Why can’t we dig through the earth? After reading the explanation of scientists, I suddenly realized

The earth is one of the eight major planets in the solar system, and it is also the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. The earth became a living planet shortly after its birth 4.6 billion years ago. In the long period of 4.6 billion years, it has experienced five mass extinctions. The earth experienced many hardships, and finally gave birth to human beings, upgraded to a planet of wisdom and civilization.

After a hundred years of rapid development of science and technology, mankind has stepped out of the earth and started to explore the universe, which is inseparable from the contributions made by those great scientists to mankind, such as Newton, Tesla, Einstein and so on. It is with these great scientists that science and technology can develop rapidly. At the same time, more and more people are interested in science and join the scientific research team.

With people’s increasing interest in science, some ideas of brain opening have been put forward. Some of them once proposed to dig through the earth. It has to be said that this is a crazy and bold idea. However, with the current human technology and ability, it is impossible to do so. But science and technology are constantly developing. If human beings really have the ability to dig through the earth in the future, can we do so? What do scientists propose? Even if we have the technology to dig through the earth in the future, we can’t do it, otherwise it will bring disaster to the earth. So why not dig the earth through? Now let’s take a look at how scientists explain this.


Before human beings walk out of the earth, we don’t know the size and shape of the earth. But after human beings walk out of the earth, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall structure of the earth. We know that the earth is a sphere, and human beings and most other creatures live on the surface of the earth. The average radius of the earth is 6371 km, the equatorial radius is 6378 km and the polar radius is 6357 km.

When human beings know that we only live on the surface of the earth, they will be full of yearning for the situation inside the earth. For this reason, countries all over the world have carried out some drilling experiments to explore the secrets of the earth’s depths. The most famous experiment is the drilling scientific research project in Kola Peninsula initiated by Russian scientists in 1970. After about 20 years of excavation and experiments, it was finally dug out The deepest hole in the world is even deeper than the deepest hole in the ocean. This drill hole is the deepest in the world, with a maximum depth of 12263 meters. Then the plan stopped and the cave was closed.

There are many folk legends about Russia stopping drilling and continuing to drill down, but the main reason may be that it can no longer drill down. We all know that the earth’s surface looks very stable and peaceful, but the earth’s interior is not calm. With the increase of depth, the temperature inside the earth is also rising, reaching 5000 degrees. Such a high temperature, the current human bit material can not withstand, either softened, or directly melted.

After the bit softened, it lost its hardness and was unable to continue to drill through the rock. This is why the Kola drilling experiment started very smoothly. It took 10 years to drill down the first 12000 meters, but it took 10 years to drill down the last 263 meters. The deeper the depth is, the higher the temperature is, the less hardness the bit is, and the more difficult it is to drill down. If you want to continue drilling, you have to develop stronger high temperature resistant materials. And then use this material to make stronger bits.


Of course, with the continuous progress of science and technology, this new type of high temperature resistant drill will be developed in the future. It is also possible to drill through the earth, but we can’t do it. One reason is that the earth is a sealed sphere. There are a lot of magma and other liquid materials inside the earth, and the earth is also a high-pressure environment. You can imagine the earth as a sealed spherical gas tank filled with high-pressure gas and liquid fuel.

Once a hole is made in the front and back of such a spherical gas tank, I believe many people can believe what will happen. It is inevitable that the internal liquid fuel will erupt under the loss of high-pressure gas, resulting in disastrous consequences. The same is true of the earth. If we dig the earth back and forth, the pressure inside the earth will erupt a lot of magma and liquid material. At that time, the whole earth will be burned, and volcanoes will erupt all over the world. Do you think it will be a doomsday disaster.

Of course, this kind of volcanic eruption of the earth itself is not the biggest disaster. If human science and technology are stronger, there are ways to put out these fires in time, but disasters outside the earth are not so easy to deal with. Once there is a hole in the earth’s sealed sphere, the internal pressure leakage will affect the earth’s orbit, whether it is rotation or revolution will be greatly affected.


At that time, the earth may deviate from the orbit, which is a very fatal risk. We all know that the planets in the solar system are stable in their own orbit under the action of the gravity of the sun. However, once the earth deviates from the orbit, the probability of colliding with other celestial bodies will be greatly increased. In case of a little intersection with the orbit of other planets, the earth will be destroyed The ball is over. Even if there is no intersection with other planets, the probability of being hit by an asteroid will be greatly increased.

Moreover, the balance between the planets in the solar system may also change due to the deviation of the earth’s orbit, which will have a greater impact. It is for these reasons that we can never have such a crazy idea of digging the earth through. Although human technology can not do it now, it can only be a dream. But it is very likely to be done in the future. At that time, once someone has this crazy idea to implement, it will be difficult to say the fate of the earth. Maybe at that time, human beings will have to give up the earth and migrate to other livable planets.

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