Why can celestial bodies be suspended in the universe without falling? It may have something to do with its existence

Before human beings walk out of the earth, we don’t know what the earth looks like and what the living environment of human beings is? I don’t know what the celestial bodies in the universe look like, how they move, etc. However, as humans walk out of the earth, many mysteries begin to be revealed.

When human beings walk out of the earth, we know that the earth is a planet in the universe. It is not static, but revolves around the sun, and at the same time, it is also rotating at a high speed. Human beings can’t feel the movement of the earth when they live on the earth. At the same time, we also know that humans and most of the creatures on the earth live on the surface of the earth.

After walking out of the earth, mankind has seen countless planets floating in the universe. At this time, many friends will have such a question: why can celestial bodies float in the universe without falling? Maybe many people think of gravity. It’s the effect of gravity that makes the celestial bodies form a kind of balance, so the celestial bodies can be suspended in the universe? Is it really that simple?


There is no doubt that the ability of celestial bodies to levitate is closely related to gravity. The universe is an extremely large system, in which there are different classes, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and so on. They circle and move around each other. It can be said that all the celestial bodies in the universe are in a state of motion. The planets revolve around the stars, the sun revolves around the silver center, and the Milky Way revolves around the center of a larger galaxy cluster, and there are larger systems above the galaxy cluster.

Let’s take the earth as an example. The earth can “float” in the universe because the earth moves around the sun in a circle at an appropriate speed. If the earth doesn’t make a revolution, it will be attracted by the sun’s gravity and eventually fall on the sun. At the same time, the earth itself is also rotating at a high speed, forming a centripetal force, which just counteracts with the sun’s gravity, forming a stable orbit.

The sun is a star, it is static relative to the solar system, but if we stand outside the solar system, you will find that the sun is actually moving, it revolves around the center of the galaxy, with a cycle of 300 million years. If the sun doesn’t move, it will also be attracted by the gravity of the silver heart, and eventually fall to the silver heart. Other celestial bodies in the universe, galaxies, Galaxy groups, galaxy clusters and so on, can be suspended in the universe for such reasons.

The above is from the level of gravity to explain why the celestial body can be suspended in the universe. But there will be a new question: how does gravity come here? Is there any deeper reason for the mystery of celestial body suspension? In fact, the reason why we explain the suspension of celestial bodies through gravity is only the macroscopic reason, which is the mystery of the surface.


The deeper mystery of celestial body suspension will involve the concept of space and another mysterious matter, dark matter and dark energy in the universe. After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he also put forward a bold conjecture about the nature of the universe. Einstein believed that our universe is equivalent to a giant cosmic sphere.

Celestial bodies and matter are attached to the cosmic film. Due to the existence of celestial mass, they will exert different pressures on the film, resulting in the formation of depressions of different sizes and depths on the surface of the cosmic film. When the cosmic film is depressed, it will produce a pulling force on the surrounding film, which is the source of celestial gravity.

If explained in this way, it shows that the celestial bodies are not completely suspended in the universe, but we can’t see the existence of the cosmic membrane directly, and then we mistakenly think that they are suspended in the universe. In fact, they are also attached to the cosmic membrane. This is the concept of space warping, which tells us that our universe is not smooth, and it is everywhere in the vast universe Full of space distortion.


In addition to the mass of the celestial body itself, the distorting force is also related to dark matter and dark energy. There is visible matter in the universe, but there is also dark matter. Dark matter may have constructed the framework of the universe after the big bang. It is equivalent to a skeleton scaffold. Without dark matter, there would be no overall framework of the universe.

Dark energy is the most mysterious energy matter in the universe. Scientists believe that dark energy accounts for more than 90% of the energy of the universe and is the energy matter that really dominates the operation of the universe. The expansion of the universe and the suspension of celestial bodies are closely related to dark energy, which fills all corners of the universe and dominates the operation of celestial bodies and the operation of the universe.

If dark matter and dark energy are the most abundant matter in the universe, then the mystery of celestial bodies’ suspension is inseparable from them. Of course, how they affect the operation of celestial bodies and the operation of the universe is still a mystery. Although scientists have observed some cosmic phenomena caused by dark matter and dark energy in the universe, we still know nothing about the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

There are too many mysteries in the universe waiting for us to solve. The mystery of celestial body suspension seems very simple. People all know that it has something to do with gravity, but the deeper mysteries it represents are more complex. It’s not just caused by the gravity mentioned above, it may be related to the solution of the ultimate mystery of the universe.


The more seemingly simple things are, the more complicated are the deep-seated mysteries behind them. For example, water, a common substance on earth, is very simple. We all know that it is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. However, water is a mysterious substance that scientists have been exploring. Until now, we still can’t solve all the mysteries of water.

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