Why can humans control “estrus” and animals can do it at any time? Scientists say so!

Why can humans control “estrus” and animals can do it at any time? Scientists say so!


The earth is a living planet with a history of 4.6 billion years in the universe. When human beings really have the opportunity to go out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will know that the earth is particularly small, and even human beings are like a grain of dust. The earth is a planet full of vitality. It breeds countless lives. The birth of so many lives makes the earth different. Life on the earth is evolved over a long period of time, from single cell to multi cell, forming a huge biological population. They live and multiply on the earth. The earth provides abundant resources, mild sunshine and sufficient water. Since there are many kinds of organisms on the earth, there is inevitable competition.


The rule of survival of the fittest has always been followed in nature. Only the strong can dominate, and the weak will end up miserable. The survival of so many organisms will inevitably be affected by some natural disasters. In order to survive better, many organisms are forced to change their body functions and adapt to the environment. They also have to store a lot of food, which can be passed on stably through genes and heredity. Why can humans control “estrus” and animals can do it at any time? Scientists say so!


Breeding is something that every creature will do. For some ordinary natural creatures, foraging and mating are the two most important things. Every animal will enter the estrous period. With the increase of temperature and the length of time, the internal sex hormones will be secreted vigorously to complete the responsibility of reproduction.


Apart from estrus, they are not affected by any mating behavior, and they do not show any desire. Human beings are different in that they can control their own desires. Although they are also influenced by hormones, they are not controlled by physiology like other creatures. Human beings have the consciousness and behavior of independent thinking, and they also have higher ideals and pursuits. They mainly benefit from the brain. Through wisdom, they can change nature and create things without restriction.


Human beings can hide their estrus period through wisdom, which is mainly due to the fact that human beings are conscious creatures. Moreover, human civilization is constantly progressing, and now it is facing the constraints of society. In this era of abundant food, most people will not choose to breed more offspring. They have to raise a child, and every child will be responsible as soon as they land. Learn from their dentistry When we talk, we should pay attention to it. Raising a child is totally different from other creatures. Human beings must bear enough responsibility. Besides, genes can change the behavior of creatures, which is also the charm given by nature.


Estrus period is common to all living things. The biggest difference of human beings is that they can suppress their own behaviors. Animals will mate whenever and wherever, which is the special feature of human beings. Although human beings have many things that other creatures don’t have, they also consider more problems. What’s your opinion? You can leave a message for interaction.

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