Why did dinosaurs not produce wisdom for 160 million years, while humans did for millions of years?

The earth is a beautiful blue planet, but also a rich life planet, in addition to a variety of animals and plants, there are also intelligent human life. Human beings were born millions of years ago. It took only millions of years from the birth of human beings to their evolution into intelligent life. This is a miracle in the history of life evolution.

Scientists feel incredible that human beings can give birth to wisdom in millions of years. In the billions of years of the earth, there have been many creatures, including dinosaurs that have ruled the earth for 160 million years. Dinosaurs can be said to be the real overlord of the earth at that time. They lived on the earth for 160 million years, but for such a long time, dinosaurs did not produce wisdom. As a result, many people have such a question: Why did dinosaurs dominate the earth for 160 million years without producing wisdom, while human beings only produced wisdom in millions of years?

To understand this problem, we need to analyze the environment and dinosaurs, the living environment of human beings and the choice of nature. There have been many creatures in the life history of the earth, but until 240 million years ago, a powerful race emerged, which was the dinosaur family, also known as the age of dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs appeared in the Late Triassic 240 million years ago. They originated from the primitive species of ornithoceles, and the early species were very small. Dinosaurs’ dominance in the Jurassic and Cretaceous was synchronized with their large-scale development. The large-scale of dinosaurs is the result of natural selection. The reason why dinosaurs turned to large-scale may have something to do with the earth’s atmospheric environment at that time, when the oxygen content in the atmosphere was higher than now.

The higher the oxygen content in the atmosphere, the easier it is to produce large-scale organisms. For example, in the history of life on earth, there was the era of giant insects. At that time, insects were extremely huge, such as bees and dragonflies. In the era of giant insects, the body size was at least dozens of times larger than it is now. We can all ride dragonflies all over the sky The reason for the emergence of this giant insect is that the oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere was relatively high at that time.

After the transformation of dinosaurs to large-scale, their survival ability is naturally very high. Slowly, there are basically no natural enemies in the nature. Other animals can only be hunted in front of the huge dinosaurs. After the dinosaurs dominate the earth, the number is gradually increasing, and they become the real overlord of the earth. Unfortunately, about 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth and destroyed the earth’s ecological chain. Global volcanic eruption led to the extinction of more than 80% of the world’s species, including dinosaurs. This is the end of the age of dinosaurs.

Maybe a lot of people have doubts about how dinosaurs did not produce wisdom when they dominated the earth for 160 million years? One of the reasons is that there is no need. No matter what kind of creatures, their goal after birth is to survive, and wisdom is only a way to survive. Dinosaurs have a strong physique, strong body, basically no natural enemies on the earth.


At this time, do dinosaurs still need wisdom? Of course not. Since we can completely dominate the earth by relying on strong physical strength, it’s better to be a leisurely fish without enemies. Why use wisdom? For dinosaurs with strong physique, wisdom is useless, so in the long years, dinosaurs’ life was to go out hunting during the day, sleep at night, and live happily for 160 million years.

This is also the result of nature’s choice. Nature gave dinosaurs a strong body, but deprived them of their wisdom. But human beings are different. In the nature at that time, human beings were basically in a weak position without strong physique. There were many powerful animals in the nature that could threaten the survival of human beings. Human beings and the existing anthropoid apes had a common ancestor 20 million years ago, but millions of years ago, due to the degradation of forests and the expansion of tropical grasslands, our ancestors had to come out of the forests and live in the plains.

Forest and grassland are totally two different environments for human ancestors. In the forest, human ancestors rely on flexible technology to avoid the attack of large animals and can live well. But when we got to the grassland, our ancestors were desperate. There were a lot of things for apes to eat, but there were very few things for apes to eat. We can’t beat predators, we can’t run ungulates, we have nothing but brains.


At this time, what does the ape want to survive? So we need to constantly think about how to avoid predators, how to catch bigger or faster prey, how to find and develop new food resources. In this way, this part of the ancient apes began to evolve and develop in the direction of wisdom. Gradually, their brain capacity became larger and larger, and they had higher intelligence. With intelligence, human beings finally moved from the weak to the strong, and gradually stood at the top of the food chain, becoming the new overlord of the earth.

From the human like skulls of different ages discovered by archaeologists, it is obvious that the capacity of human brain is getting larger and larger. By tens of thousands of years ago, the brain capacity of modern Homo sapiens was almost the same as that of us now. In fact, human brain has not evolved for tens of thousands of years, and our brain capacity is almost the same as that of modern Homo sapiens tens of thousands of years ago.

The above is the difference between dinosaurs and human beings in terms of natural survival, and the development path is obviously different. Dinosaurs who do not need the help of wisdom develop in terms of physical strength, while human ancestors can only develop in terms of intelligence in order to survive, so that human beings can give birth to wisdom in just a few million years. This is the result of human being forced by natural survival, and it is also a big challenge The survival law of the fittest is the result of choice.

Of course, in the millions of years of human evolution history, there is a bit of luck in the birth of highly developed wisdom. I believe many people know that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while apes, which are genetically similar to humans, have 24 pairs. Why? According to the research of scientists, this is actually a kind of chromosome variation.


Human ancestors should also have 24 pairs of chromosomes, but later, through factors such as consanguineous marriage, this situation should have hindered the development of human intelligence, but genetic drift changed the situation. The original chromosome 12 and 13 fused into the current chromosome 2. Since then, human beings and prehistoric apes have completely separated and stridden forward towards the road of high intelligence .

This situation is the luck of human beings. It has to be said that God is blessing human beings to live and become the new overlord of the earth, leading the earth to a more brilliant future. It was once said that the earth may be a living life. If the earth is intelligent, then human beings may be the intelligent species chosen by the earth, leading the earth to survive in the universe.

You know, if there is no developed civilization, the ultimate fate of a planet will disappear in the universe. Only when intelligent civilization is born, and relying on powerful technology or other civilization forces, can a living planet exist in the universe forever. From a point of view, it seems that the earth really has some wisdom.


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