Why can’t human beings grow into a first-class civilization? Scientists have come up with five possible reasons

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Human is the only intelligent life on earth. Since its birth millions of years ago, after continuous evolution and development, it finally entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago. With the help of science and technology, human beings soon realized their dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, they really understand the vastness of the universe and the smallness of the earth. At the same time, we also understand that human science and technology is nothing in the face of the vast universe. At the same time, many scientists think of alien civilization. If alien civilizations exist, then their birth time and development time are naturally different from that of human civilization. Some civilizations may have been born tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years earlier than human civilization.


The huge gap in the development time of civilization will inevitably lead to a huge gap in the strength of civilization, so how to measure the strength of a civilization? According to the mode and scope of energy utilization, some scientists have put forward four levels of conjecture on the strength of cosmic civilization.

The first level civilization can use all the energy and resources of its parent star, the second level civilization can use all the energy of its parent galaxy, the third level civilization can use all the energy of its parent galaxy, and the last four level civilization can use the energy of the whole universe. There is a certain reason for this classification standard of cosmic civilization. According to this classification, human civilization can only be regarded as level 0.7 civilization, less than level 1 civilization.

Although human civilization is only 0.3 level away from the first level civilization, this small 0.3 level makes scientists feel that it is not so easy to break through. Human beings entered the era of science and technology 300 years ago and now upgrade to level 0.7, with an average of level 0.23 every 100 years. According to the normal development situation, it will take at least 100 years to upgrade to level 0.3. But scientists are not sure that human civilization can grow into a first-class civilization in a hundred years. Why? What are the reasons that hinder the rapid development of human civilization? In this regard, scientists put forward five possible reasons.

1、 The problem of the depletion of the earth’s resources, the earth is a very rich planet, and these resources are basically formed by the earth in billions of years, such as coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, their formation is closely related to several mass extinctions. It was the occurrence of five mass extinctions that allowed a large number of biological debris to reach the bottom of the earth or the sea. After a long time, various resources were formed.


Therefore, whether it is metal resources or coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, they are all non renewable resources. If you use them a little, they will not be used up. The development of human science and technology can not do without the support of these resources, if there is no resources, the development of science and technology will stagnate. If we do not have the ability and technology to exploit the resources in space before the earth’s resources are completely exhausted, then the problems facing mankind will be very serious and may never be upgraded to a first-class civilization.

2、 The breakthrough of controllable nuclear fusion is the key. In fact, the development of science and technology is also the continuous upgrading of energy, and the degree of development of science and technology also determines the upgrading of civilization. Therefore, the breakthrough of energy is also the key to the breakthrough of civilization strength. The basic use of human science and technology is chemical energy, whether it is daily industrial production or space exploration, it is chemical energy.

However, at present, chemical energy has been brought into full play by human beings, and it is very difficult to go further. Take rocket launching for example, the energy intensity of liquid fuel used has been difficult to be further improved, so the payload and speed of rocket have basically reached the peak. In order to achieve faster and more efficient rocket energy and speed, we can only rely on stronger energy, which is the controllable nuclear fusion technology that has been studied for more than half a century.


As we all know, with the development of human science and technology, the most powerful energy is nuclear energy. However, although this kind of energy is powerful, it is very dangerous. At present, we can only use its nuclear fission mode. This mode not only has the generation of nuclear radiation, but also is not very stable. If it is not fixed, nuclear leakage will occur, which is very dangerous. So the scope of nuclear power application is very limited.

Another mode of nuclear energy is nuclear fusion. The combustion of a star is produced by nuclear fusion in its interior. This is a very powerful energy, and the nuclear energy is more stable and cleaner. It can be said that it is a very clean energy. Its combustion will not produce nuclear radiation, and there will be no other pollution. More importantly, the fuel required for nuclear fusion is very common.

Although controllable nuclear fusion energy is very powerful and good, it is very difficult to master it. Scientists began to study and explore it as early as 50 years ago, but it is still very far away from the real realization of controllable nuclear fusion, and it may not be possible to give us another hundred years. And controllable nuclear fusion technology is the key to human civilization, because it can let human really enter the space age.

3、 The breakthrough of materials, many aspects of science and technology, want to achieve a qualitative breakthrough, are inseparable from the breakthrough of materials. Take the controllable nuclear fusion technology just introduced. An important problem is that the materials can not make a major breakthrough. If controllable fusion wants to happen successfully, it needs a very high temperature, and the current high temperature resistant materials can not withstand the temperature of nuclear fusion.


Therefore, it is difficult to make a major breakthrough in materials and controllable nuclear fusion. Moreover, when human beings go into space for exploration, they need stronger materials to make spaceships. If the strength of spaceships is not enough, they will not be able to defend against the space garbage impact and space meteorite impact that will appear at any time in the universe. With the current strength of human spaceship, a small space garbage can make the spaceship seriously damaged.

Therefore, materials are very important, but the upper limit of human chemical materials is carbon nanotubes. Although the strength of this material is strong, it is far less than the requirements of spaceships and other important scientific fields. However, it is very difficult to break through the upper limit of carbon nanotube materials and develop new and stronger materials with the current human science and technology. Our material science is now in an embarrassing situation that is difficult to break through.

4、 The breakthrough of artificial intelligence, the computer is the greatest invention of mankind after entering the era of science and technology, it is with the breakthrough and help of computer, human science and technology in various fields can continue to obtain rapid breakthroughs, can have the present scientific achievements. But the current computer application has been unable to meet the development of human beings, and the next step of computer development is to develop in the direction of artificial intelligence.


The strength of artificial intelligence is that it can learn by itself and break through itself by constantly absorbing all kinds of information on the Internet. It is no longer a completely cold machine. The power of artificial intelligence is far beyond our imagination. In the future, it can help human beings achieve faster development in various fields, and even participate in many human scientific research fields.

It’s not easy for artificial intelligence to make a real breakthrough. Although artificial intelligence is a very lively topic and many so-called artificial intelligence products have appeared, these artificial intelligence are not of the same order of magnitude as real artificial intelligence. At present, our artificial intelligence is just pseudo artificial intelligence, but to realize real artificial intelligence, At the current rate of human development, it may take at least 50 years.

5、 With the breakthrough of genetics, after entering the era of science and technology, scientists have invested a lot in the research of biogenesis. Genetics is directly related to the evolution and development of human beings. Although human beings are the overlord of the earth and the intelligent life at the top of the food chain, we all know that human beings have a weak physical quality besides an intelligent brain. We can’t defend many bacteria and viruses on the earth. On the contrary, those animals or other creatures are stronger The ability of immunity and defense.

For example, an invisible water bear can survive in various extreme environments, and can also survive and lay eggs in space without any protection. In the space environment, human beings will still be affected by the cosmic radiation and microgravity environment if they put on all kinds of protection, which will cause all kinds of body problems.


Finally, human life is not long, and there are a variety of diseases that can threaten life. It can be seen that the physical fitness of human beings is really weak among many creatures, and such physical fitness is far from being able to meet the needs of human space exploration in the future. We should know that in the future, the real development place of human beings is space. At that time, many people have to stay in space for a long time to work and explore. If they don’t have a strong body that can defend against all kinds of risks in the universe, they can’t do it at all.

To make human beings have a stronger body, it is possible to rely on genetic modification and editing. The core mystery of human body is gene. As long as we have cracked all the gene codes of human body, we can develop a kind of gene medicine according to human conditions, and then strengthen our body. At that time, we will be able to have a healthy body, and we will not be afraid of cosmic radiation and cosmic microgravity.

At the same time, the rapid development of genetics can also make the life span of human beings continue to grow. It is possible that in the future, the average life span of human beings can reach hundreds or thousands of years. Although the development of genetics can bring us great benefits, it is also the most difficult subject to break through. We should know that life itself is the most complex and mysterious thing among the many things of the birth of the universe. It is not easy to uncover the secret code of life. It is far more difficult than other disciplines.


No matter how difficult it is for human beings to march towards the first level civilization, as long as human beings can unite and strive to overcome difficulties one by one, we believe that we will be able to enter the first level civilization in a short time. At that time, human beings really entered the space age, and the first-class civilization was only the lowest level in the interstellar civilization of the universe. In order to truly realize the dream of exploring the universe, we still need to constantly upgrade to the highest fourth class civilization.

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