Why can’t the dead astronaut be brought back to earth? The reason is this

Since the day when human beings first entered space, human beings have officially entered a new chapter in exploring the universe. Space is mysterious to us. It is particularly interesting to explore and solve the mystery. There are many unknowns in the universe, so we need to make constant assumptions, reasoning and exploration to find out the truth.

People are yearning for space, but with our current space technology, it is very difficult to send ordinary people to space. If you want to go to space, first of all, you have to be physically strong and have to undergo special training. Only when you have a strong physical fitness can you have the opportunity to enter space.

You don’t want to be beautiful in space. If you go into space, you will see a lot of darkness. The only thing you can see is the beautiful earth and other stars illuminated by the sun. Except for these light spots, other places are all black. Just like at night, you can see thousands of lights, but the surrounding environment is dark.


Space is dangerous. There are many dangerous factors in space that we can’t estimate. It’s not easy for astronauts to survive in space. They need to be very careful. Earlier, the Soviet Union launched the Soyuz 11 spacecraft because of the valve leakage, resulting in the death of three astronauts in space. It can be seen that even a slight mistake will lead to the death of astronauts. The environment in space is not as stable as that on earth.

How will the bodies of astronauts be disposed of after they are killed? Will it be taken back to earth for burial or will it float in space?

If the corpse is left in space and allowed to drift at will, it is the simplest and fastest way to deal with it. However, this way of dealing with it, on the one hand, produces space garbage, which will bury hidden dangers, and on the other hand, it shows disrespect for the dead. Therefore, it is impossible to let the corpse float in space.


Another way to deal with it is to put the body in a low temperature environment, such as an air chamber, and then other spaceships will transport the body back. This method looks good, but it is also very difficult to implement. There are a lot of rays in the universe, and many of them have strong penetrating ability. Putting the corpse in the air chamber can not avoid the damage of rays to the corpse, and the corpse will rot quickly.

Although there is no good way to deal with the dead astronauts’ bodies, with the progress of science and technology and the continuous progress of human spaceship technology, there will be better solutions in the future. In fact, the best way to deal with corpses is to freeze them. In some science fiction movies, there are such freezers in those spaceships. Not only can living people rest in them to slow down their metabolism and live longer, but also they can put corpses in them and freeze them without rotting.

In the future, human spaceships can also achieve this condition. In fact, this is not a very difficult technology. It is very easy on the ground, but in space, spaceships are the first. If there is no large spaceship, the space is small, and there is no place for the freezer. If in the future human beings can also build thousands or tens of thousands of meters of spaceships, I believe that the way to deal with the corpses of astronauts will be very simple.


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