Why can man “go to heaven” but not dig through the earth? Scientist: the price is too high

Human beings maintain a high interest in the unknown. As the saying goes, heaven and earth are the real skills. Today we are going to talk about digging the earth through. The earth is a sphere, surrounded by all kinds of materials. But if one day, the earth is suddenly dug a huge deep hole, or even dug through the earth, how fast will human beings reach the other end of the earth? What will happen to the whole earth?


When the earth digs a hole, you naively think that people can easily get to the other end of the earth through a tunnel. In fact, this is not the case. The land and sea areas of the earth account for 29% and 71% of the world respectively. After we dig through the earth, we will eventually flow into the ocean, or perhaps end human civilization. For example, if you live in Beijing, you’ll surface in Argentina and Madrid.

But we can assume that when you dig a tunnel in the earth, how long does it take you to walk to get to the opposite side?


You just need to jump into this deep tunnel, and with luck, it only takes 45 minutes to get to the other side. However, if you accidentally come out of the tunnel on the way, you will return to the original position.


The challenge of digging through the earth

In the last century, there were cases of digging the earth. The Soviet Union spent a lot of human, material and financial resources trying to dig through the earth. However, it was not so simple. It stopped when it reached 12262 meters. And this depth is only 1% of the earth’s crust, and as the depth gets deeper and deeper, the temperature is also gradually rising. In the end, our various equipment can not withstand this high temperature.


Even if we can get to the crust, then there’s the mantle. The mantle, known as the asthenosphere, or liquid rock, is also responsible for plate movement. That’s why there are mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes on earth.


Ideally, even if you pass the mantle, you have to face the next test, which is the high temperature between 7200 and 9000 degrees, also known as liquid iron shell. It gives the earth a strong magnetic field. If it is destroyed, it will be difficult for human beings to survive.

If all of these problems are overcome, we will face the kernel. This is the place to end this challenge. The essence of the core is a large white hot ball made of solid iron and nickel. It’s very strong, it’s very high pressure, it’s very high temperature, and in addition, it has to overcome the challenge of weightlessness.


Because there will be gravity from other places, so that you completely lose gravity, the whole process will be very difficult. Gravity will pull you back until you finally break out on the other side of the earth. Although digging through the earth is difficult to achieve, but also can maintain a curiosity.


In fact, the earth can’t dig through

In addition to the layer by layer barrier of the crust and mantle, the hot magma and internal high temperature are even more difficult problems. Now the protective clothing and digging tools that human beings can make are simply unbearable.


When it enters the mantle, it will be melted. At the high temperature of 7200 to 9000 degrees, there is no material that can remain solid at this temperature. It will be fluid. And the magma and mantle are plastic solid layer, which can not dig a hole. Even if the hole is barely dug out, there is not enough strength material to support the hole, and it will close instantly.


Well, if you have any ideas about digging through the earth, please leave a message in the comments section!

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