Why can’t human beings live forever? Scientist: humans are just working for genes

The earth is a beautiful planet of life. In addition to intelligent life, there are millions of creatures. Whether it’s simple life, complex life or intelligent life like human beings, one of the most basic natural laws we need to abide by is birth, aging, illness and death.

The life span of different organisms is different. Some organisms can live for hundreds of years or more, while others are very short, only a few days. The life span of human beings in the biological world is only medium, not short, not too long. Other creatures can safely abide by the law of birth, aging, illness and death, and can safely leave the world when they have reached their life span.

However, due to the wisdom of human life, nature is not reconciled to only so short a few decades, so since ancient times, human beings have been struggling to find a way to live forever. Many ancient emperors, such as Qin Shihuang and Li Shimin, searched for immortality by various means in their later years. Unfortunately, they all failed in the end.


Maybe many people think that immortality is always just a dream, which is obviously impossible from the perspective of science. Therefore, in the age of science, we will not study the method of immortality. Is this really the case? If you think so, it’s a big mistake. When human beings enter the era of science and technology, the research on immortality is not reduced, but is getting higher and higher.

In the eyes of scientists, everything in the universe is inseparable from science and can be explained by science. The birth, aging, illness and death of life is also a scientific law. As long as we have solved the mystery of life, it is possible to achieve immortality.

To achieve immortality, we must first understand the mystery behind life and death. We must understand why human beings have life and death instead of achieving immortality? Only by understanding the mystery behind, can we carry on the next step of research and exploration, and finally achieve immortality through science.


So what’s going on in human life, aging and death? What factors determine it? Through continuous research, scientists have found that human aging is caused by the constant loss of microstructure in the body, such as telomere shortening, stem cell depletion, mitochondrial dysfunction wait.

Under the influence of these factors, from the day of birth, human beings will continue to consume all kinds of potential of the body, all kinds of diseases continue to appear, aging and finally death. Knowing this, does it mean that we can achieve immortality as long as we solve these factors that affect life span?

In theory, it is true that the above consumption of life expectancy is not irreparable. Let’s take telomere shortening as an example. Telomere is a small DNA protein complex at the end of linear chromosome in eukaryotic cells. Together with telomere binding protein, it forms a special “cap” structure, which is used to maintain the integrity of chromosome and control cell division cycle.


Telomere is like a cap to protect DNA. Every time a cell divides, it shortens a bit. When telomeres are shortened to a certain extent, the protective cap of DNA is gone, and cells will no longer divide. Without the constant renewal of new cells, the human body will quickly enter the aging stage.

Is telomere shortening irreversible? Of course not. Scientists have found that telomerase, which can synthesize telomeres, exists in some special cells in the human body. But telomerase does not exist in normal cells, which puzzles scientists. Why?

We should know that the human body is a very complex life structure, in which there are many mechanisms to manage our body functions. The human body itself has a very strong self-healing ability, which can prevent us from diseases and aging. In a sense, the strong repair ability of the human body can make us immortal.


But the reality is that our body just doesn’t do it. For example, telomere can be synthesized by telomerase in some special cells in the human body. If telomerase is also found in ordinary cells, the problem of telomere shortening will not exist, and the protective cap of DNA will not disappear. Cells can divide all the time.

Why don’t our bodies do this when they have a strong ability to repair? Who controls all this? Through research, scientists have finally found the guy behind it, which is the gene hidden in the human body. It’s genes that determine all this. It allows the repair mechanism in the body to repair without limitation, so that human beings can’t achieve immortality.

In a sense, human beings are just genetic workers. All life on the earth are biological individuals created by their own genes. Gene is the maker of life survival strategy and the rule of life form, while biological individual is only an executor and has no decision-making power.


We can’t decide how long we can live or what kind of life form we can have. It’s all determined by genes. We just need to accept the rules and orders of genes to strictly implement them. If individual organisms don’t implement them, they will be extinct.

So why do genes do this? Isn’t eternal life fragrant? Maybe immortality is very attractive to human beings, but for genes, immortality is a huge shackle. The purpose of gene is very simple, that is to maximize their survival opportunities, and let the gene level continue to improve.

We need to understand that human genes are different from those of other organisms. Human genes are more advanced than those of other organisms. That’s why we have become intelligent life. Genes need two ways to maximize their chances of survival and upgrade to a higher level gene.


One is to increase the life cycle and number of individuals as much as possible, so when genes create biological individuals, they must have the ability to reproduce. Reproduction has two advantages, one is that it can increase the number of its own population, the other is that the population can use gene mutation to adapt to the changing natural environment in the process of reproduction.

But we have to face the cruel fact that the resources of nature are limited. If a species does not die, through continuous reproduction, it will not be long before the species will be inundated, and the natural resources can not meet the needs of survival, and the final result is extinction.

When an organism goes extinct, the gene will disappear naturally. In order to avoid this situation, genes shield the organism from a lot of powerful repair ability, and give the organism the law of life and death. Let some of them die out, so that resources can meet the survival of life.


So which individuals should be allowed to die? Of course, those who are old, if the organism is compared to a biological machine, then the operation of the machine needs maintenance. The longer a machine is used, the higher the cost of maintenance. For biological individuals, the cost of maintenance is the consumption of resources.

Therefore, it is a very wise choice for genes to let the longer used biological individuals die out. If the second gene wants to upgrade and become a more advanced gene, it needs continuous mutation evolution. The faster the mutation speed, the higher the possibility of becoming a more advanced gene.

If the organism is immortal, the gene exchange of individual organism will slow down, and the frequency of mutation will be greatly reduced, which is not conducive to the evolution of gene. In this case, the boss of gene is naturally willing to use his own privileges to limit the change of any obstacle in the way of its evolution.


So can human beings be the masters of the country and the boss of genes in the future? The answer is yes. No matter how powerful genes are, they are also products of nature’s rules. It is the laws of nature that determine the laws of genes. In other words, nature is the boss of genes, and everything in nature is within the scope of science. Science is the real boss of nature.

Human beings have embarked on the road of scientific development, that is, they are constantly mastering the mysteries of science. When we master science, we will become the boss of nature, and genes are the workers of human beings. At that time, we can change the gene to let go of the powerful repair mechanism in the human body, so that we can achieve real immortality.

Of course, this road is not easy to follow. If human beings want to master genes and make them work for us, they need to make continuous efforts to research and develop science. Only when science is powerful enough, can we hope that genes can really serve us and make human beings live forever. Of course, the road to immortality, for human civilization is good or bad, that is another topic, friends can express their views and opinions.


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