Why can life appear on earth and continue? We want to thank the three patrons

The earliest life on earth was born 3.8 billion years ago. In the long years since then, life has been evolving, and there was a big explosion of life 520 million years ago. This time, the explosion of life made a large number of different kinds of life appear on the earth, which laid the foundation for the later birth of human beings.

Before human beings walked out of the earth, scientists always believed that life could be born and evolved on the earth, mainly because the earth met various conditions for the birth of life, such as thick atmosphere, light and heat from the sun, a large amount of liquid water on the surface, and so on.

However, with the continuous development of human science and technology, we have a further understanding of the universe after going out of the earth. At this time, scientists found that life on the earth can appear and continue, not only because the various conditions of the earth are in line with the evolution of life, but more importantly, it comes from a stable external environment.


If we don’t have a good starry sky environment created by the solar system outside the earth, no matter how good the ecological conditions of the earth are, early life can be born, but it is impossible to steadily evolve. There are too many disasters in the universe that can seriously threaten the earth and the survival and continuation of life.

So how does the excellent starry sky environment outside the earth come from? Here, we have to thank the three “protective gods” for their constant company, which gave birth to life on earth and evolved the advanced intelligent life of human beings over a long period of time.

1、 The gas giant planet in front of the earth: Jupiter

Jupiter is no stranger to us. It is the largest of the eight planets in the solar system and a huge gas giant planet. Jupiter’s mass is very large, and the other seven planets add up to a quarter of Jupiter’s mass. We can see how big it is that all the other planets are not as heavy as Jupiter.


Because of its huge mass, Jupiter’s position in the solar system is very special. As we all know, planets need to revolve around stars. The earth, Mars and other seven planets revolve around the center of the sun, and the center of rotation is the center of the sun.

However, Jupiter is different. It does not revolve around the center of the sun strictly, but around the “center of mass”. This kind of motion mode is common between galaxies. For example, the Milky way and Andromeda galaxies revolve around the center of mass of their gravity. Jupiter and the Sun move in a similar pattern.

So where is Jupiter’s center of mass around it? It’s between the sun and Jupiter, about 7% of the sun’s radius. So the motion pattern of the celestial bodies in the solar system is like this: the seven planets make a standard revolution around the sun, while Jupiter and the sun form a mutual motion. From this point, we can also see that Jupiter is a very special planet.


This special motion of Jupiter is very beneficial to the earth. As we all know, Jupiter’s position is in front of the earth, and its circular motion with the sun can just restrain asteroids and other small bodies trying to enter the inner galaxy. As we all know, the outside of the inner galaxy is not peaceful at all. There are many asteroids, especially in the Kuiper belt at the edge.

For billions of years, asteroids have been trying to enter the inner galaxy from the outer system, thus threatening the planets in the habitable zone. However, due to the existence of Jupiter, when they enter the inner galaxy, they will be held by strong gravity. These trapped asteroids either directly hit Jupiter and become dust, or deviate from their original orbit, unable to pose a threat to the earth. Some are permanent moons of Jupiter.

You know, Jupiter has 64 satellites, most of which are pulled by gravity. If there is no Jupiter here, a large number of asteroids will enter the inner Galaxy unimpeded, and the probability of the earth being hit by asteroids will be doubled. And asteroid impact on the earth will not have too much impact, but for life, it is absolutely a disaster of extinction.

I believe many friends still remember the comet collision with Jupiter in 1994, which was the first time in human history to directly observe the collision of celestial bodies in the solar system. If the comet SUMEC levy 9, which hit Jupiter, came to the inner galaxy and collided with the earth, it would be a terrible and devastating disaster. This disaster happened once four billion years ago, and the debris from that impact formed the later moon.


According to the observation of scientists, there were 51 asteroid impacts on Jupiter in just six years from 2010 to 2016. It can be seen that asteroids are very restless in the solar system, and they are constantly trying to enter the inner galaxy. Without the protection of Jupiter, the fate of the earth can be imagined.

2、 The patron saint: the moon

I believe we are more familiar with the moon. Jupiter was the first one explored by human beings after they came out of the earth. In the late 1960s, the world even completed the manned landing on the moon. With the continuous exploration of the moon by human probes, now we have a more comprehensive understanding of the moon.


Through the observation of the moon, we will find that there are countless craters on the surface, which are caused by asteroid impact. If there is no moon, some of these asteroids will probably hit the earth directly, which will bring a devastating blow to the evolution of life on earth.

In addition to protecting the earth from asteroids, the moon also plays an important role in slowing down the earth. In the early days, the rotation speed of the earth was very fast, up to a few hours a day, until the birth of the moon, its larger mass had a greater impact, thus holding the earth. There is a very obvious tidal phenomenon.

This gravity keeps the speed of the earth’s rotation down until a 24-hour rotation cycle is formed. If there is no moon, then the earth’s day will become a few hours, this cycle is extremely unfavorable for the evolution of life. Even if we can have life evolution, we may not be able to finally produce human beings.

3、 The neglected patron saint: the heliosphere


The sun is the core of the solar system, which is closely related to the birth of life on earth. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the sun brings the earth suitable light and heat, so that the earth forms a stable ecosystem and has the foundation for the birth of life.

However, when Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 arrived at the edge of the solar system, they found very unusual phenomena at the edge of the solar system. There is a “shield” on the edge of the solar system. The great scientist Tesla once predicted this shield. How did this shield come from? It is actually formed by the collision between the solar wind and the outer interstellar particle flow.

Solar wind is formed by the flow of particles released by the sun. It starts from the sun and extends to the edge of the solar system. For planets with magnetic fields, when the solar wind passes by, it will form a very dazzling aurora. There is a limit to the extension of the solar wind, where it will collide with the particle flow from all directions of the universe.


The collision creates an interface that forms a giant bubble that wraps the solar system in it. It can be said that this is a natural energy shield to protect the solar system. This bubble is called “light layer” by scientists. It can protect the solar system from all kinds of cosmic rays and high-speed particle flow from the stars.

As we all know, the resistance of life on earth to all kinds of cosmic radiation and rays is very weak. If there is no magnetic field, the solar wind will do great harm to life. The cosmic radiation and particle flow from outside the solar system are more powerful. Once they come to the earth, they will cause devastating damage to the earth. So the heliosphere is a “protector” of the earth that we ignore.

It is because of the existence of the above three “protectors” that the earth has enough stable external environment for us to breed life. When human beings didn’t become an interstellar civilization and could cross the galaxy, they were very weak. Any drastic change of internal environment and external environment can lead us to the end. Therefore, human beings should strive to develop science and technology rapidly and become an interstellar civilization as soon as possible. At that time, we can travel and explore between the stars without the earth and the clouds of the solar system.

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