Why can’t humans escape death? After listening to the answer of the scientist, I suddenly realized

Life is the most unimaginable thing born since the big bang. If the birth of stars, planets and other celestial bodies is due to the transformation of energy generated in the big bang, then what and how does life come from? Energy transforms matter. Einstein’s mass energy equation has told us that we can do it. But there is no scientific theory to explain the birth and appearance of life.

Although we all know that the first life was some single cell life, and then slowly evolved into complex life, and finally gave birth to intelligent life like human beings, how did the first single cell life transform? Although we don’t know how life is transformed and evolved, we know that there is a basic law of life, that is, life and death.

Any life from the day of birth, the future can not escape the fate of death. Although human beings are the overlord of the earth and intelligent life, they can not escape the fate of death. Many people may ask: why can’t humans escape death? What is the mystery of death? Let’s listen to the answer of scientists.


The desire of human beings to live forever has existed since ancient times. In ancient times, some emperors wanted to get rid of the fate of death and achieve immortality, so they tried various methods, such as searching for elixir of immortality and refining elixir of immortality. But the final result was failure, and the emperors could not avoid the fate of death. Therefore, people’s life from the day of birth, no matter how brilliant in the growth process, how cattle, how status, how rich, and ultimately you can take only their own body.

So can’t human beings live forever? Where is the secret of death? With the development of science and technology, people begin to understand the world and everything in the world. Many puzzles in the past have been solved one by one by science. And the mystery of life death is also a goal that scientists focus on.

Through the research of scientists, it is found that the main reason why human beings die is that organs begin to age from the day of birth. When organs slowly age, human beings are also dying step by step. So why do organs age? Scientists through the micro field of research found that it is because the metabolism of cells is constantly weakening.

As we all know, our world has a macro world and a micro world. Objects in the macro world are composed of countless micro particles. Many phenomena that are difficult to explain in the macro world can be found in the micro world. For example, the increase and decrease of humidity is caused by the different intensity of molecular activities in the micro field.


In the same way, the constant aging of organs can also be found in the micro field. Scientists have found that the human body is actually composed of countless cells, and these cells are updated every day. The old cells are constantly replaced by new cells. This is what we usually call metabolism. Originally, the replacement of aging cells by new cells should be able to make the organs healthier, OK The real situation is that the ability of cell division will continue to decline in a division.

The slow rate of cell division and regeneration leads to the aging of organs, which is the mystery of human death from the micro field. But later, through continued research and exploration, scientists found that things were not as simple as we thought. There were other reasons for the mystery of human death. Although scientists know that the slowing down of cell division is the cause of organ aging, a new question is why the cell division is slowing down?

Scientists have found that there is a kind of cell whose division speed will not slow down at all, but will continue to increase. This kind of cell is the cancer cell that makes human talk about color change. The division of cancer cells will not slow down again and again, and sometimes it will continue to accelerate. Why? Why is there such a big difference in the speed of division between normal cells and cancer cells?


To understand this problem, we need to go into a more detailed field, into the cell interior. Through the exploration and research of scientists, we finally found the culprit, which is the small telomere at the end of the chromosome. Telomere is a small DNA protein complex at the end of linear chromosome in eukaryotic cells. Together with telomere binding protein, it forms a special “cap” structure, which is used to maintain the integrity of chromosome and control cell division cycle.

Through research, scientists have found that the telomere is getting shorter and shorter every time a cell divides, so the newly born cells seem to have no problems, but the activity of new cells is decreasing, natural organs are aging, and human beings are dying step by step.

Through hard work, scientists have finally found the core secret of human death, that is, the telomere, whose shortening will make human organs aging and eventually die. If we find the root of human death, can we significantly increase human life span and even achieve immortality by changing the speed of telomere shortening or even making it no longer shorter?

Although scientists are not sure whether telomere is the only cause of human life expectancy and death, there should be no problem if telomere shortening can be slowed down and human life expectancy can be greatly increased. But the idea is beautiful, but it is very difficult to realize. One of the biggest mysteries of the human body is the brain, and the other is the human gene.


Gene is equivalent to those complicated programs in computer, and its complexity is tens of thousands, tens of thousands of times that of computer software. It can be said that if human beings can completely crack the human genetic code, the mystery of life will be basically solved. At that time, human beings may become more advanced life. Although the genes of other organisms are different from those of human beings, the fundamental secret of genes is almost the same. If we break the gene code of human beings, we will basically break the gene code of other life.

Genes are so complex that it is difficult to decipher them. It is very difficult for human beings to change telomeres and make them shorter, slower or even no longer shorter. Scientists have found that only cancer cells in the process of division, telomeres will not become short, so cancer cells will be so strong, constantly destroying the normal cells and tissues of the human body.

Scientists have finally found the decisive factor that affects human life span, but we can’t do anything about it with the current human technology. However, science is constantly moving forward, and the power of science and technology is also powerful. I believe that only through continuous research by scientists, one day we can find a way to inhibit the shortening speed of telomeres. At that time, human life expectancy may be greatly increased.


In fact, human life expectancy has been increasing since ancient times. One reason is that people’s living standards are getting better and better, and the other is that human medicine is constantly improving. After entering the era of science and technology, human life is also increasing with the progress of science and technology. In the future, although human beings can not achieve immortality, it is possible to live for hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of years. We are looking forward to this day.

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