Why can stars “float” steadily in space? It turns out that things are not as simple as you think

Since the birth of mankind, the starry sky has been full of endless fantasy. Although people in ancient times did not have modern advanced observation equipment, they still mastered some rules about the operation of celestial bodies by relying on their eyes to observe the layout of stars in the sky. We have to praise the wisdom of ancient people.

With the advent of the age of science and technology, the ancients’ fantasy about the starry sky soon became a reality. Finally, human beings walked to the earth and saw the vast and mysterious universe. When human beings walk out of the earth, the first mysterious sight they see is countless kinds of celestial bodies floating freely in space. What a shocking picture it is. I believe it is hard to imagine such a scene before human beings go out of the earth.

Seeing that the earth, the home of human existence, and other kinds of celestial bodies, and even stars as huge as the sun are floating in space, many people have such a question: why can stars freely and stably “float” in space? What kind of power is this? We live on the surface of the earth, it is very difficult to jump up tens of centimeters, but in space, no matter how large the mass of celestial bodies, they can only be suspended.


Scientists explain why stars can float in space because of gravity. I believe many friends know that as long as it is a mass object, they will produce gravity. This is Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Celestial bodies in the universe have different gravitation according to their different masses.

In a small galaxy, the mass of stars accounts for more than 90% of the whole galaxy, so its gravity is the most powerful, which can attract the whole galaxy’s celestial bodies closer to it. But there is another problem: if the star’s gravity is so strong, other small bodies will be pulled by it and eventually fall into the star. But what we see is that planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies just revolve around the star, and do not collide with the star. Why?

It turns out that when planets and other celestial bodies revolve around stars, their speeds are different according to the distance. At this time, a centrifugal force will be generated to resist the star’s gravity. At the same time, planets and other celestial bodies are also rotating at a high speed. The centrifugal force and the force generated by rotation form a dynamic balance with the star’s gravity, so as to avoid falling into the star, thus creating a dynamic balance Every stable orbit.

In fact, there are no immovable celestial bodies and galaxies in the universe. The whole universe is in a dynamic motion. What we can see is that planets move around stars. In fact, looking at the Milky way, stars like the sun are also driving the whole small galaxy around the center of the Milky way. And there is a supermassive black hole at the center of the silver, which produces super gravity that affects the whole galaxy. The movement of stars is actually to produce a centrifugal force that opposes the gravity of the silver, so they will fall into the center of the silver and be swallowed by the black hole.


Since stars are also moving around the center of larger galaxies, are galaxies like the Milky way moving? The answer is yes. Although we are in the Milky way, we can’t see the overall motion of the Milky way, but we can observe the motion of other large galaxies outside the Milky way, such as Andromeda galaxy. Through observation, we find that these large galaxies are also rotating, and their rotation will also produce a centrifugal force, and the generation of this eccentricity is also for the sake of Against another central force around which they move.

If we can stand outside the universe and look at the whole universe, you will find that the whole universe is in a kind of motion. All the galaxies and nebulae in the universe revolve at the same time. This situation is like a complex and precise mechanical internal gear. When the machine works, the internal gears are rotating with each other.

After reading these, many people may think that the floating of celestial bodies in the universe is due to the effect of gravity. However, with the increasing knowledge of the universe, scientists find that things may not be as simple as they thought. On the surface, it seems that gravity is at work, but the laws of celestial bodies floating and running in the universe are difficult for us to achieve in the laboratory. For example, to create a closed vacuum environment on the earth, all kinds of spheres with different masses are put into it at this time. Although they can also float, this kind of floating is completely different from the floating of celestial bodies in the universe .


From this, we can see that the floating and moving rules of celestial bodies in the universe are not as simple as we thought. The role of gravity is only the external manifestation, and there are other forces at a deeper level. It’s hard to dig out the mystery behind many things only by looking at the surface. Only when we go into the micro world can we reveal the truth. For example, when we go into the micro world, we can know that it is caused by the intensity of molecular thermal movement.

So what are the real deep reasons for the floating and moving rules of celestial bodies in the universe? Scientists think of dark matter and dark energy. For dark matter and dark energy, I believe many friends have heard of this kind of matter and energy that scientists later put forward a conjecture. Although the matter in question was initially proposed, scientists have basically confirmed the existence of dark matter and dark energy by observing some phenomena and manifestations in the universe.

They not only exist, but also are the main matter and energy in the universe. According to the guess of scientists, the dark matter and dark energy in the universe account for more than 90% of the total matter and energy in the universe. The matter that we can directly observe is visible matter, while dark matter is hidden behind and cannot be observed directly. It seems that they are very mild and stable matter, which will not conflict with visible matter, but can help each other with visible matter.

If the main matter and energy in the universe are dark matter and dark energy, then the real influence and formulation of the laws of the universe and the laws of celestial body operation may be dark matter and dark energy. It is their existence that makes the universe expand rapidly, and it is their existence that makes the universe have stable laws of celestial body operation. But what is dark matter? Now science has no definite answer. We haven’t really captured any dark matter in the universe, but we can’t make a grain of dark matter in the laboratory.


It is possible that the ultimate mystery of the universe is related to dark matter and dark energy. The day when people really understand dark matter and dark energy may be the day when the ultimate mystery of the universe is revealed. If the main matter in the universe is dark matter, then probably there is also a dark matter universe, dark matter world. This universe overlaps with our visible universe, which is independent and has some connection.

Scientists speculate that wormhole shuttle can be realized by opening a wormhole to let spacecraft enter it. The wormhole world may be the dark matter universe. Due to the great power of dark energy, the inner velocity of the wormhole in the dark matter world is completely different from that of the outside world. The fastest speed of the outside world is the speed of light, but in the dark matter world, the speed of light is the slowest, Superluminal speed is the mainstream, and that speed is far beyond our imagination. It is no longer the cognitive superluminal speed.

However, the exploration and research of dark matter and dark energy are still in the theoretical stage. When scientists can really capture dark matter in the universe, they may be able to uncover the tip of its iceberg. Only by understanding the properties of dark matter and dark energy can we apply them to serve human beings. Perhaps the dream of exploring the universe and going all over the universe in the future will fall on dark matter and dark energy. We are looking forward to that day.


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