Why can’t the earth be drilled through? It turns out that the consequences are more serious than we thought

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. In fact, human beings do not know much about their own home. In ancient times, due to the lack of science and technology, people only knew that we lived in a vast world, but they didn’t know the true face of the world. If you go back to ancient times and tell the ancient people that the world we lived in is a sphere, and we live on the surface of the sphere, I believe the ancient people will catch you as a madman.

However, with the advent of science and technology, human beings began to have a new understanding of the world. Only after human beings finally stepped out of the earth with the help of science and technology, did we know that the earth is really a sphere. While it rotates at a high speed, it also revolves around the sun, and we live on the surface of the sphere. At this time, many people will have such a question: what kind of world will we live in? What will the interior of the earth look like?

I believe that many people have a strong curiosity about the real situation inside the earth. This curiosity sometimes exceeds the exploration of the universe. We need to know that the universe is vast. For human beings, the vast universe is too sci-fi and far away, and the earth is at our feet, but we almost know nothing about the interior of the earth. Human exploration of the earth’s interior, mainly through seismic waves to detect, and this kind of detection is very difficult for us to have enough understanding of the earth’s interior.


In order to explore the situation of the earth’s interior, scientists thought of drilling experiments to understand the situation of the earth’s interior through drilling holes. The most famous drilling along experiment was the ultra deep drilling research project in Kola Peninsula launched by Russian scientists in 1970. This experiment lasted for about 20 years, and finally dug out the deepest hole in the world, with the deepest depth of 12263 meters, even deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Later, the drilling experiment stopped and the hole was closed. There are many legends about the termination of the experiment. But the real reason may be that we can no longer drill down. As we all know, the earth’s interior is a high temperature and high pressure environment. With the increasing depth, the temperature is also increasing, reaching more than 5000 degrees Celsius. At such a high temperature, our drill bit will be softened even if it is not melted, so it is impossible to drill down.

According to the experimental report of kola ultra deep drilling, it took 10 years to drill the first 12000 meters, but it took 10 years to drill the last 263 meters. The reason is that the temperature is getting higher and higher, the bit is softening and the process is slow. To continue drilling, scientists need to develop stronger high temperature resistant materials. The depth of 12263 meters is very deep for human beings, but compared with the average radius of the earth of 6371 kilometers, even the skin is not broken.

As long as the drill material can resist the high temperature inside the earth, it can theoretically drill down and even through the earth, isn’t it? Theoretically, as long as the drill can withstand the high temperature inside the earth, it is not difficult to drill through the earth. So some people imagine that one day in the future, human beings will drill through the earth. What kind of scene will that be?


In fact, even if science and technology can penetrate the earth in the future, we can’t do it, otherwise it will bring disaster to the earth and human beings. Why? Why can’t the earth be dug through? It turns out that the consequences are more serious than we thought.

As we all know, the earth can be divided into three parts from the outside to the inside: the crust, the mantle and the core of the earth. The crust is the thinnest layer, with an average thickness of about 17 rows of meters. The deepest hole drilled by human beings is 12263 meters, but in fact, even the crust has not been penetrated. The average thickness of the mantle is about 2900 km, which is the hardest and most mysterious layer inside the earth. The core is composed of iron and nickel with a radius of 3480 km.

The core of the earth is the core of the earth. The earth’s magnetic field and the stability of the ecosystem are closely related to the smooth operation of the core. The core of the earth is not a fixed material, but a state of constant flow. Comparing the earth to an egg, the shell of the egg is the crust, the egg white is slow, and the innermost yolk is the core of the earth, which is a continuous flow of material form.


The earth’s interior is a completely closed high temperature and high pressure environment, and the crust and mantle strictly protect the operation of the core. What happens if we drill the earth through? Maybe many people think that the magma inside the earth will erupt. No mistake. There are high-temperature liquid materials inside the earth, and it is also a high-pressure environment. Once it is penetrated back and forth, the magma and other liquid materials inside will erupt violently under high pressure, and the height can reach the atmosphere directly.

This situation is much more terrible than the general volcanic eruption, the eruption of magma directly into the atmosphere will burn, the earth is burning everywhere, the burning of the atmosphere will consume oxygen, the oxygen of the earth’s atmosphere will continue to reduce, this is a fatal thing for life on earth. Of course, at that time, human science and technology may have been very developed, and it is not difficult to put out the fire caused by the eruption of the rock prize by means of science and technology. Such a threat is of little use to mankind.

But do you think the impact of drilling through the earth is only in the case of rock eruption? Of course not. The real situation is far more serious and terrible than we thought. Let’s first talk about the situation of the earth itself. Once the earth is drilled through, it is equivalent to directly drilling through the core of the earth. As we said earlier, the core of the earth can not be destroyed. It is the core of the earth and the most precious thing of the earth. Once the core is destroyed, the magnetic field may disappear.

If the earth is not protected by a strong magnetic field, the atmosphere may continue to escape into space, and the liquid water on the earth’s surface will gradually lose. When we think about the Martian environment, we should understand that long ago, scientists believed that Mars had a magnetic field, an atmosphere, and a green planet with liquid water. Later, for some unknown reason, the Martian magnetic field disappeared and became what it is now.


Without the earth’s magnetic field and effective means to block cosmic radiation, it will strongly invade the earth and threaten the safety of life and human beings. Of course, with the help of science and technology, it is also possible to minimize the impact of the disappearance of the earth’s magnetic field. After the earth’s problems are solved, will we be safe? Far from it.

Don’t forget, there are threats outside the earth waiting for us. Once the earth is penetrated, the internal pressure leakage will affect the quality of the earth. Once the quality of the earth changes, the earth’s rotation and orbit may also change. Even if it is only a small change, it may bring great disaster.

You know, the universe is not a completely safe environment, the solar system has other planets, there are many asteroids. The solar system as a whole has formed a stable planetary environment in billions of years of development. If the orbit of the earth changes, it may also affect the orbit of the whole solar system. In this case, the earth may intersect with other planets in orbit, which is a fatal collision risk.


Even if there is no possibility of collision between the earth and other planets, the probability of being hit by an asteroid will be much higher. Can the earth survive at that time? It’s very difficult to believe. Therefore, it is a very stupid and crazy act to drill through the earth. Once it is done, it will bring the earth to the brink of destruction. The disappearance of the earth’s magnetic field alone will have a huge impact on the earth and human beings. At that time, human beings will have to migrate to other planets for life. Of course, the prerequisite is that human beings have the ability of interstellar migration.

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