Why can’t all life escape death? Who is in charge of all this?

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If you want to ask what is the most magical and mysterious thing born after the big bang, I believe many people will answer that it is life. Yes, since the birth of the universe, there have been many magical things, such as stars, planets, black holes, and many other things in the universe that we have imagined. But so many magical and mysterious things are far less special than life.


Life is basically born on the planet, and the earth is very lucky to become a living planet billions of years ago, since then the fate of the earth has changed. After billions of years of evolution and evolution of life on earth, intelligent life human was finally born millions of years ago. And the emergence of human beings has also upgraded the planet of life to a planet of civilization.

Speaking of life, many people will think of a fate that life can not get rid of, that is death. Whether it is simple life or advanced life, there is a cycle of life and death. Take human beings for example, from the moment of birth, the fate of the future end has been doomed, that is death. And people need to experience birth, aging, illness and death in their life, each of them will experience the four stages of birth, growth, maturity and death.

No matter you are a super rich person, or an ordinary office worker, no matter you are a powerful person, or an ordinary person who runs for life every day, no matter how brilliant your life is, you will die in the end. Since ancient times, there have always been some people who want to get rid of the shackles of life and death and expect to live forever. The most famous one is Qin Shihuang, the great emperor more than 2000 years ago. After he unified the whole country, he was unwilling to leave the world, so he sent a large number of people to Penglai, Yingzhou and other places to look for elixirs. But unfortunately, until the last moment of his life, Qin Shihuang did not get the elixir of immortality he dreamed of. Finally, he left the world with disappointment and helplessness.


More than 2000 years later, today’s human civilization has entered the era of science and technology, so people give up the dream of immortality? Of course not. When people realize the power of science and technology, they expect to achieve immortality through science and technology. But more scientists believe that immortality is destined to be just a dream, and human beings will not be able to achieve it.

Scientists believe that not only human beings, all life can not escape the fate of death. Why? Why do human beings have birth, aging and death? From the macro point of view, it is because organs are aging and eventually die. From the micro point of view, it is because the activity and stability of cells are decreasing.


Through scientific research and exploration, scientists have also found that the reason for the continuous decline of cell activity and stability is that telomeres at the ends of chromosomes are playing tricks. It turns out that the telomere at the end of DNA in the human body will become shorter every time the cell is renewed. After the telomere becomes shorter, the activity and stability of newly born cells will gradually deteriorate, thus affecting the aging of organs.

Some people may say that since we have found that the factor affecting human aging is the shortening of telomeres, does it mean that once there is a way to solve this problem in the future, human beings can live forever? In fact, things are far from that simple. Telomere shortening may only be one factor that affects human life span. There are other factors that have not been found.

It is unlikely that there are only a few factors that affect human life span, and the problem of telomere shortening that scientists have found may be just the skin of the problem. The core factor of the truth may not have been found at all. Therefore, even if we solve many factors that affect human life expectancy in the future, although life expectancy can continue to increase, it is basically impossible to achieve immortality.


This is an analysis from the perspective of genetics. If we analyze from the perspective of physics, life can not achieve immortality. This physicist’s theory is entropy theory. I believe many people know this entropy theory. It was originally used to describe one of the material state parameters of “energy degradation”. It has a wide range of applications in thermodynamics. But at that time, entropy was only a physical quantity that could be measured by the change of heat, and its essence was not well explained. Until the development of a series of scientific theories such as statistical physics and information theory, the essence of entropy was gradually explained, that is, the essence of entropy was the “internal chaos degree” of a system.

Entropy theory is a very great theory, which explains the essence of many things, especially for the world without eternity. Everything from the universe to a particle, from the moment they are born, entropy is increasing, that is, the degree of chaos is increasing.


From the moment of human birth, entropy appears, and then with the passage of time, this value increases continuously, and the chaos of human body becomes more and more serious, which means that human vitality is constantly passing until death. And this entropy is an irreversible process, so life has no immortality, any life can not escape the fate of death.

In fact, not only life, there is no eternal concept for any object in the universe, their entropy is also increasing, and the degree of chaos in the system is increasing, so stars have lifetime. When the lifetime reaches the end, supernova explosion will occur, and then it will be transformed into another kind of celestial body. Planets can not exist forever, so the earth will come to an end one day in the future.

Even if the vast universe contains everything, it is not eternal. With the increase of entropy, the universe will become more and more chaotic and unstable. At that time, the universe will stop expanding, then shrink inward, and finally return to its original state again, waiting for the big bang and the birth of a new universe. This is the samsara of the universe. The universe has samsara, and life naturally has samsara.


Therefore, we should not expect to think about immortality. Even if science is further developed, it is impossible for human beings to achieve immortality. Of course, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is certain that the life expectancy of human beings will continue to increase in the future. It is possible that in the future, the average life expectancy of human beings will reach hundreds or thousands of years. For us, immortality doesn’t mean much. The real meaning of a person is to live happily and realize self-worth in the limited years, which is the real eternal life. It is the so-called, some people died, it is still alive, and some people live but have died.

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