Why can’t we feel the rotation of the earth? Scientist: these phenomena can be fully reflected

We all know that the earth has been in motion, and it will complete its rotation once every 24 hours. Because of the rotation of the earth, we have day and night. But why can’t we feel the self transfer of the earth?

A professional once said that the earth rotates once every 24 hours, and the speed is about 1600 kilometers per hour. Surely some people will think, why does it feel so obvious when making cars and airplanes? Why can it feel moving obviously? Because the speed of the vehicle and the speed of the plane can not be kept constant, we will obviously feel the movement during the acceleration and deceleration. For example, if the earth suddenly stops rotating, we will immediately feel it, just like the car we are riding suddenly stops, and everything on the earth is round at the same constant speed as the earth This is why we can’t feel the rotation of the earth. What phenomenon can prove the rotation of the earth?


1. Alternation of day and night

When it comes to the rotation of the earth, the most obvious phenomenon is the alternation of day and night. Because of the continuous rotation of the earth, the world we live in will have night and day. If the earth does not rotate, then one hemisphere of our earth will always be in the day, and the other half will always be in the night, without light.

2. Vortex phenomenon of water flow


This phenomenon is also common, especially when we take a bath. After taking a bath, pull out the plug in the bathtub. At this time, it is obvious that there will be a vortex formed by water flow at the water inlet. When the reservoir discharges water, the same vortex will also be formed. They all rotate in a specific direction, and the phenomenon of forming this vortex is caused by the force of the earth’s rotation.

3. Boko pendulum effect


Boko pendulum effect has a very special phenomenon. If a thin line is hung from a high place and a heavy object is tied at the bottom, the thin line and the object will not be disturbed by natural phenomena such as wind and human factors, and they will be found in a stable state of motion. The reason why the thin line and the object keep regular motion is due to the bias force of the earth’s rotation.

4. Typhoon rotation

I don’t know if you have noticed an interesting phenomenon when you look at the weather forecast. Why do the typhoons on the satellite images rotate counterclockwise? This is because the bias force of the earth’s rotation affects the rotation of typhoon, thus forming this phenomenon. In fact, typhoons do not all rotate counter clockwise. The reason why we see this phenomenon is that our country is in the northern hemisphere. Typhoons in the northern hemisphere rotate counter clockwise because of the earth’s rotation bias force. On the contrary, typhoons in the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise.


There are many special and interesting phenomena about the formation of the earth’s rotation. What else do you know? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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