Why can’t human beings live forever? The answer given by scientists makes people suddenly realize

In millions of years, human beings have evolved from primitive life to intelligent life. It has to be said that this is a miracle of life, and it also shows that human beings are the panger of God. However, any life can not escape the rule of life, that is, the reincarnation of life and death. No matter you are a low-level life or an intelligent high-level life, you can not escape the fate of death. The only difference is the length of life.

Human beings are the overlord of the earth. Now they can go out of the earth and explore the universe, but the life span of human beings is not long, and it is only about 100 years. In ancient times, some Emperors tried to challenge the law of life, try to break the shackles of life, and make themselves immortal. As a result, each of these emperors had his own magic power. Qin Shihuang sent people overseas to look for elixirs for immortality, while Li Shimin sent Taoist priests to refine elixirs for him. They all dreamed of immortality. In the end, they all failed and were finally taken away by death.

In modern times, with the great development of science and technology and the powerful power of science, people have rekindled the dream of immortality. Naturally, scientists also want to challenge the mystery of life. If we can achieve this goal through science and technology, human life expectancy will be greatly increased, even immortality. So can humans really live forever? Scientists believe that this is impossible. Human beings can greatly increase their life expectancy through genetic technology, but they can not achieve immortality. Why?


To answer this question, we need to go into the micro world of cells. There are countless cells in the human body, and these cells have a life span. Over a certain period of time, cells will age and die. In order to maintain the normal physiological function of the human body, cells will continue to divide and renew. New born cells will replace the old cells that die of aging, and these old cells will be decomposed by the liver, or swallowed by larger cells.

But there is a problem in the process of cell division. There is a “telomere” at the end of the chromosome, which is the carrier of genetic material and is very important for the integrity and stability of the chromosome. Every time a cell divides, telomere will lose a little, which leads to the telomere becoming shorter and shorter, the stability of the chromosome decreasing, and the performance of the new cells dividing out is getting worse and worse, so people will be hurt Aging, life, death.

However, there is a special kind of cell, that is, cancer cells, which can divide indefinitely. The reason is that there is a “telomerase” in cancer cells, which can synthesize telomere DNA sequence through subtle mechanism and add it to the end of chromosome. In this way, during cell division, the chromosome can maintain its original length and stability, so it can divide indefinitely. In fact, telomerase also exists in normal human cells, but they only exist in hematopoietic stem cells and germ cells, not in normal somatic cells.

If we can add telomerase to cells, can we make them divide indefinitely? The theory is correct, but in the actual experiment, we found that telomerase can make cells divide continuously, but it can’t guarantee orderly division. That is to say, once telomerase is added to cells, although it can effectively increase the life span, the risk of cancer will also be greatly increased.


Of course, the above is only a preliminary understanding of human cells. The factors that affect human life span are certainly not only cells. We know that human body is a very complex and mysterious structure, and we know very little about ourselves. Even if we find a solution to the problem of telomerase in cells in the future, it may increase human life span greatly, but we still can’t To achieve immortality, genetic technology can only increase human life expectancy, but can not achieve immortality.

Scientists found that genetic technology could not make human beings immortal, so they opened up a new path and prepared to take another scientific and technological path. I still remember that in 2012, at the International Conference of the world in 2045, the Russian media had put forward an immortal plan, also known as the avatar plan. The plan is to transplant the human mind into the machine body in order to achieve immortality.

So is the plan feasible? Theoretically, it can, but it will be very difficult to realize. What is the most complex and mysterious organ in the human body? That must be the brain, and the reason why people can call it intelligent life is because of the existence of human memory, thinking and consciousness, which are the root of human beings, especially thinking and consciousness. The reason why people are different is that people have different memory, thinking and consciousness.


The immortality plan put forward by scientists is to digitize human memory, thinking and consciousness, which can be downloaded like computer data, and then transferred to the machine body. The robot body has many advantages over the human body, with a longer life span. Which parts are aging and can be replaced at any time, but the thinking and consciousness will not die, and people will live forever Going is just another kind of existence.

Maybe many people can’t accept this kind of robot body. If so, is it still a pure human? It’s more appropriate to call it mechanical life, just like the Autobot in the transformers movie. This idea is very good, but the human mind and consciousness are more complex and mysterious. With the current human technology, we can’t crack them, let alone try to digitize them.

Although the end of science is theology, no one knows how powerful science and technology will be when it reaches the end, it will take a very long time. Perhaps the alternative immortality that human beings want to achieve can be realized, and it may also need human science and technology to develop for tens of thousands of years or more before it can be realized. What we can do now is to use some scientific technology to let people live forever The life span of human beings is increasing. I believe many people will not dream of immortality. They just hope to live for hundreds of years.

Guys, do you want to live forever? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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