Why can’t human beings evolve into advanced civilization? Scientist: this limits our development

From the birth of the earth to now, there have been many disasters on the earth, such as five mass extinctions. After the birth of human beings, the frequency of this disaster and other supernatural phenomena have never stopped. Even today, science and technology have been very developed, there are still many strange phenomena that we can not explain with science.


Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, but from the perspective of civilization level, human beings are still at a relatively low level of civilization. We can dominate the earth, but if we are put into the universe, it will be very small.

For human beings, our own development is a strange and profound process. Although the development of human beings has been relatively long, it is not advanced development, which makes scientists impatient to push us to advanced civilization.


However, the reality is cruel. It is impossible for human beings to evolve into advanced civilization, because there is a kind of material in the universe that has been restricting our development. What is this substance? Why can we decide whether human beings can be promoted to advanced civilization?


In fact, in the last century, some scientists have proposed that species in the universe can be divided into three civilization levels. The first civilization level, also known as planetary civilization. This is also the lowest civilization in the universe.

Why is it called planetary civilization? Because what this civilization relies on is to absorb energy from the planet, and then survive in this huge universe. Although this is the lowest level of the three civilizations, you know, it will take hundreds of years for human beings.


Only then can we evolve to this level and witness the insignificance of human beings once again. We haven’t even reached the lowest entry-level civilization in the universe, let alone advanced civilization? So obviously, it’s a very difficult task for human beings to evolve into advanced civilization.


After the first level civilization is the second level civilization, which has evolved for more than 3000 years on the basis of the first level civilization. The main difference between the two civilizations is that the use of renewable energy is different. The secondary civilization uses the energy of stars, and no longer relies on planets, it can directly absorb energy from stars. That is to say, the second level civilization can better grasp the energy among the galaxies in the whole universe. This is also the important point of the second level civilization.

Next is the most advanced three-level civilization, which is also the highest civilization that human beings want to evolve. This civilization can make species jump out of the food chain directly, and it can also survive directly in the universe, and even travel on various planets.


If we reach such a high level of civilization, it means that we have mastered the laws of our own operation and the operation of celestial bodies in the universe. It will take tens of thousands of years for the second level civilization to reach this point. It is conceivable that if human beings want to be promoted to this level of civilization, it is even more difficult!


When we talk about the classification of these three civilizations, we mainly want to show that energy is the most important decisive factor in the classification and promotion. In other words, energy restricts the development of the whole civilization level.

From the perspective of using energy, it is almost impossible for human beings to overcome this factor and upgrade to the highest civilization in the universe. However, we do not need to be discouraged, do not give up the exploration of the world, I believe that one day in the future, mankind will eventually solve a mystery!


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