Why can’t we find an alien civilization? Beyond the dark forest rule, there is a more frightening theory

I believe many friends have participated in the discussion of alien civilization. We can often see a lot of research and exploration topics about aliens and alien civilization on the Internet. Human beings are intelligent life, forming human civilization, so each of us is very curious about what other intelligent life in the universe looks like? What is the form of their civilization?

Some people may say, is it necessary to have an alien civilization in this universe? Is it possible that there is only human civilization? There have been some scientists who have conjectured that there is only one civilization in the universe, but few people agree with it.


If human beings did not walk out of the earth, many people may think that there is only human civilization in the universe. However, after human beings stepped out of the earth and saw the vast universe, few people have this idea. In the eyes of astronomers, there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

The reason why scientists have such a cognition is that we all know that there are eight planets in the solar system, and the earth is the only civilized planet. There are 100-400 billion stars in the Milky way, and the number of earth like planets is as many as one trillion. Many of them are ecological planets similar to the earth, and they all have the possibility of life.

At present, the observable universe of mankind is 93 billion light-years. Within this range, there are about 2 trillion “galaxies” and hundreds of billions of stars, and the number of planets is even more difficult to estimate. Is 93 billion light years the whole universe? Obviously not. Although we don’t know how big the universe is, the limit is by no means 93 billion light-years. It may be several times, dozens of times, or 93 billion light-years is just the tip of the iceberg.


We don’t consider the whole universe, just take the current observable range of human beings. Under such a huge planetary base, human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe. Do you think it is possible? The answer is obvious, and scientists naturally understand this, so after human beings stepped out of the earth, they began to search for extraterrestrial civilization.

Scientists have been “shouting” at the vast universe for more than half a century by launching interstellar probes, actively sending signals to the universe and detecting the possible signals of alien civilization. But so far, we have not received any response, nor found any architectural traces related to alien civilization.


Why can’t we find an alien civilization until now? For such doubts, scientists have also put forward a variety of conjectures. Some scientists think that the position of the solar system is too far away. Human beings are in a desert earth, so it is difficult to get any response.

However, this conjecture is not reliable. According to a large number of explorations and studies by scientists, there are habitable zones in the solar system, as well as in the Milky way. Only galaxies in the habitable zone can give birth to life planets and intelligent civilizations. The solar system is in the habitable zone of the galaxy, so from this point of view, the location of the solar system for civilization is not a desert, but a very good space for civilization development.

Scientists also put forward the cosmic laboratory conjecture, virtual universe conjecture and so on. These conjectures are even more incredible to us, but there are many difficulties in self consistency, which have not been recognized by many people. Among the numerous conjectures, the most recognized one should be “black forest rule”.


The law holds that the universe is like a dark forest, and civilizations are the creatures in the forest. They are both hunters and prey. Because we don’t know whether the other side is hostile or not, when the two civilizations meet, they will choose to destroy the other side and not give the other side the opportunity to shout and contact.

It is the existence of “dark forest law”. In order to protect themselves from harm, cosmic civilization dare not make a sound easily in this forest. It is possible that the signals sent by human beings to the universe have been shouting everywhere in the dark forest of the universe, and many civilizations have heard the shouting of human beings, but they do not dare to respond to us because they do not know whether human beings are friendly or not.


From the perspective of the law of nature that “things compete with nature, the fittest survive”, the universe is also equivalent to a larger natural environment. There is the law of dark forest in the biological chain of nature on the earth. In a forest, hunters and prey exist all the time. Carnivores always wait for vegetarians quietly, while vegetarians are also cautious and dare not attack Make a sound for fear of being found by carnivores. Carnivores are also prey, and they are always on guard against human beings.

If you think that the “dark forest law” is so cruel that civilizations in the universe dare not contact and communicate with each other, and human beings are afraid. Then another conjecture theory is even more terrifying. It is the big filter theory. This is a bold conjecture put forward by Professor Robin Hansen of George Mason University.

According to Robin Hansen’s theory, as long as the stars are in the habitable zone of the galaxy, the stars that meet certain conditions in the galaxy, through a series of evolution processes, can appear life. After the formation of an ecological planet, inorganic matter will evolve into organic matter, and then organic matter will evolve into self replication ability and become early single cell life.


Single cell life continues to evolve for a long time, forming a complex multi cell life. Finally, intelligent life that can use and make tools appears. After the birth of intelligent life, it developed to the stage of civilization, then entered the scientific and technological civilization, and finally entered the era of the universe, opening the way of colonial expansion of the universe.

This series of evolution process is like playing a game of breaking through barriers. Only after passing this barrier can we enter the next one. According to the incalculable number of stars in the universe and the evolution of this process, our universe should have become very busy, full of life planets and intelligent civilization ships. But why do we see a dead silence? Where are these civilizations?


Robin Hansen speculates that the rules of the universe may set an obstacle to the development of civilization, which is equivalent to a “big filter”. From the formation of life to the development of interstellar civilization, there may be a stage that is very difficult to cross. It blocks 99% of intelligent life. If it can not pass through the “big filter”, then the civilization can only go to the end of destruction.

There may be many friends who think that the “big filter” is too terrible. Will this kind of thing really exist in the universe? In fact, as long as we carefully think about the future of mankind, you will find that the future of mankind is not very good, there are too many disasters that may end human civilization. For example, we are now entering the era of artificial intelligence. With its development, the future artificial intelligence may evolve into its own meaning and thinking, which is absolutely a terrible disaster for human beings.

Secondly, nuclear war can also bring human beings back to their original shape. This is just a devastating disaster caused by human beings themselves, and there are many disasters from outside the earth, such as asteroid impact, supernova explosion and so on, which may bring the end of human civilization.


There may have been a large number of intelligent civilizations in the universe, but when the civilization develops to a certain stage, it will encounter the “big filter”, and finally it fails to pass, leading to the whole civilization retrogression to the original stage or the complete disappearance of the whole civilization. So many civilizations in the universe can’t pass through this “big filter”. Why can human beings pass through it?

Therefore, if the “big filter” theory really exists, it is far more cruel than the “dark forest law” for human beings. Of course, these are just our conjectures. If we want to confirm these conjectures, we can’t do it with the current human technology. Only when we become the primary interstellar civilization and can get out of the solar system can we hope to explore other galaxies.

If there were a large number of intelligent civilizations in the universe, even if they died later because they didn’t go through the “big filter”, then the galaxies will inevitably leave some traces of civilization on the stars that once existed. As long as we can find these relics, we can explore and study a lot of things.

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