Why can’t computers ever have human consciousness? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

Human beings are now the overlord of the earth and intelligent life. 65 million years ago, the earth also had a kind of overlord creatures, they were dinosaurs. But although dinosaurs dominated the earth for 160 million years, they did not become intelligent life.

The main difference between intelligent life and life without wisdom lies in brain consciousness. Some people may ask: do other animals have no consciousness? Of course not. In fact, not only animals have consciousness, but also plants have their own simple consciousness. But animals, plants and human brain consciousness are different. Human consciousness is more complex and mysterious, which is a kind of consciousness with extraordinary wisdom.

It is the consciousness of strong wisdom that human beings have become advanced intelligent life. Through step-by-step development, it took only thousands of years to go from primitive civilization to today’s scientific and technological civilization. This is the power of wisdom and the powerful function of human brain consciousness.


After entering the era of science and technology, mankind has invented an epoch-making product, which is the computer. I believe my friends are not unfamiliar with computers. Now all walks of life of human beings are basically inseparable from the application of computers, and the reason why human science and technology can develop so fast is also related to the help of computers.

Some people once compared the computer with the human brain, and thought that the computer might also develop into the same kind of consciousness as the human brain in the future. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years, the topic of computer generating the same consciousness as human beings has been rising. Many friends, especially after watching relevant science fiction movies, believe that computers can also generate the same consciousness as human beings in the future. Is this really the case?

In fact, to build a supercomputer with complex functions like human brain, scientists were already doing research as early as 2013. At that time, scientists spent billions of dollars to build a European supercomputer human brain. However, this project has been basically identified as a failure. Later, scientists did not expect to build a supercomputer like human brain Instead, it turns its research direction to software tools for human brain data.

Why do scientists fail to build supercomputers that mimic the human brain? This may be a difficult question to answer, but scientists believe that the most difficult one is to simulate the consciousness of the human brain. What is consciousness? This topic has always been the goal of scientists’ active exploration and research, but until now, scientists still can’t figure out what consciousness is?


Although there are many researches on the consciousness of human brain, they are still in a conjecture stage, and there is no definite basis to prove the essence of consciousness. It is precisely because of the complexity of human brain, especially the complexity and mystery of consciousness that scientists believe that computers may never have human consciousness. Scientists try to build supercomputer brains, but the results show that they can never get close to real human brains. Why is it difficult for computers to have the consciousness of real human brains?

There are great differences between computer and human brain in processing data and information. Human brain is a very complex whole system. Processing any information or content will not be completed simply by one region, but by many regions working together. The computer processing data and programs have a specific area and location, are relatively single processing mode. For example, if we calculate one plus one and wait for two, it’s very simple for the computer to deal with it, using only a very small computer module.

But if we let the human brain process the calculation, one plus one equals two, it will be the joint action of multiple brain modules rather than relying on a single module. The brain actively explores the environment to find the elements that guide behavior. Human cognitive ability is not directly related to sensory data, which means that a person can identify a table from different angles without using relevant data to describe the existence of the table.


In addition, the human brain is composed of 10 billion nerve cells, which can work independently and coordinate with each other to complete a work. For example, our very simple hand raising action may require many neurons to perform together. Some people may have said, if we build such a complex internal structure of computer as human neurons, is it possible?

In fact, it can’t. the cells, neurons and other structures in the human brain are only a small part of the mystery of the brain. It’s the brain consciousness that really dominates. A behavior conscious person knows what he’s thinking and has the ability to stop thinking about one thing and start thinking about another – no matter what their initial thinking is, it’s impossible for a computer,

Some people may say that humans can’t make supercomputers like human brains now, because human science has not developed to that level. However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, scientists may create intelligent computer brains as complex as human brains in the future. At that time, artificial intelligence will also produce the same consciousness as human beings. Is this kind of thing possible?

If we say that no matter how artificial intelligence develops, it will not produce self-consciousness, it seems that there is no completely positive answer. Scientists dare not completely deny the possibility of self-consciousness generated by artificial intelligence in the future. Hawking once predicted that human beings may face three major disasters in the future, one of which is the threat to human beings after artificial intelligence generates consciousness.


Hawking believes that there is a great possibility that artificial intelligence will produce self-consciousness in the future. Therefore, we can not completely deny the possibility that artificial intelligence will produce consciousness in the ultimate stage of development. However, even if artificial intelligence produces self-consciousness in the future, it is totally different from human consciousness. The difference lies in what the above science says: human consciousness can think about a thing in many directions, while artificial intelligence consciousness can only go straight and straight, and will not turn around.

This will lead to such a situation. After AI produces self-consciousness, it can learn and understand the existing knowledge and technology faster and better. However, the consciousness of artificial intelligence can’t create and invent. What kind of technology human beings have created, what kind of technology artificial intelligence can only use. For example, human beings have not developed the technology of light speed flight, only the technology of sub light speed flight. The consciousness of artificial intelligence can only learn the sub light speed stage at most, and it is impossible to improve any more.

But human consciousness is totally different. Human brain consciousness can think about a thing in many directions and can play an unimaginable creativity. On the basis of sub light speed, we can develop light speed flight technology, super light speed flight technology and so on, but the consciousness of artificial intelligence can not. Therefore, it is very reasonable for scientists to say that computers will never have human consciousness.


Of course, the future development of artificial intelligence is still unknown. However, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence can bring great help to human civilization before it produces self-consciousness. It can help human beings to achieve faster development, faster become an interstellar civilization, out of the solar system to interstellar. As for the problem of self-consciousness in the final stage of AI development, future scientists may have solutions.

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