Why can’t we see the Milky Way visible to the naked eye when we were young? Did the galaxy really disappear?

Since ancient times, human beings have been longing for the universe endlessly. Especially at night, when we look up at the starry sky, we are always shocked by the vast stars. At that time, we didn’t know what the Milky way was. We only knew that the moonlight tonight was really beautiful. With the rapid development of human civilization, it is very difficult for us to see the bright starry sky at night in the city. I wonder if you have ever considered such a problem. Why does the galaxy, once visible to the naked eye, disappear now?


the galaxy

Human beings are always tiny in front of the universe. Although we live in the Milky way, it is just the Milky way that we are destined not to touch. In the childhood of many post-80s and post-90s, when we look up at the starry sky in the summer night, we can see countless bright stars. It seems that there is a faint milky light band above the distant sky, which is actually the Milky way. In fact, the Milky way is about 26000 light-years away from the solar system. Although it is too far away for human beings, the earth’s atmosphere has a reflective effect, so we can still see the faint light of the Milky way. The earth is very small in front of the Milky way, not to mention human beings. Maybe we are not as good as a star in front of the Milky way.


Since ancient times, the Milky way has been full of mystery, and in many Chinese fairy tales, the Milky way has appeared, such as the well-known Cowherd and weaver girl. The Milky way has prevented the Cowherd and weaver girl from meeting. Through these fairy tales, we can also see human yearning for the universe. However, since mankind entered the 21st century, it seems that it is very difficult for us to see the legendary Galaxy again. Even in the late night, there are still thousands of lights, and the dark city is like day. Under such circumstances, how can we see the stars in the sky again?


The galaxy disappeared?

Especially in some developed cities, even in the sunny day, there are often white fog, which is actually the pollution gas emitted by human industrial production. Now our living standards are improving rapidly. We can see cars everywhere on the road, and the exhaust gas from cars is the driving force of air pollution. Especially in the haze weather, people can’t see the road ahead, how can they see the sky?


So the earth is now facing air pollution and light pollution, which is the reason why we can’t see the stars. In addition, scientists also found that the sky above the earth is surrounded by a lot of space garbage. It is these space garbage that block the reflection of the atmosphere, so the light reaching the earth becomes less and less, and it is difficult for us to observe the Milky way.


Although it is very difficult for us to see the Milky way in developed cities, if we choose the right place, we can also find observation points. In some remote mountainous and snowy areas, it becomes the best place to observe the Milky way. Xiaobian believes that we should control the emission of polluting gases in the end, hoping that one day we can see the galaxy again in economically developed cities.

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