see that the main animals that can predict death are elephants, cats, turtles and so on. These animals all have one thing in common, that is sensitivity. Some of the organs in these animals are very sensitive. They can predict in advance when they will die. Before the death, the elephant’s food intake will double. Before the death, the cat will smell a special smell. Before the death, the tortoise will find that there are great changes in the body function, and they will be separated from the group. Different animals have different reactions to the prediction of death. When their sense organs are stimulated by the warning of death, they will have abnormal reactions, and some animals’ balance organs will also detect it. Since they can predict that death is coming, they will gradually say goodbye.

These can predict the death of animals, their corpses will cause very serious pollution and damage to the ecological environment, and even through the putrid corpses, release harmful gases, and directly mix acid body fluids with microorganisms to be absorbed by the soil. In order not to let the surrounding animals be affected, or even the owner be affected, usually these animals who can predict the death will choose to leave quietly.


Do animals really have feelings? Predicting one’s own death and choosing to leave is a way to express one’s feelings

The lion that we are afraid of is also able to predict their own death in advance. Before they die, they will go to a cave that other animals have never been to, and then they will make food for themselves in this cave and eat it all. When there is no food at all, they will be dying and waiting for death. Generally speaking, these animals who can predict death and choose to leave or hide in advance will really have feelings. They have expressed their feelings and righteousness in this silent way of farewell. Whether it’s domestic pets or wild animals, we all hope that human beings can treat them well. Every animal has the right to exist in the world. Don’t make these precious animals the targets of human hunting and killing, and turn them into a feast. To treat animals well is to treat ourselves well!

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