Why can’t weasels be cultivated artificially? Commercial value is very high, but I really dare not raise it

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When it comes to the weasel, many people think it is a very evil animal, especially in some remote mountainous areas, there is a sense of awe for this creature. People think that weasel is a kind of “great immortal”. If the “great immortal” is worshipped in the family, it can protect the safety of the family and make a fortune. From all aspects, the weasel is a very sacred thing in the folk. Although this is a superstition, you can hear legends about it no matter where you go. It can be seen that the weasel is indeed a special “species”.

Weasels are vertebrates with high athletic talent

Weasel, also known as “weasel”, is a vertebrate, about 40 cm in length, distributed in plains, forests, hills, valleys and other places. They have short limbs, and the size of male weasels is much larger than that of female weasels. There is also the title of “Huang Da Xian” among the people. Weasels are cunning and cunning. They are quick when hunting food. They often “confuse” their prey in some mysterious way. They especially like to eat pigeons, chickens, fish, bird eggs and so on. In ancient times, there is a popular saying: “the weasel pays new year’s greetings to the chicken”. Its most famous image seems to be “chicken thief”.

1. High athletic talent, high success rate of predation

Weasels are nocturnal species. They are active at night and early in the morning. They also come out during the day and like to move alone. Weasels are good at drilling ground fissures and caves, and they can make holes in some walls. This smaller species has no fixed nest, and has strong hunting ability and fierce temperament. The weasel can hunt successfully many times, mainly because of his athletic talent.

Weasel is good at climbing, even swimming is its basic strength, many netizens can’t help but ask: “why does weasel like to eat chicken most?” In fact, it has become a household name for weasels to steal chickens. When analyzing the structural characteristics of weasels, relevant zoologists believe that weasels like to eat small mammals, such as chicken bones or other birds and small animals. They are fond of sucking blood. After catching domestic chickens, they always suck their blood first and then eat viscera. However, it is worth mentioning that because weasels are relatively small, their basic catching ability is limited in the face of adult cocks.


When a weasel encounters a threat, it will emit “poison gas” to protect itself


Last time we mentioned to you that gecko will protect itself by cutting its tail. Similarly, weasels also have a way to protect themselves, that is, every time they encounter danger, weasels will emit very smelly “poison gas”. This kind of stink can make people stink intolerably, light will only appear a moment of dizziness, serious will directly faint.

When the weasel gives off the odor, the enemy will be dizzy. If he has no attack ability, the weasel will take the opportunity to escape. The reason why the weasel can emit this “odor” is mainly related to its anal structure. There is a odor gland near the weasel’s anus. The secretion of this odor gland has a very obvious effect on the enemy. After the odor bomb is accurately sent out, the weasel can protect itself and run away, and the enemy will be fumigated by this odor, so the weasel is also named “odor king”.

Weasel’s reputation is not good, but the whole body is treasure – commercial value is very high



Weasel’s fur can be made into high-grade fur coat, tail can be made into brush

Since ancient times, human beings like to wear “animal skin” to keep warm and cold. In the early 1920s and 1930s, many stars and rich people like to wear coats made of fur. Especially in the northeast of China, as long as you wear a fur or mink coat every winter, you can resist the cold winter. For women, this high-end fur represents a symbol of luxury. Among thousands of fur, weasel’s fur has become the best choice.

It is the best choice for people to peel off the skin of weasel and make it into high-grade fur coat or high-grade collar. In addition, weasel’s tail, also known as “wolf’s hair”, can be made into high-grade brush. The tip of the brush is very elastic, and the ink absorption is also extremely full. It is not easy to fork, and it is durable. It can be used to write all kinds of fonts. It is also the precious raw material of oil painting brush and precision instrument brush. It can be said that the economic value of weasel is extremely high.

The picture shows the fur coat of wild weasel



The meat of weasel has high medicinal value

What is the medicinal value of weasel meat? As early as 400 years ago, Li Shizhen had already told us the answer in compendium of Materia Medica, which recorded: “the heart and liver of weasel is smelly and slightly poisonous, which can cure heart and abdominal pain and kill insects. “The sea fairy recipe” uses a piece of heart, liver and lung of the Yellow rat, dried in the shade and baked in tile as the end, and three portions of frankincense, myrrh, baby tea and dragon’s blood as the end, one money for each serving, and the liquor is used to adjust the bottom and stop. “

What does that mean? Originally, Li Shizhen explained in detail in compendium of Materia Medica that the meat of weasel has high medicinal value. It can not only treat heart and abdominal pain, but also treat insect and sore, warm kidney and shrink urine, treat scabies, sore ulcers and frequent urination. However, weasel carries many kinds of viruses, including fungi, bacteria, protozoa, etc. Besides fishy smell, weasel’s meat is the smell of urine It’s highly toxic. If healthy people eat its meat, it will not be worth the loss. Not only that, the food bitten by weasels can not be eaten, because it can infect a variety of diseases.



Weasels are the natural enemies of rats and can eliminate pests

Although weasels like small mammals, they are also natural enemies of mice. We need to know that rats pose a great threat to human beings. Relevant data show that more than 30 million tons of stored grain are consumed by rats every year in the world, and more than 20 kinds of diseases, such as plague and typhoid, are also involved. In residential areas, there are three kinds of typical domestic rodents: Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus and Rattus flavipectus. Usually, house mice have strong activity ability. They can walk along horizontal cables or branches, climb up rough walls, and have strong destructive power. They can bite cables and other objects.

According to incomplete statistics, a weasel will eat nearly 3000 mice every year. The law of the food chain is the law of the jungle. Weasels have more hunting ability than mice. In the process of catching mice, weasels have great advantages. They will constantly bite the mice. After repeated attacks, the mice can’t fight back and finally become the food of weasels. They are also the natural enemies of mice. When cats catch mice, they can’t get into their burrows. However, weasels are different. They can easily get into the burrows of mice and catch the whole nest of mice. Therefore, weasels have made great contributions to the development of agriculture.

The commercial value of weasel is so high, why can’t it be cultivated artificially?



As one of the “five immortals” among the people, people’s worship of animals originates from the spiritual thought of all things

Fire has the spirit of heat and water has the spirit of dampness. Generally speaking, all things in the world are spiritual. In the folk, weasel is known as one of the “five immortals”. These five immortals mainly include fox (Fox), yellow Fairy (weasel), white fairy (hedgehog), willow Fairy (snake) and gray Fairy (mouse). In the folk, people are very afraid of this kind of supernatural animal which looks like a demon but not an immortal, and they are afraid of being infringed by them, and then they will be punished to varying degrees, so this is why artificial breeding is not feasible The reason why we are willing to raise weasels. All things are spiritual. People don’t want to offend Huang Xian because of their selfish interests and make themselves pay a heavy price. Although this view is superstitious, human beings will follow their own heart and will not make such partial wealth.


Wild, not easy to be domesticated


Weasels are extremely wild, clever and cunning. They are difficult to be domesticated by human beings. This is like the endangered cheetah. They are not only solitary animals, but also very fierce animals, which are extremely difficult to domesticate. So no one dares to touch this fierce and aggressive animal easily.

In addition, the reproductive capacity of weasels is relatively low. Every year, weasels are in estrus in March and April, and give birth in May, with an annual output of one fetus. Each fetus produces an average of 8 pups, up to 10 at most. Previously on the failure of raising weasels, because weasels are clever and cunning and can dig holes, so most of the captive weasels will sneak away, bringing huge economic losses to farmers.


Breeding profit is not very high, but the cost is very large

It has to be said that the breeding cost of the weasel is indeed very high. Let alone whether it will escape, the cost is huge just from its feeding habits. Because the weasel likes to eat small mammals, so in the breeding, the farmers mainly focus on chicken viscera, fish and their by-products, and properly feed some cereals such as corn, wheat bran, soybean cake, vegetables and minerals, which are the main food The cost of wood is very high.


From building houses to breeding, the whole process is very complicated, and the profit of breeding weasels is not very high, the average market value of one is about 200 yuan. In addition, as far as the present situation is concerned, farmers have not yet mastered the strong feeding technology. In the face of some infectious diseases, there is no time to prevent them, which will lead to huge economic losses. In many ways, that’s why no one wants to breed them today.

Generally speaking, weasels are very valuable creatures. Their whole body is precious and their commercial value is extremely high. Whether it’s out of awe of this animal or about the cost of breeding, the wildness of the weasel can’t be changed. It’s just like a person’s character and temper are born and can’t be changed. This kind of spiritual creature, its best return is from nature, return to nature. We also hope that we can protect the wild animals, do not let them go to the road of extinction, after all, for agricultural development, weasel has an indispensable place.

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