Why can the earth be a planet of life? There may be internal and external reasons

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The earth is not only the home for human survival, but also a life planet rich in species. Before human beings walked out of the earth, we didn’t know about the universe. At that time, many people didn’t know about extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization.


However, when human beings go out of the earth and see the vast universe, many people begin to change their minds and think that there are also life planets and civilization planets like the earth in the universe. At first, many people believed that there were living planets in the solar system, including Venus and Mars. But later, through the observation of the detector, it was found that the solar system seems to have only one life planet, the earth.

Besides the solar system, hundreds of earth like planets have been found, but no planet as beautiful as the earth has been found. That is to say, we still don’t have any extraterrestrial life planet except the earth. Some scientists say that although the form and environment of extraterrestrial life may be different from that of the earth, every species rich life planet is likely to be a different planet, which can be well distinguished from other barren planets from space.

So, scientists have been looking for a planet as beautiful as the earth, but so far we have not found it. So some people think that life planets may be very rare in the universe, especially civilized life planets like earth. So some people have such a question: why can the earth become a planet of life? Are there any specific factors in this? For this reason, scientists believe that there may be internal and external reasons.


Some scientists say that being in the habitable zone is an important factor for the birth of life on earth. However, in the solar system, Venus and Mars are also in the habitable zone. They are also earth like planets. Why are the three planets in the habitable zone, only the earth has become a living planet, while the other two have become harsh and barren planets?

It can be seen that if you want to be a life planet, being in the livable zone is only one of many factors. Only when you meet all the factors at the same time can you become a life planet. And the earth is the concentration of many advantages as a whole, finally lucky to become a planet of life, and in millions of years ago the birth of intelligent life of human beings. And the earth can become a planet of life, we can analyze from the earth itself and the earth’s external two reasons.


First of all, let’s look at the superiority of the earth itself. Although we don’t know how the life in the universe was born, we know that if we want to give birth to life, we can’t do without some basic materials needed to make up life. This material is organic matter. Only with organic matter can life be born, and the earth is in a variety of opportunities to produce a large number of organic matter.

With this foundation, we need another important material, which is water. There are 71% of the ocean area on the earth’s surface, which is only the current ocean area. In fact, according to the exploration and research of scientists, the ocean area on the earth’s surface in the early days was much larger than that at present, which may have reached 90%. Only later, with the violent movement of geological plates, a large amount of water entered the earth’s interior.

With abundant surface liquid water resources, organic matter in the ocean began to breed life. So the earliest life on earth was born in the ocean, and the later terrestrial life was also evolved from marine life. Of course, the birth of life on earth is closely related to the earth’s thick atmosphere and strong magnetic field.


The birth and survival of life need a suitable hotbed, and this hotbed needs a thick atmosphere and strong magnetic field protection, because if the strong magnetic field, the solar wind and cosmic radiation will be directly on the ground, causing a huge threat to the survival of life. At the same time, if we want to protect the atmosphere, we also need the protection of magnetic field.

The thick atmosphere has a greater effect. It can form a stable water cycle with the water resources on the ground, provide a greenhouse effect for the earth, and make the earth form a stable and comfortable ecological environment. Only a stable and comfortable ecological environment can make the life after birth survive for a long time.


These are the reasons for the earth itself, followed by the reasons outside the earth. The first reason outside the earth is that the position of the earth is very good, and it can receive suitable sunlight, so that the earth has a comfortable temperature and light. Then there are two patrons of the earth, one is the giant Jupiter, the other is the moon.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Its mass is 2.5 times the total mass of the other planets in the solar system. Huge mass also has great gravity, and the position of Jupiter is just in front of the earth. Therefore, many asteroids or comets that collide with the earth will be attracted by its strong gravity when passing through Jupiter, and finally fall into Jupiter to become its moon.

It can be said that it is with the protection of Jupiter that the earth can be protected from the impact of a huge asteroid. For Jupiter, the impact of an asteroid is equivalent to being bitten by a mosquito. But for the earth, it may be a devastating disaster. An asteroid hit the earth 66 million years ago, which led to the extinction of more than 80% of the earth’s organisms, including the then dominant dinosaurs.


In 1994, millions of people witnessed a cosmic event never seen before in human history, that is, the event of comet SUMEC levy 9 hitting Jupiter. When the satellite passed through Jupiter, it had been torn into many pieces by strong gravity, the largest of which was 32 km in diameter. The impact released energy equivalent to 2.5 trillion tons of TNT explosive, producing It’s brighter than Jupiter as a whole.

At least five other pieces of debris hit Jupiter. Such a huge impact did not cause much damage to Jupiter. However, if there was no Jupiter in front at that time or the mass of Jupiter was only as big as Mars, then the target of this huge comet is likely to be the earth. Once the earth is hit by it, life will end completely, and even the earth will not recover and become a fire A star like barren planet.


This shows how important Jupiter is to the earth and deserves to be the patron saint of the earth. Besides Jupiter, there is the only moon beside the earth. Depending on its unusual mass, the moon can also successfully attract many asteroids that collide with the earth. We can imagine from the dense craters on the moon how many times the moon has been hit by asteroids. Some of these asteroids may have collided with the earth, but when they passed through the moon, they were attracted by its gravity and finally hit the moon.

Through the above analysis, we can see how difficult it is for the earth to become a living planet. If the earth is like this, so are other living planets or civilized planets in the universe. Without all good internal environment and stable and safe external environment, it is impossible to really become a living planet and civilized planet.

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