Why can’t there be gene exchange between different species? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

The earth is a beautiful planet of life. Besides intelligent life, there are at least 2 million different creatures. How do so many creatures come from? In fact, they all evolved from the early simple life which was born 3.8 billion years ago. It can be said that whether we are human beings or other creatures, looking forward to 3.8 billion years ago, we all have a common ancestor.

The core of life is evolution. On the way to complex life, simple life will choose different directions, and different directions will give birth to different species, and finally form the life world with rich species. After the birth of different species, nature has made a very strict rule between them, that is “reproductive isolation”.

If you have studied biology, I believe that “reproductive isolation” is no stranger. It is the most common rule in the biological world of the earth. It refers to the isolation mechanism that makes the groups close to each other do not cross under natural conditions, or even if they can cross, they can not produce offspring or fertile offspring.


To put it simply, different birds can’t breed, and it’s the same in the animal world. Wolves and sheep can’t have offspring, and cats and dogs can’t have offspring. This is a very strict reproductive isolation mechanism. As the intelligent life on earth, human beings are the most advanced life, and all species on earth have reproductive isolation constraints.

One may ask: why is there strict reproductive isolation between organisms? In fact, all this is for the sake of evolutionary excellence. We all know that nature is a very magical existence. Life on earth is born, evolved and evolved on the basis of nature monitoring. How does nature let life evolve? Life can only advance in the direction designated by nature.

If there are creatures who violate the laws of nature and have to walk on their own and take a special evolutionary path, then the punishment of nature will come and make this kind of creature extinct. The simple life born on the early earth did not listen to the command of nature and had to go on the road of immortality. As a result, 1.4 billion years later, nature became angry and brought down natural disasters, causing countless species to die out, leaving only one branch.

This branch of life left behind can only conform to nature, giving up the road of immortality and choosing the road of sexual reproduction. Only in this way can life continue to evolve towards a higher life, and finally the birth of human beings. Perhaps many people in modern times are looking forward to immortality, but in fact, in the world of life, immortality means immortality, which is a road of no return.


The same is true of reproductive isolation. This is a law formulated by nature for the biological world of the earth, and no creature can violate it. So why does nature make this law? Isn’t it better to have offspring between different species? We all know that the essence of life is actually gene, and gene mutation is the core of evolution. Only by breeding offspring, can a species continuously recombine and mutate half of the genes of its mother and parents, which can make life continuously sublimate and evolve into a higher life.

If so, gene exchange between different species is more conducive to gene recombination and mutation, but why does nature not allow organisms to carry out such gene exchange? In fact, gene exchange between different species seems to be able to give genes more choices and give birth to more advanced answers. But in the actual gene exchange, we need to take greater risks.

We need to know that genes are the essence of life. They are a very complex and huge system. There are billions of gene sequences in every life. Among these genes, quite a few are bad genes, that is, bad genes. If these genes continue to accumulate in future generations, it will be difficult to complete the sublimation of life, and may even lead to the degradation of life, and high-level life will eventually evolve into low-level life.


If we want to avoid this situation and make the road of life evolution not reverse, we need to constantly remove the inferior genes through continuous gene recombination and mutation. And this kind of removal can only be done more easily by gene exchange under the same species. If it is gene exchange between different species, the inferior genes of different species will enter into the genes of their offspring, which virtually increases the difficulty of removing inferior genes, and is prone to various irreversible diseases.

Therefore, for the sake of better evolution of life, nature can make the road of life evolution more smooth, and can only limit the biological isolation between organisms. Human is the most evolved species on the earth and the most advanced life, so human genes are also the most perfect. Of course, there are no perfect genes in this world, and there are many inferior genes in human genes.

It’s just that there are fewer bad genes in humans than in other organisms. And human beings can achieve such a degree, which is the human effort in the long years of evolution. Only through internal gene exchange and continuous optimization of genes can human beings evolve and become more advanced life faster.

If human beings communicate with the genes of species, it may destroy the stability of human genes and add many inferior genes, which will lead to the retrogression of human evolution. So will this biological isolation last forever? In fact, it’s hard to say. It mainly depends on the evolution degree of life on earth. If all life on earth evolves into higher life, and there are few inferior genes in the genes, then nature may lift the biological isolation. At that time, more new species will be born on the earth.


In fact, there is a more powerful force for human beings to lift reproductive isolation, which is technology. The essence of all things in the world cannot escape from the scope of science. The mystery of life and gene is also science. As long as human beings have mastered the mystery of genes, then we can artificially remove the inferior genes in life.

And we can select excellent and powerful genes from different species, and then add them to human genes. At this time, human beings may become superhuman and have many incredible abilities. For example, sharks have a very powerful gene that can make them never get cancer. If we can put this high-quality gene into our body, we will not have to worry about getting cancer one day.

In the biological world of the earth, there are many creatures with incredible abilities, which are brought about by the excellent genes in the organisms. Therefore, in the future, human beings may break the biological isolation, gather the excellent genes of different species through the power of science and technology, and give birth to some powerful creatures. Of course, what’s more important is that all excellent genes can be recombined to make human beings a higher life. We can imagine: the future of human beings may be like superman in the film, like the gods, can go to heaven and earth, with the ability of the gods.


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