Why can’t humans sense the rotation of the earth? There are six phenomena in life

We all know that the earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and it is also the only planet with intelligent life. For the earth, due to the limitation of science and technology, ancient people could not understand why there were night and day every day. Ancient people thought that the sun revolved around the earth. With the continuous development of human civilization, people know more about the universe.

Now we all know that the sun is a star, it is not moving, the earth revolves around the sun, the earth is still in high-speed rotation, although we all know that the earth is rotating, but many people do not understand, why we can not perceive the earth’s rotation? In fact, the reason is not complicated. That is because the earth is rotating at a constant speed. Due to the effect of gravity, we and all other things are rotating at the same constant speed as the earth. Naturally, we can’t feel the earth’s rotation. If the earth suddenly stops or accelerates or decelerates, you can feel the earth’s rotation. Of course, this is not true Maybe, if the rotation speed of the earth really breaks through, it will bring disaster to the earth.

In fact, this situation is the same as when you are sitting on a train moving at a constant speed and you can’t feel the train moving. Only when the speed changes suddenly can you feel its movement. Although we can’t feel the rotation of the earth, we can reflect the rotation of the earth through some phenomena in our life. Moreover, there are many things that can reflect the rotation of the earth. Here we only list six common phenomena.

1、 Alternation of day and night


24 hours a day, day and night, this is the most can reflect the earth’s rotation phenomenon of a law, if the earth does not rotate phenomenon, is stationary. Those will not have day and night, the earth will be divided into two parts, half day, half night, will never change, there will be no alternation of day and night.

2、 Vortex phenomenon of water flow

I believe many friends have had such an experience: when you take a bath in the bathroom, you pull out the plug under the bathtub to drain water, and you will find that the water will whirlpool and rotate in a fixed direction. Similarly, when the reservoir discharges water, the water vortex also rotates in this way. In fact, this is because the deflection force formed by the earth’s rotation is tens of millions, which is equivalent to the centripetal force. In the case of passing through, the northern hemisphere rotates counterclockwise and the southern hemisphere rotates clockwise.

3、 Cloud disk rotation in typhoons and hurricanes

There are many typhoons this year. I believe friends in coastal areas have a deep feeling. The typhoon Shanzhu, which just passed some time ago, is the strongest typhoon this year, causing heavy losses to many areas in the south. Some netizens joked: this year, it is a typhoon.


If you have observed typhoons and hurricanes, or from satellite cloud images, you will find that these typhoons and hurricanes also show rotation. They usually rotate clockwise in the north and South spheres and counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere. This is actually the effect of the bias force produced by the earth’s rotation on the atmospheric circulation.

4、 The phenomenon of stars rising in the East and falling in the West

If you look at the sky at night, you will find that the stars appear in different positions at different times. The overall trend is from east to west. If you don’t pay much attention to the stars, you can see the moon. It’s obvious that at different times, it’s in different positions and the direction is from east to west. In the daytime, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This is also caused by the rotation of the earth from west to East.

5、 Rail and road wear


Railway is very common now, but few people will observe the wear and tear of railway tracks. Generally, without external effect, the wear and tear of railway tracks and road surface is more severe on one side, the wear and tear of north-south direction is usually more severe on the east side, the wear and tear of East-West direction is more severe on the south side in the northern hemisphere, and the wear and tear is more severe on the north side in the southern hemisphere .

6、 If you carefully observe the banks on both sides of the river in the field, you will find that the banks in the south are often scoured severely, and some garbage and other floating objects tend to gather in the south, which is also caused by the earth’s rotation bias force. If it is in the southern hemisphere, then these phenomena will be reflected in the north of the river bank.

Although we can’t feel the rotation of the earth, there are many phenomena on the earth and in our life that can show the rotation of the earth. As long as you observe and think carefully, you will find many of these phenomena. It is the rotation of the earth that makes it a planet and gives birth to life. Moreover, the rotation of the earth can not be easily changed. Once it is stabilized, the rotation speed will not be easily changed. Once it is changed, it indicates that it may be affected by external forces of the universe, such as asteroid impact.

Therefore, the slight change of the earth’s rotation speed may bring disaster to the earth. Guys, what phenomena have you found that can show the rotation of the earth? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss.

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