Why can Japanese “wife robot” explode? It turns out that she has three “exclusive services”

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Since mankind entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago, human civilization has also ushered in the era of rapid development. After hundreds of years of development, now human science and technology has made great progress. In the whole history of human science and technology, the computer, which plays an important role, will also usher in another sublimation, that is, the evolution to artificial intelligence.

In recent years, the word artificial intelligence is frequently mentioned by people, few people do not know artificial intelligence. And now artificial intelligence has been applied in some industries. Artificial intelligence is a computer program, it is widely used, one of the most important applications is carried to the robot, so that the robot has a preliminary intelligence, become an intelligent robot.


Robot is the inevitable product of the development of human science and technology to a certain extent, it can play a very big role, can help people complete a lot of coolie work, dangerous work. However, in the past, people’s understanding of robots was limited to the cold production line robots in some large manufacturing enterprises.

However, with the development of science and technology, a new type of intelligent AI robot appears. This kind of robot is no longer a cold mechanical appearance, but is equipped with a humanized appearance to make people look more comfortable and pleasing to the eye. I believe many friends who love science and technology still remember that this year, a smart beauty robot named “wife robot” was launched in Japan. Once it was launched, it sold more than 10000 in 60 seconds and was robbed in an hour.

Such a hot scene surprised many people, but also let people see the potential of intelligent beauty robot. Why can Japanese intelligent “wife robot” explode? It turns out that she has three “exclusive services.”. Maybe many people are very curious: which three “exclusive services” of “wife robot” can attract people so much? Now let’s get to know.


The first exclusive service is her beautiful appearance and special appearance customization service. This beautiful robot has changed people’s understanding of robot’s cold in the past. Its appearance adopts the most advanced technology and simulated skin materials at present. From the appearance, it’s hard to think that it’s a robot, and its appearance is very close to that of a real person.

And she’s also equipped with an intelligent thermostat to keep her skin warm. Let her touch as soft and warm as human, so that you can never feel, she is just a cold robot. Since she is a beautiful robot, her appearance is naturally very beautiful, and her skin is super good, which is far from human skin.

As an intelligent robot, the most satisfying thing for a man is that her appearance can be customized. You can tell the manufacturer about your appearance requirements and other requirements, and then customize a “wife robot” for you according to your requirements. I believe everyone’s understanding of beauty is different, some people like pure, some people like charming, some people like round face, some people like melon face and so on.


These requirements are as like as two peas in the real world, but in the world of intelligent robots, this is a very simple thing. Even if you want a look that looks exactly like a star, you can customize it for you. Even if you want a beauty appearance in an animation movie, it can also be customized for you. There is nothing you can’t do, only what you can’t think of.

In addition to customized appearance, body, voice and personality can be customized according to your requirements. The perfect goddess image in your mind can’t be found in reality, but in the intelligent robot world, the wife robot helps you realize one by one, and the intelligent robot won’t grow old, she can always keep young, these advantages are undoubtedly the biggest welfare of otaku.

The second exclusive service is to be obedient to you. With the continuous development of human civilization, women’s land is getting higher and higher. In the real world, it is very rare to find a gentle and obedient girlfriend. As long as you dare to lose your temper with her, you will break up with you immediately. And many girlfriends don’t know how to be considerate at all. When you are in a bad mood, when your work is not going well or you are tired, they will still be angry with you. If you want to keep your girlfriend, you have to coax her, let her and tease her to start.


So, now the male compatriots live really tired, many men would rather choose to be single than find a girlfriend, because the perfect goddess in their heart can’t be found at all. However, the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence makes the past impossible possible. Wife robots not only have beautiful and perfect appearance, but also they no longer have to wait for the master’s order to do things like ordinary robots.

Its chip runs very fast, eyes have cameras, ears have speakers, so it is very intelligent. Can take the initiative to communicate, the host will be sad comfort, and tell jokes to amuse, can not sleep can also coax you to sleep. I will never lose my temper, be obedient to you and never give up.

Because her body is equipped with a smart chip, so you can talk with her barrier free, can be sweet and lovely, can be gentle and shy, can be frank and humorous, and can automatically analyze your emotions, very understanding. It is said that if she can’t answer the host’s questions, she will lie, which makes people want to laugh. Because she has face recognition function, she will always listen to you. She will be loyal to you all her life without house, car or wedding money.


The third exclusive service is laundry, cooking and housework. Through the analysis just now, we all know that women’s status is getting higher and higher, and there is no tradition of men dominating the outside and women dominating the inside. Now the real situation is that men not only have to earn money outside to support their families, but also have to do this and that when they get home from work.

A lot of women can’t do anything, can’t cook, can’t do housework, in addition to spending money, as long as it’s hard work, they can’t do or are not willing to do. So now in many families, it is very common for men to do laundry, cooking and housework. You have to ask: do men have resentment? If not, it’s a lie.

If a woman works outside to earn money to support her family and a man cooks, washes and does housework at home, maybe some incompetent men will not complain. On the contrary, they will think it’s very good. But if it’s a man who makes money to support his family, and it’s also a man who does laundry, cooking and housework, then men have no resentment. It’s absolutely a saint. It’s estimated that there is no such man in the world.


But the wife robot can do some housework without complaint, and with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the future intelligent robot will be more intelligent and advanced. Through the installation of a large number of menu programs, the wife robot can instantly become a master of cooking, and can make thousands of delicious food without repeating every day.

In addition to being a chef, wife robot can also help you do all the housework, and can work 24 hours. Such an intelligent robot can completely replace his girlfriend’s position. More importantly, with the development of artificial intelligence, intelligent robots in the future will become cheaper and cheaper, which can be bought by everyone.

In today’s era of asking for a house, a car and high wedding gifts, this is undoubtedly a good news for many single people. Especially now that the marriage rate is declining and the number of single people is increasing, it seems that such a robot is just right. To this end, Japan also launched a survey, more than 60% of men are willing to fall in love with AI Artificial Intelligence, and a 35 year old Japanese man married the robot of “chuyin future” this month.


Some people may say that no matter how good a beautiful intelligent robot is, there is something she can’t do, that is to have children. Can’t intelligent robots really do it? Today’s intelligent robots are still relatively low in function, so naturally they can’t do things like giving birth to children. However, technology is to make all the impossible possible, and the future is hard to say.

With the development of science and technology, the artificial uterus will become a reality in the future. Once the artificial uterus comes out successfully, it is not necessary to have children in the mother’s body, but in vitro. As long as the artificial uterus is installed inside the intelligent robot, then fertilization is completed in vitro, and the fertilized eggs are injected into the artificial uterus, another kind of intelligent robot life can also be realized. That’s the beauty of technology.

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