Why can’t the earth be dug through? This explanation of scientists is frightening

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, and human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. In ancient times, due to the limitation of science and technology, people thought that the earth was the whole universe, and the stars and sun in the sky were also part of the earth. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, people’s understanding of the earth is also constantly improving.

Since the appearance of the astronomical telescope and the first man-made satellite, human beings can finally see the whole picture of the earth. At this time, we found that the earth is a sphere. Human beings just live on the surface of the sphere, and the earth is only one of the countless planets in the universe. The universe is too big, and there are countless planets like the earth.

In recent decades, the development of human space science and technology is rapid, and the exploration and understanding of the universe is also increasing. However, the understanding of the earth that has lived for millions of years under our feet has not made much progress, especially the exploration and understanding of the earth’s interior. We can see the atmosphere and surface of the earth through satellites, but we can’t detect the interior of the earth. To explore the mystery of the interior of the earth, we have to go deep underground.

The average radius of the earth is estimated to be 6371 km through satellite monitoring. To further explore the earth’s interior, we need to drill into the earth. How deep can we drill into the earth with the current level of human science and technology? If human beings have the ability, can they dig through the earth?


The most famous drilling experiment in the world is the Kola ultra deep drilling scientific research project launched by the former Soviet Union in 1970. After 23 years, the deepest hole has reached 12300 meters, which is also the deepest hole for human exploration of the earth’s interior. Later, the project of exploring the earth’s core was forced to stop because of insufficient funds. There are still many rumors about the Kola drilling I don’t know if it’s true or not.

In our opinion, the drilling depth of more than 12000 meters is already very deep, but in fact, even the crust of the earth has not been drilled. According to the exploration of scientists, the earth’s interior can be roughly divided into crust, mantle and core, and the average thickness of the outermost crust is 14000 meters. Some people may say that the Kola drilling hole of the former Soviet Union can be drilled all the time if the funds are sufficient? If you drill to now, it should be very deep, but in fact, will it be so?

We know that the earth’s interior is not just rock, but has super strong pressure and magma. The temperature of the earth’s interior is also rising, from hundreds to thousands of degrees. With the increasing depth of drilling equipment, the hardness of rock is increasing, and the more important temperature is getting higher and higher. At this time, the drill bit and drill pipe will become soft under the action of high temperature, Once the drill bit becomes soft, it is very difficult to continue drilling, and the upper part of the drill bit will fracture under the action of high temperature. Therefore, even if the former Soviet Union’s drilling project had sufficient funds, it had to stop and give up later.

Perhaps someone will say that it seems that the main factor affecting human exploration of the earth’s interior is materials. If materials are not good, they can’t go deep into the earth’s core. If scientists develop stronger materials that can withstand the high temperature environment inside the earth, can they drill down all the time or even dig through the earth?

In theory, it can. As long as the material is hard enough to withstand the high temperature deep in the earth’s core, it’s not impossible to dig the earth through. But in fact, do you really dare to dig the earth through? Scientists say that even if human science and technology can dig through the earth, it is absolutely impossible to do so. Once the earth is dug through, it may be a devastating disaster for human beings and the earth. Why?


The earth is a sealed sphere, with super high pressure inside, and a lot of magma and other liquid materials. When the earth cap is dug up, the magma and geocentric materials inside the earth will be ejected. At this time, the earth will be burned and fall into a sea of fire. In addition, if the earth is really dug in opposite directions, it is equivalent to a sphere full of pressure inside, and the internal pressure will leak out. At this time, the earth’s gravity and magnetic field will be affected, and the earth’s rotation will slow down or speed up. No matter what kind of situation, the earth’s orbit may shift, which is the most fatal danger.

We know that every planet and celestial body in the solar system has its own fixed orbit. Once the orbit changes, it may collide with other celestial bodies. If the earth’s orbit changes, it may collide with the orbits of other planets or celestial bodies, which is devastating to the earth.

If the earth’s luck is very good, the orbit of the public orbit is changed, and there is no intersection with the orbit of other celestial bodies, avoiding the risk of collision with other celestial bodies, but we have to face the risk from the moon. The moon is a natural satellite of the earth, but it is different from the satellites of other planets. As a satellite of the earth, the size of the moon is too large. So far, scientists have no idea how the moon can safely and stably become a satellite of the earth.

The moon is a little big, but for billions of years, a balance has been formed between the moon and the earth. The ecological environment on the earth is closely related to the moon. Once the earth’s rotation and orbit change, the balance between the moon and the earth may be broken. It’s hard to say whether the moon will be far away from the earth or close to the earth. It’s OK to be far away from the earth, if it is Whether it will collide with the earth is also unknown.


From this, we can see that digging through the earth is an act of death, something we can never think about or do. Of course, science and technology is still far away from the goal of digging through the earth, but it will be done one day in the future. At that time, I hope there will be no crazy scientists to try. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to comment below.

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