Why can’t unmarried female astronauts go to heaven? Scientists say it has something to do with physiology

On June 16, 1963, the former Soviet Union launched the “Dongfang 6”

Space instruments


Valine Gina


He also became the first female astronaut to fly into space. The operation lasted three days, and she flew a total of 70 hours. With the rapid development of China’s aviation industry, Liu Yangcheng was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 18:37 on June 16, 2012. With the launch of Shenzhou 9, Liu Yangcheng became the first female astronaut to enter space in China and the 57th female astronaut in the world.


But I don’t know if you have found that most of our astronauts are male, while few are female. Why? Today is a society of equality between men and women. Is the selection of female astronauts too harsh or something else? Are unmarried female astronauts really not allowed to go into space? Next, let’s listen to what experts say.

Today, there are two kinds of astronauts in the world. One is scientists or aerospace engineers. Although they do not have the pilot’s rich driving experience, they have a lot of professional knowledge in other scientific fields. The main purpose of their landing in space is to do scientific experiments. The other is to perform space flight mission pilots, with superb driving skills, one of the recruitment is to have more than 1000 hours of flight experience. Most of the astronauts come from fighter pilots of the air force. In terms of flying 150 hours a year, they have to prepare for other training. If they want to have more than 1000 hours of flight experience, most of them are over 35 years old, and the youngest is over 30 years old. They are all over the age of marriage and birth.


Compared with unmarried women, married women are more mature and rational both psychologically and physiologically, and have stronger ability to resist pressure. Physical and psychological state, character and emotional intelligence are all factors that need to be considered. Only when they are more rational and mature can they cope with all kinds of emergencies and difficulties in space.

The most important reason is that space is no longer human territory, there are many unknown things that we have not found and understood, and the existence of various material radiation can not be completely isolated. Lack of oxygen in space, the human body is very limited, for a large number of ultraviolet and radiation will also have some harm to the human body, women in physical strength is also very different from men, lack of physical strength in space is also a very dangerous thing. Coupled with internal organ pressure, and hypoxia and high pressure will also make women’s endocrine system disorder, and may even cause damage.

Although there is no case that a female astronaut can’t have a child when she comes back from space flight, if something really happens, it will have an impact on her fertility in the future, which will be a huge blow to a woman or the whole family. Therefore, the country is also to protect the astronauts for fear of their physical injury. It can be seen that married female astronauts are more suitable for entering space than unmarried female astronauts.

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