Why can’t people live in a murderous house? The real case of death in a murderous house has been exposed

The so-called ghost house generally refers to the house where people die. Many people think that ghosts in the places where people die will also live here and try to kill people in the sun so that they can reincarnate.

That’s why people can’t live in ghost houses. No one wants to sleep where the dead have slept. Many real cases of people dying in ghost houses have been circulated on the Internet, but most of them are legends. I don’t know whether they are true or false.


No one is allowed to live in the haunted house. A haunted house is a house where people die. If there is no other reason, this alone has dispelled many people’s desire to buy haunted houses. After all, no one wants to sleep where the dead have slept.

What’s more chilling is that this person may not leave home after his death, but still live here as a spiritual person. Of course, these are folklores, but for ordinary people, they will not buy such a haunted house. Whether in novels or movies, the houses where people die will be regarded as places of terror.

If you look at these things more, you will become suspicious. These haunted houses may really be no surprise, but when you know that the people here are dead, you will become very uncomfortable. There will be things that make you nervous and disrupt your life.


This is the main reason why haunted houses can’t live. After all, ghosts are just legends, and the real cases of people dying in online ghost houses are also rumors. It’s really scary to scare yourself.

Ghost house legend 1:


A long time ago, there was such a legend that three people were not afraid of ghosts. They went up to watch and were bored when they were idle. They played dragon picking. When one of them was touching the card, he found a hairy hand and was afraid of lying, so he slipped away.

The remaining two played the last card, and one of them found a woman’s little hand in her armpit and ran away in fear. At the end of the day, there was only the man who had played seven rounds. Then, suddenly, a hairy hand and a woman’s hand reached to the left and right sides of the room, and they jumped downstairs.

Ghost house legend 2:


A house in Qiaotou Yingchun community should be 9 buildings in Jinzhou. So far, only a few families live in this building. In Wenzhou, where the real estate market is booming, only a few families live in one building. Do you think it’s strange?

It is said that a construction worker was hanged in the building before it was completed, and no one remained in it after it was delivered. One night, the security guard in the community found someone climbing down a rope on the top floor of the building. It was supposed to be a thief, so he called his colleague on his walkie talkie.


Then a strange thing happened. The man disappeared. Four community security guards lit up the whole building with flashlights, but they didn’t find any trace. It’s been happening for years. No one moved into the building. Even the entrance to the corridor was blocked by an iron gate. I don’t know if there are ghosts, but when I pass by at night, I always feel creepy.

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