Why can’t we get rid of low civilization? Because of these three problems, human beings have no way!

Why can’t we get rid of low civilization? Because of these three problems, human beings have no way!


Although human beings have become the overlord on the earth, they are still powerless in the face of many difficult things. There are too many complex problems on the earth that can not be solved with the existing human power. Compared with other animals, human evolution is quite successful. It not only becomes the master of the earth, but also has a unique brain. The brain can not only think about problems, but also give instructions. It took only a few million years to build an advanced human civilization. It is obvious that other animals can not achieve such achievements at all.


Since human beings have the opportunity to go to outer space, they really realize how small they are, how vast the universe is, and how many mysteries are filled in it. If we divide it according to the level of civilization, maybe human beings have not even reached the lowest level of civilization. For such a long time, human beings have never given up their search for alien civilizations, hoping to find them one day. Although human beings can’t be compared with them, we can’t deny the excellence of human civilization. Scientists have assumed that if human beings can solve these three problems in the future, human civilization may make great progress. What are the problems? Why can’t we get rid of low civilization? Because of these three problems, human beings have no way!


Three problems facing mankind


First, the first is a planet that uses other resources. Decades ago, human beings entered outer space. The moon and Mars have been explored, but they can’t use their resources. With the rapid growth of population, many resources on the earth are decreasing, and they will disappear one day. If we want to survive on the earth, we have to have more powerful skills, so we have to focus on other planets. Human beings want to live directly Mining is almost impossible, unless the power of science and technology continues to expand, everything needs time.


The second problem is human longevity. Everyone from the birth, fate is doomed, and eventually will be towards death, just a few decades of life, let us know, life is short. Even if we live to be more than 100 years old by various means, it will take at least tens of thousands of light years to fly out of the solar system. For human beings, this is a completely impossible thing. To change the life span of human beings, we must start with genes and make a greater breakthrough in DNA. The current power of human beings can not change this situation.


Finally, there is the manufacture of spaceships. Many people have fantasized about flying freely in outer space with a time machine one day, so they came up with the idea of developing spaceships. Spaceship is much more difficult than we think. Its materials should not only be resistant to high temperature, but also be wear-resistant. There are few such materials on earth. Only when human civilization continues to break through, can it be realized by relying on the power of science and technology.


These problems analyzed by scientists are indeed what human beings need to solve. In addition, there is another big problem that has gradually been put on the agenda, that is, the environment. It has reached the point of no delay. If human beings want to continue to survive on the earth, they have to start from themselves, improve the level of science and technology, and pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment. What do you think of this What about the law? You can leave a message for interaction.

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