Why can’t the bodies of astronauts killed in space be brought back to earth? There was silence after watching it

Since the exploration of the universe, a glorious career has been born: astronaut. The first astronaut to go to space was Gagarin of the former Soviet Union. Later, the American astronauts went to the moon. Since the international space station, the number of astronauts going to space has increased.

People admire and adore astronauts, but not everyone can do it. The selection of astronauts is very strict. In addition to reaching the physical standard, the psychological quality, ideological and moral qualities must be qualified. Moreover, astronauts are basically married. For female astronauts, they are also required to be married and have children.

It is precisely because the selection of astronauts requires strong comprehensive quality and other conditions, so those who can become astronauts are one in a million. It is a glorious career, carrying the human dream and exploration of space. However, unlike on earth, space is full of various risks. Space radiation, weightlessness environment and other space garbage can cause danger to astronauts.

A lot of people are curious, people have life and death, life is bound to die, human death on earth, either buried, or cremated. So if an astronaut is killed in space, should his body be returned to earth for treatment?


For this problem, we can understand that there are regulations. After an astronaut dies in outer space, the body is not allowed to be brought back to earth, but to be disposed of in outer space. This is mainly because human’s understanding of space is still very limited. There are various kinds of radiation in space. Once the body of an astronaut is exposed in space after his death, it will rot much faster than on earth, and it is not known whether it will carry unknown viruses.

Therefore, the bodies of the dead astronauts can not be transported back to the earth because they are afraid of bringing unknown risks to the earth, especially space viruses. So what about the bodies of astronauts? Generally, there are two ways to deal with it. The most common way is freezing burial. The robot arm makes the body float in a large sealed bag outside the cabin. After a period of time, the body is completely frozen. Then the robot arm vibrates strongly, and the body inside will become millions of pieces. These pieces will be compressed and buried on Mars or other planets.

It’s estimated that many people will be silent when they see this. It’s really not easy for astronauts. Another way to deal with it is to bury astronauts on Mars. In the future, if astronauts are killed on Mars one day, they can be buried on Mars with robots. No matter which way to deal with it, the bodies will not be brought back to earth. This is also a kind of protection measure for the earth.

Up to now, 21 astronauts have died in space, but many of them were killed in early space missions. At that time, human beings had just started space exploration, and their understanding of space, various technologies and equipment were relatively backward. However, with the continuous progress of space technology, fewer and fewer astronauts were killed in space.


In order to reduce the risk of astronauts in space, the main thing is that the aircraft and spacesuits should be more and more advanced. Spacesuits are the first guarantee for astronauts. Working in the space environment, radiation protection, decompression, breathing and a series of other problems all depend on spacesuits, especially for the radiation of space. The quality of spacesuits directly affects the health and safety of astronauts.

Although our current space suits have been greatly improved compared with the past, they are far from enough. Only when we design a light space suit that can resist all kinds of radiation in space can we be regarded as a real space suit. Just like those close fitting space suits in some science fiction novels and movies, we need to fight hard.

Spaceship is the most important safety guarantee for astronauts to survive in space. Whether it’s space exploration or return to earth, we can’t do without spaceship. Our current spaceship is not a spaceship. It can only be said that it is a kind of flight cabin with small internal space and weightlessness.

If people are still weightless in a spaceship, and they have to walk and work in astronauts’ clothes, it is very difficult for human beings to really explore the universe. Only if there is a gravity system inside the spaceship, can people work as if they are on earth. This time also represents human civilization Ming really entered the interstellar civilization. I believe this day will not be too far away.


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