Why did Einstein burn his notes before he died? There are three reasons why this might be necessary

If someone asks you who is the greatest physicist in modern times, I believe most of them will say Einstein. Indeed, Einstein is the greatest physicist in modern times. He devoted his whole life to scientific research and made remarkable achievements. The most famous one is his theory of relativity, which has brought modern physics into a new era, It has also made great progress in human civilization.

Einstein is also the founder of the theory of nuclear energy. The theory of nuclear energy created a new era of modern science and technology. He is recognized as the greatest physicist since Galileo and Newton. Einstein died in the 1950s at the age of 76.

Einstein has studied a lot in his life and put forward a lot of theories and conjectures. Now scientists are still verifying these theories and conjectures one by one, and those that have been verified are proved to be correct. This shows how great Einstein is. Einstein is a respected and respected scientist, but there is one thing that people in the scientific community have been unable to understand, that is, Einstein burned all his research notes in his later years before he died. Why on earth?

Some people say that Einstein’s research in his later years is wrong? He didn’t want to mislead later talents to burn them, but when he thought about it carefully, there was almost no such possibility. Just imagine that Einstein, such a great scientist, had put forward so many theories and conjectures in his life, and none of them had been proved wrong. How could it be that everything he studied in his later years was wrong.


The reason why Einstein burned his research notes in his later years before his death is that the research content in these notes is too strong, and he doesn’t want these things to come out ahead of time, which will bring uncertain disasters and risks to human beings. What will the content of these notes be? Some scientists have put forward three possible answers. Let’s take a look at them.

1、 The content of this note is about the development and utilization of nuclear energy

As we all know, Einstein is the founder of the theory of nuclear energy. No one knows the horror of nuclear energy better than him. He proposed that it is impossible to give up the research on nuclear energy. With the help of his research, the United States was the first to build an atomic bomb and invested in Japan’s Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As a result, countless people were killed and the environment was damaged Bad.

Einstein was very opposed to the use of the atomic bomb by the United States against Japan at that time. He protested for several times, but in the end, he failed to stop it. When people saw the great power of the atomic bomb, they felt deeply afraid of it. When Einstein saw the great harm brought by the atomic bomb, he also felt deeply remorse. Later, he may have been in a confidential state in the research of nuclear energy He published his later research to anyone.

Einstein may have been studying nuclear energy in his later years, and he may have developed more powerful ways to use nuclear energy. Through these studies, he can build more powerful nuclear bombs. However, Einstein was afraid that these studies would bring greater disasters to mankind, so he decisively burned all the latest research results on nuclear energy before his death.


2、 The content of this note is about the theory and method of space-time travel

It has always been a fantasy for many people to go back to the past or the future through time and space. Especially after the rise of Internet novels, more and more time-lapse novels appear, which makes more people dream that they can go back to the past through time and space one day, and make a success with their memory and knowledge in the future. So is it really just a fantasy to travel through time and space?

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, when the speed of an object reaches or exceeds the speed of light, it is possible to realize the passage of time and space. The theoretical basis of the time machine is the theory of relativity. Einstein put forward the concept of relativity. His research on time and space is the first in the world. The most complex and mysterious thing in the world is time and space.

Einstein has done a lot of research on time and space in his life. Now we are exploring the universe. Many technical theories come from his theories and conjectures. Since Einstein’s research on time and space is very deep, he will not let go of such a challenging research on time and space crossing.


In his later years, Einstein may be deeply studying the mystery of time and space. In the last century, I believe many friends have heard of a famous Philadelphia Experiment in the United States, which was very sensational and mysterious. So far, no one knows what kind of experiment the United States was doing at that time. It is said that the Philadelphia Experiment may be an attempt to travel through time and space, and it was successful But those who disappeared did not come back. Behind this experiment are Einstein’s research theories and achievements.

After Einstein finished this experiment, he continued to conduct in-depth research on time travel. Later, there may be new research and achievements. Perhaps the real time machine theory and technology have been studied by Einstein in his later years. However, at this time, Einstein’s life is coming to an end. He knows that time travel is not a joke. Once this technology is misused, it may be difficult to understand It will cause the butterfly effect, which will bring great disaster to modern time and space. Therefore, all these notes will be burned in the end.

3、 The content of this note is the answer to the ultimate mystery of the universe

The universe is so vast that no one knows how the universe came from, how big it is, and what is beyond it. I believe many friends know that Newton studied theology in his later years, and so did Einstein. Einstein began to study theology in his later years. Of course, this theology is not the myths and legends that we think, but the mysteries of the universe.

In his later years, Einstein was very interested in the universe. He wanted to find out what the universe was like, what was so mysterious, what was the secret behind it, and what was the truth of the universe. Einstein conjectured whether there would be human shadow behind the universe and whether the universe would be created by human beings. If so, the man who can create the universe is equivalent to God to us?


Of course, according to modern people, it may be the advanced civilization in the universe. The universe is too big, and it’s not surprising that there are countless extraterrestrial civilizations. The development of these civilizations is not synchronous. Some civilizations may have only developed for thousands of years, while others may have developed for hundreds of millions of years. Just imagine, if the science and technology of a civilization is one billion years more advanced than that of the earth, We can’t imagine to what extent their technology will reach. Some people say that the end of science is theology.

Einstein is such a great scientist in his later years. When he studied theology, he was not in a fever. Instead, he may have discovered something. Through his own research, Einstein may have a new understanding of the ultimate secret of the universe. Perhaps once this result is published, it will bring uncertain risks to mankind. If there is a shadow of advanced civilization behind the universe, and Einstein may find some clues in his later years, if the research results are published and discovered by these advanced civilizations, it may also be an unexpected consequence. Therefore, Einstein chose to burn the data before he died, also for the sake of human safety and future.

No matter what Einstein’s notes in his later years actually recorded, it was burned, and people can’t know. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, these research achievements burned by Einstein in the future will certainly be re studied by human beings, and the pace of human civilization will not stop. What are your different views on Einstein’s notes in his later years? Welcome to comment below.

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