Why did Hawking repeatedly urge human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible? Did he discover any secret?

Human science and technology can achieve leaps and bounds in just a few hundred years, which is inseparable from the efforts of those great scientists, such as Newton, Einstein and so on. Almost every era will have the birth of several great scientists. In modern times, there are also such great scientists, such as Hawking, the “king of the universe”.

Speaking of Hawking, I believe many people know him. Maybe many people know that Hawking was published from him. In the world-wide “a brief history of time”, this is a very famous science book of Hawking. Hawking has made a great contribution to the popularization of science, especially to making people interested in the exploration of the universe.

As we all know, scientific research is actually a very boring thing. Those difficult scientific theories and scientific language often make many people lose interest in science. However, Hawking has a very humorous attitude. In ordinary language, science, especially the science of the universe, makes many people no longer feel abstruse and difficult to understand.


This is very difficult, because it is often easier to describe scientific things in profound and complex language, but it is very difficult to understand them in ordinary language, which Hawking did. So he was called “the king of the universe”.

In fact, Hawking can be called a great modern scientist, not because of his publication of a brief history of time, but mainly because of his great contribution to the exploration of the universe. Especially in the exploration of unified quantum mechanics and relativity, we have made a lot of scientific achievements, and Hawking’s radiation theory also makes people have more knowledge of black holes.

Many people know Hawking. Another important reason is that Hawking has made some predictions many times. Hawking’s predictions are basically about the future of human beings. In Hawking’s view, human beings should leave the earth as soon as possible, otherwise it will be very dangerous. Why did Hawking repeatedly urge human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible? Did he discover any secret?

Some people may think that Hawking is too pessimistic. The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years and should be able to survive for a long time. Why should we leave the earth? In the view of many people, the real threat to the earth and human ecology should be the expansion of the red giant at the end of solar life billions of years later.


At that time, due to the sun’s helium flash, the rapidly expanding volume would devour the earth. Only at this time, human beings need to leave the earth. Before the sun expands, human beings can live on the earth without other worries. Is this really the case?

In fact, as a famous cosmologist, Hawking has much more knowledge about the dangers of the universe than we do. What can threaten the survival of the earth and human beings in the universe is that the expansion of the sun to the red giant can be ignored, because it is too far away for human beings. Whether human beings can last for billions of years is still unknown, so we don’t have to think so far.

Hawking said that human beings should leave the earth as soon as possible, and this as soon as possible means that within hundreds of years, hundreds of years is a very short time for the universe and a civilization, and it will pass in the blink of an eye. Why does Hawking think that in hundreds of years, there will be a major human crisis? In fact, this problem should be explained from several aspects.


The first is the risk of asteroid impact. I believe many astronomers know that comet sumek levy 9 hit Jupiter in 1994, which made scientists really witness the impact power of a huge asteroid. If such a comet hit the earth, the earth would fall apart, and human civilization would end.

There are so many asteroids in the solar system that we can’t count them. And asteroid impact in the solar system is also a common thing. Take a look at many large craters on Mars and countless craters on the moon nearby. The reason why the earth is very lucky to avoid a large asteroid impact is mainly because of the protection of huge Jupiter ahead.

But luck will not always accompany the earth. Maybe one day a huge asteroid will hit the earth. If we don’t have the ability to intercept asteroids or leave the earth at that time, we will have the same fate as the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The second is that the deterioration of the earth’s ecology is far beyond our imagination. The reason why Hawking is so anxious to warn people to leave the earth as soon as possible is that he has seen the deterioration of the earth’s ecology getting faster and faster. Maybe we now feel that the earth’s ecology is that the global temperature is rising and getting hotter.


However, when this trend of global warming continues, once it exceeds a critical point, the earth’s ecology will be out of control. At that time, the global ice and snow will melt, the sea level will rise by about 60 meters, and the frozen layer will melt for tens of millions of years. Among them, the resurgence of various bacteria and viruses in different times will bring great disasters to the earth and human beings.

According to the current deterioration rate of the earth’s ecology, these disasters may occur in hundreds of years. At that time, if human beings want to continue, the only way out is to leave the earth and choose to live on other planets.

Third, the universe is the future of human beings. Hawking, as the “fifth of the universe”, naturally knows that with the rapid development of human science and technology, there will be a serious problem of resource depletion in the future, and only space resources can solve this problem. Moreover, there are countless planets suitable for human survival in the universe. Only when we enter the universe can the development of human civilization usher in a new era and let human beings go out all over the world.


If human beings shrink to the earth and the small solar system, once they encounter great disasters in the future, such as the invasion of alien civilization, then human beings may be ended. But if human steps spread all over the galaxy, then human civilization will not end because of the end of human beings in the solar system, and human civilization will last forever.

It can be seen that Hawking repeatedly urged human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible, which is not an unreasonable blind prediction, but a reasonable warning. Hawking continues to popularize the knowledge of the universe to human beings in order to make all human beings interested in the exploration and research of the universe, so as to speed up the pace of human space exploration and research, so that human beings can realize the leap of science and technology faster, and enter the interstellar age.

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