Why can’t human beings find alien civilization? Scientists put forward five possible conjectures

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Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the era of science and technology. Half a century ago, mankind finally realized the dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth. When human beings walk out of the moment, we know how ignorant our past cognition is. We see the vast universe and the tiny earth.

After walking out of the earth, in addition to feeling for the vastness of the universe, there is an important problem in front of people, that is, the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. Before human beings go out of the earth, many people may doubt the possibility of the existence of alien civilization, but when we go out, many people’s ideas have changed, and most people begin to believe in the existence of alien civilization.


As scientists at the top of human science and technology, they believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, so a plan to explore extraterrestrial civilization began. In 1977, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which carried human information and earth coordinates and flew out of the vast solar system. Now more than 40 years later, they still have not sent back any information about alien civilization.

In addition to sending voyager-1, scientists also sent radio waves to the universe to search for possible radio waves from alien civilizations. However, more than half a century later, there is still no evidence of the discovery and existence of alien civilizations. So some people began to wonder: does alien civilization not exist? Why can’t humans find alien civilizations?

In fact, with the continuous progress of human science and technology and the increasing knowledge of the universe, scientists have strengthened their information about the existence of alien civilization. Some scientists who suspected the existence of alien civilization in the past also began to believe that alien civilization exists. Although we don’t have any alien civilization yet, scientists have also put forward five possible conjectures about why human beings haven’t discovered alien civilization. Let’s understand them together.

1、 Scientists speculate that the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. Although the observable universe has reached 93 billion light-years, this range may only be the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe, or just a grain of dust in the universe. Just because the universe is too big, the distance between civilized planets will be very far.


It is possible that there is no alien civilization around the solar system at all, and even the entire galaxy may have only human civilization, so we cannot find alien civilization and communicate with each other due to the long distance. If this is the case, it will be very difficult for human beings to find alien civilization, unless we can get out of the galaxy or wait for alien civilization to come to earth. It is also possible that the earth is just in a “desert” zone in the universe, so it has not been discovered by other civilizations.

2、 Scientists speculate that the environment of the universe may make it difficult for life to continue to develop. We all know that the universe seems calm and safe, but in fact it is full of various crises. The galaxy where a living planet is located has the threat of asteroid impact, the threat of a big storm on a star, and the threat of expansion and destruction when a star reaches the end of its life.

The threat outside the galaxy is even greater. I believe many people have heard of gamma ray bursts. Gamma ray bursts are the most violent explosions in the universe. In theory, they are caused by the collapse and explosion of huge stars when they run out of fuel, or the merger of two neighboring compact stars (black holes or neutron stars). Gamma ray bursts can be as short as one thousandth of a second, or as long as several hours, releasing huge amounts of energy in a short period of time. If compared with the sun, the energy it releases in a few minutes is equivalent to the sum of trillions of years of sunlight, and the single photon energy it emits is usually hundreds of thousands of times of the typical sunlight.


Gamma ray bursts can be called the terminator of life, and its coverage can reach thousands of light years. If a gamma ray burst happens to occur in a certain area of the universe, then with the explosion as the center, life within thousands of light years will be destroyed. Even if the intelligent life observation within this range found gamma ray bursts, but without the speed of light flight technology, still can not escape, and finally can only be destroyed, the end of the whole civilization.

Gamma ray bursts are not rare disasters in the universe. On the contrary, they occur many times. If an intelligent civilization planet happens to be within the scope of an impending gamma ray storm, 90% of its fate is doomed. It is the existence of all kinds of cosmic disasters that makes it difficult for civilization in the universe to continue. Before it really became an interstellar civilization, it had been destroyed by all kinds of cosmic disasters.

3、 Scientists speculate that the life forms in the universe may be various, beyond our imagination and cognition. The life form of the earth in human cognition may be just one of the countless life forms in the universe. It is very difficult for different life forms to realize communication. For example, human beings are carbon based life, while there may be silicon-based life and civilization in the universe. There may also be mechanical civilization like artificial intelligence, no entity, energy life like ghosts, etc.

These different forms of life, their languages, forms of civilization, development direction, etc. may be very different. Human beings are based on the development of science and technology, and other alien civilizations may be based on other development directions, such as civilizations that develop their own potential through cultivation. The development of science and technology can make human beings stronger and stronger, become an interstellar civilization and crisscross the universe. Similarly, the ultimate goal of civilization in other directions is to explore the universe.


Different life forms and different directions of civilization development make it difficult for different civilizations to communicate with each other. We may not be able to touch or understand the radio messages sent by human beings. For two reasons, we may not be able to touch or understand the civilization messages sent by alien civilizations.

4、 Scientists speculate that we may live in a virtual world. Some scientists speculate that the universe we live in may be just a computer program, in which there is no program code of alien civilization, so we can’t find any alien civilization.

If it was put forward by some scientists before, it may be totally denied by people. But with the rapid development of human science and technology, especially the rapid development of computer and artificial intelligence, virtual imaging technology has begun to appear. In the future, human beings can also create a virtual world. People can enter the virtual world by wearing induction devices.


In the virtual world, we do not feel that it is a fake world, it is very similar to the real world. If human beings can realize such virtual technology in the future, so can advanced civilization. Maybe our present world or universe is a virtual game world designed by advanced civilization. All things in the world, including life, are just programs.

5、 Scientists speculate that the reason why human beings can’t discover alien civilization may be that alien civilizations think human civilization is too low and don’t want to contact us. In fact, there is still a great possibility of this conjecture. Imagine that if human beings become a powerful interstellar civilization in the future, master superluminal technology, wormhole shuttle technology, etc., and discover a civilization with very low technology, will we contact and communicate with them?

Some people may say that if they discover the existence of alien civilization, they will naturally contact and communicate with them. But in fact, it’s more likely not to make contact. The reason is that there is such a big gap in the level of civilization that human beings can’t look at them at all. Perhaps in the eyes of modern humans, they are very interested in alien civilization.

However, when human beings really enter the interstellar civilization and can crisscross the universe, the number of alien civilizations they see may be so large that we can’t imagine. It is possible that in the whole universe, the number of alien civilizations is more than several trillion. If there are so many alien civilizations, if human beings want to contact and communicate with each other, they will naturally choose those civilizations with the same strength or higher than human beings. For those very backward civilizations, which are similar to ants in front of human beings, naturally will not attract our attention.


In the same way, a strong alien civilization is the same as today’s earth civilization. In the eyes of alien civilization, we are just as weak as ants and will not arouse the slightest interest. If one day alien civilizations are interested in human beings, one reason is that human beings have become powerful and qualified to contact and communicate with them. Another reason is that the earth or the solar system has rich resources that the alien civilization needs. They are here to plunder and colonize the earth.

The above five are scientists’ five guesses that human beings can’t discover alien civilization. Whether they are correct or not, we don’t know now. But we can’t doubt the existence of alien civilization. In the final analysis, the strength of human beings is still too weak. We haven’t been out of the earth for a long time, and we haven’t been able to get out of the solar system. Even if there is an alien civilization in the nearest nearby galaxy, we will not be able to reach the exploration site.

Only when human science and technology become stronger and stronger and have the ability to walk out of the solar system, can alien civilization be discovered. When we can cross the Milky way, maybe the existence of alien civilization is not uncommon. Maybe at that time, mankind has established diplomacy with many alien civilizations, and the solar system and the earth may also become a gathering place of civilizations. We will see various forms of alien civilization in the solar system and the earth.


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