Why did Einstein say that everything was arranged? Did he find something?

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In addition to the continuous efforts of all human beings, it is more important to thank those great scientists for their efforts. Without the great contributions made by a few great scientists, human science and technology would not have made a qualitative leap, and would not have achieved the present achievements.

In the palace of science, there are many branches, among which physics is the most important one. Because the world, the universe is a material world, and to solve the mystery of the material world, we need to use physics. In the field of physics, there are two scientists who have made great contributions to human beings. They are Newton and Einstein.


Newton put forward classical mechanical theories such as universal gravitation, which is a great achievement. It is under the guidance of classical mechanics such as gravitation that human beings begin to explore the mysteries of all things and the universe. Einstein put forward the great theory of relativity, which not only makes up for the shortcomings of classical mechanics, but also gives us a more comprehensive understanding of matter and the universe.

If you want to ask Newton and Einstein which one has greater achievements in the field of physics and greater contribution to mankind, I believe many people will choose Einstein. Yes, now the scientific community generally recognizes Einstein’s position as the number one in the history of human science for hundreds of years, which may not be shaken in the next few hundred years.

It is precisely because of Einstein’s greatness that his words and deeds will attract people’s special attention. For such a great scientist, every sentence may represent a deep meaning. For example, Einstein once said: “everything is arranged.”. If we ordinary people say this sentence, we won’t pay much attention to it.

But Einstein said this sentence, let people begin to think, why Einstein said, everything is arranged? Did he find something? Many people naturally don’t think that Einstein just said this sentence casually, it may have a deeper meaning.


Of course, Einstein is no longer in this world. Naturally, it is impossible for us to verify the meaning of this sentence. People can only guess the meaning behind this sentence according to some of Einstein’s theoretical studies and predictions. So what is the deep meaning of this sentence?

The most intuitive feeling of “everything is arranged” is fatalism, which tells us that everything is certain and arranged. Take the world in which we live for example, all the geological and ecological structures are arranged in advance. Out of the earth station in space, the position of the earth is well arranged, and the distribution of the various celestial bodies in the entire solar system is also well arranged.

Maybe you think, isn’t that nonsense? Everything in the solar system is natural. How can it be arranged? In fact, with the continuous improvement of human’s understanding of the universe, some scientists have discovered several special features of the solar system. We will focus on the earth, the only intelligent civilization planet. For example, three planets in the habitable zone, why only the earth gave birth to life and civilization?


Normally, Venus and Mars are also in the habitable zone. When they were formed in the early stage, they also had all kinds of materials similar to those needed for life on earth. In this way, Venus and Mars should also be able to become living planets, even civilized planets. Moreover, scientists believe that Venus and Mars in early Sri Lanka may also have given birth to life. However, in the process of later evolution and development, the environment of Venus and Mars changed dramatically, and finally became a bad and desolate planet.

Why is the earth so lucky? Through the study of the solar system, scientists have finally found several unusual things, such as the huge Jupiter protection in front of the earth, which can help the earth block a large number of asteroids. In addition, the earth is also protected by an incredibly large satellite, the moon. Finally, the earth has a very strong magnetic field. In addition to the triple protection, the earth will have a stable and suitable environment, and human beings will be born.

Is all this really just natural? Many people doubt this. Combining Einstein’s words: “everything is arranged”, we can feel the extraordinary of the solar system and the earth.

Whether Newton’s classical physics or Einstein’s theory of relativity, in fact, in a sense, they are all in one continuous line, essentially unchanged, and adhere to the same idea, that is, everything is certain and realistic.


Both classical physics and relativity tell us that science can be determined by specific numbers and formulas. Whether it is classical mechanics or relativity, there are some very certain formulas. Through these formulas and certain figures, we can accurately calculate the orbit of Tianxiu and the law of celestial bodies.

And it is precisely by these deterministic laws that human beings constantly discover all kinds of celestial bodies and galaxies. If the whole universe has a definite law of operation, how does this law come from? Is it natural or arranged? In the past, we always thought that everything in the universe, including the operation of various celestial bodies and the existence of various mysterious phenomena, seemed to be the natural law formed since the birth of the universe.

However, with the continuous improvement of our understanding of the universe, and through Einstein’s profound words, we have to think: is everything in the universe really arranged? If it was arranged, who arranged all this? In this regard, we can make two conjectures: one may be the mysterious dark matter and dark energy that scientists have been looking for, and the other may be the advanced civilization that human beings have been looking for.


I believe my friends have heard of dark matter and dark energy. They are mysterious matter and energy that scientists have been searching for. Scientists can confirm the existence of dark matter and dark energy through a large number of observation data, but we know nothing about them. We know nothing except that dark matter and dark energy account for more than 90% of the total matter in the universe.

Through the proportion of dark matter and dark energy in the universe, we can see that the matter that really dominates the universe is actually the mysterious dark matter and dark energy. All the laws of the universe may be dominated by dark matter and dark energy. Only when we really understand dark matter and dark energy, can we solve the mystery of the universe.

It is not complete nonsense that advanced civilization may have arranged everything in the universe. I believe many friends know the pluralistic cosmology put forward by scientists. It tells us that the universe is not unique, there is more space outside our universe, and the universe we live in is just one of many universes.

If the pluralism of the universe is correct, then the ages of different universes are naturally different. Some universes may be very old, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of years older than ours. There will naturally be ancient civilizations in the ancient universe, which may have reached the end of science. We should know that the power of science is infinite, and all the rules and operations of the universe cannot escape the scope of science.


If a civilization develops science to the end, does it mean that it can rely on the power of science to create the universe and formulate all the rules of the universe? This possibility is very great. After we have mastered some mysteries of life, we can edit and transform life, not to mention the advanced civilization that has mastered all the mysteries of the universe.

When human beings develop science to the end, we can also become the existence of the creator God, relying on science to create all things, create life, and even create a new universe. As long as we master the essential operation law of things, we can edit and reform this thing, and formulate new laws.

Through the above understanding, I believe you have a new understanding of Einstein’s saying that everything is arranged. Einstein’s saying does not mean that everything in the universe is created by God, but tells us that the universe is a very regular space, and all the laws of the universe have fixed operating rules. And all the rules of operation can be solved one by one through powerful physics.


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