Why can’t humans find aliens? The reason is that humans are aliens after death?

Everyone has their own opinions on the theory of human death. We all know that people can’t come back to life after death, but no one knows where they go after death, what they are like after death, and what they become. If the body is destroyed, what about our soul? Whether to go to heaven or hell, or to a mysterious world.


Recently, Xiao Bian heard a wonderful idea. That’s people’s guess that after humans die, they are aliens. Although this conjecture is unconvincing, it seems to have some truth. After death, the consciousness and the body are separated, and the body is destroyed. The consciousness may stay and enter a higher level, that is, the high level universe. However, all this is just people’s guess.

Human death is alien


Scientists have boldly speculated that after death, people will drift into a higher level of space, or enter a tunnel similar to time. Although the human body can not freely switch between the two dimensions, it is feasible for the human consciousness or soul to realize this. So it’s not unreasonable to speculate that humans are aliens after death.


But this thing is only speculation, which is also the most difficult problem for scientists to solve. Truth is always found under the premise of conjecture, but it is very difficult to prove whether it really exists. There is nothing we can do about it. It’s just like scientists say that the soul is a real existence, but it’s just like immortality. It’s hard to know what form it exists in and why it can’t transmit information to the world.

The soul after death will enter a higher level of space


In the fire of death, the body is destroyed. But its consciousness will not be destroyed, consciousness is eternal, but it will continue to exist in another form after death, which is the soul.


What is the soul like after death? Is it illusory or real? I’m afraid no one can make this clear. After all, people who have died can no longer transmit any information to the outside world. Maybe this is the rule that human beings continue to exist in another space after death.

We can imagine that people continue to exist in the form of soul after death. Scientists have said that higher dimensional space may be a black hole, but we all know that nothing can pass through a black hole, which will crush human body in another dimension. But what the human body can’t achieve, maybe the soul can achieve, because the soul is a kind of consciousness, there is no specific way of existence, is able to smoothly reach the unknown world of black hole. The idea that humans are aliens after death is just people’s conjecture about aliens.


Consciousness exists forever


From ancient times to the present, people have been looking for ways to live forever. But we all know that human beings will grow old with the passage of time, and death is inevitable sooner or later. Maybe we can delay the time of death, but the human body can’t live forever. But consciousness may live forever.

Scientific research has shown that after the death of human body, brain waves still exist normally. This statement has been confirmed in the experiment. It is said that this experiment was carried out on a person who died for three days. During the three days, scientists continuously received brain waves, translated them into words, and displayed the thoughts of the person after death through the computer.


In this way, even if the body is gone, it is possible that consciousness still exists and lasts forever.


Since it is speculated that human consciousness may enter into a higher dimensional space after death, there will naturally be aliens in that space. Maybe aliens are what human beings become after death, and they are concentrated in that mysterious dimension.

However, this statement has yet to be verified. What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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