Why can’t we find the archetype of the legendary Aegean mirage? Scientists give the answer!

In the past Aegean mirage, there was no prototype on the earth. Why?


There are many magical phenomena in nature, which are difficult to explain by science. For example, when we see the rainbow in the sky, we will have a kind of curiosity. At first, people thought it was a kind of magical power. It was not until hundreds of years later that people gradually found that these phenomena were caused by the refraction of light. Many natural phenomena in real life have a certain theoretical basis.


When we can’t explain it, we all think that it’s an alien. In fact, we don’t know that maybe there’s something wrong with the angle of our observation and the direction of our thinking. When Hawking was alive, he was most interested in time travel. He also did a special experiment, inviting future people to come here for a dinner party. As a result, none of these people showed up. Strangely enough, the letter written by himself disappeared, so no one knew whether his experiment was successful or not. In the past Aegean mirage, there was no prototype on the earth. Why?


Everyone must have heard of the Aegean mirage incident. So far, this incident has puzzled mankind, and no reasonable explanation can be found. Someone saw a mirage in the Aegean Sea, which is very strange. It turned out to be a group of troops dressed in ancient soldiers’ clothes. According to the truth, the mirage can be found on the earth. However, it seems illogical that the mirage in the Aegean Sea should have ancient people.


Mirage is nothing more than the refraction of light. In other words, the scene of other places is projected here by light. What human beings see is not real, but the real scene of a certain part of the earth. So where does the scene of Aegean mirage come from? There’s no way these soldiers came through. Although the principle of mirage is the refraction of light, it does not necessarily mean that it can be infinitely refracted, and there is also a distance limit. It is usually a sight two kilometers nearby.


At that time, people contacted people nearby and found that no one was photographing ancient clothes. What’s more strange is, where did this mirage come from? Some people dare to speculate that these scenes may come from other universes. There are parallel universes in the universe. All these collisions and entanglements lead to such scenes. So far, this is only a human guess, and there is no definite conclusion.


Mirage is like the stars in the sky. It comes from the distant space. It is only an accidental factor that appears in our life. In fact, it is a kind of illusion. Human beings are also concentrating on exploring the prototype of this mirage. Is it accidental or intentional? How do you think the Aegean mirage came into being? You can leave a message for interaction.

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