Why did Einstein burn his old age notes before he died? There may be three reasons

Speaking of Einstein, I believe everyone is familiar with him. He is the greatest physicist in modern times. Especially for the exploration of the universe, the exploration of the world’s mysteries, Einstein’s contribution to no one can surpass. It can be said that a patriotic Stan has advanced human civilization for at least 100 years, and modern science is still studied in many ways according to the theories put forward by Einstein.

It was once said that if another Einstein could be born in modern times, human science and technology could move forward for another 100 years and directly enter the real space age. The wish is beautiful, but it is very difficult to realize it. We need to know that the number of modern scientists is far more than that of Einstein at that time, but the number of scientists based on the number is very difficult for human beings to achieve a real leap, because there is no epoch-making creation and invention.

Let’s take the most powerful nuclear energy for example. Einstein put forward the mass energy equation, which brought the application of nuclear energy into a new stage. Human beings have a new understanding of nuclear energy and developed powerful weapons such as atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb.


Einstein pointed out the direction of the application of nuclear energy, it has two directions, one is nuclear fission, the other is nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission was realized 50 years ago, but controllable nuclear fusion is still a long way to go in the research and exploration of more than 50 years. The reason why progress is slow is that there is no great scientist like Einstein.

If Einstein can live to the present, maybe controllable nuclear fusion has been realized, and even our space technology may be far beyond the present. This is the value of a great scientist. Because of Einstein’s greatness, people will record all Einstein’s behaviors for reference.

For example, none of the conjectures put forward by elstein thinks that they are worthless. On the contrary, they spend a lot of time and effort to verify those conjectures. In the end, they both made brilliant achievements and proved the correctness of Einstein’s conjectures.

Everyone will live, die and die, and there will be a day of old age. Great scientists often do things beyond people’s cognition in their old age. For example, in his later years, Einstein’s research manuscripts and notes were rarely known. Why? It turns out that Einstein burned his research notes in his later years when he was dying. So many people will have such a question: Why did Einstein burn his research notes in his later years? Scientists have come up with three possible reasons for this.


The first possibility: the notes in his later years recorded the latest research on nuclear weapons. As we all know, if you want to ask who knows the most about nuclear energy, it must be Einstein, who was also the core of the research and development of nuclear weapons in those years. It was Einstein’s research and participation that enabled the atomic bomb to be realized quickly.

Therefore, Einstein is an authoritative expert in nuclear weapons. After the appearance of such a powerful weapon in Japan, the world was shocked. Then, in the years to come, human beings have increased their research on nuclear weapons, and their power has become greater and greater. Einstein, as one of the authorities, is the most knowledgeable about nuclear energy, so in his later years, he may have put his main energy on it.

As we all know, Einstein was a pacifist and was very averse to war. At that time, he felt deeply guilty for the casualties and damage caused by Japan’s nuclear bomb explosion. So after he had made important achievements in his later years’ research on nuclear weapons, he did not intend to make it available, but chose to burn it down.


The second possibility is that his notes in his later years record the mystery of time and space. Einstein’s greatest achievement is his theory of relativity. It is a great theory that has influenced human beings for countless years. The greatest credit for human achievements in physical research and space exploration lies in the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is a set of complex theories describing time and space. Although most modern scientists can recite the theory of relativity, the possibility of really understanding the deep mystery behind it still does not appear.

What is time and space? Up to now, we have not understood, and the understanding of space-time may not be as good as Einstein. Because in Einstein’s many conjectures, there is an important application of space-time, that is to travel through space-time to different time lines.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, when the speed of an object is infinitely close to the speed of light, its time tends to be stationary infinitely. The space-time relationship between speed and time makes it possible to travel through time and space theoretically. Einstein spent his whole life studying and exploring the mystery of time and space, and there was no reason to give up studying and exploring time and space in his later years.

Therefore, in his later years, Einstein may have made a major breakthrough in the study of time and space, and may have found a way to travel through time and space. However, it is a very dangerous thing to travel through time and space. It may bring unimaginable butterfly effect to modern time and space, and bring great disaster. Maybe it was this kind of worry that made Einstein afraid of space-time travel and didn’t want it to come out, thus bringing unknown disasters to the whole human civilization.


The third possibility is that the data in his notes in his later years are all wrong. Einstein is afraid that these wrong data will affect the research of later generations, thus wasting a lot of time in vain. Although this possibility is not impossible, but most people think that the possibility is relatively small. You know, Einstein was not an old fool in his later years. His brain was still very clear.

In this case, Einstein as such a great scientist, the possibility of such a serious data error is very small. So Einstein’s burning notes in his later years is unlikely to be the third case. Of course, some people think that in his later years, Einstein may have been studying theology. In his constant research and exploration, he discovered the truth of the universe or our world. In order not to cause panic, he burned those notes.

In any case, Einstein burned the notes in his later years, they can’t be reproduced, and we don’t know what the notes actually contain. But we also know that the notes of a great scientist in his later years can’t be worthless. Since Einstein finally chose to burn them, it shows that those notes are very important, just don’t want to be seen by later generations.


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