Why did Hawking repeatedly urge human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible? Did he find something?

The brilliant scientific achievements of human beings are inseparable from the great scientists who have been appearing for hundreds of years. It is with the research and efforts of these great scientists that human civilization can usher in a leap forward development, and science and technology can explode again and again.

It is precisely because these great scientists have made great contributions to human beings, and they can lead the era of science and technology one by one, so their words and deeds will attract people’s attention and attention. Great scientists often prefer to make all kinds of predictions for the future. If it’s the prediction of ordinary people, people will not pay attention to it. But if it’s the prediction of great scientists, it’s different.

The predictions of great scientists are not imaginary, but based on certain scientific theories. For example, Einstein, the great physicist in modern times, had many predictions in his life, which were difficult to understand at that time, and even thought to be fantasy by people at that time. However, with the progress of science and technology, many of Einstein’s predictions have now been confirmed by science.


Thus, it can be seen that it is impossible for a great scientist not to think about and pay attention to his predictions. In modern times, there is also a great scientist born, who is known as Hawking. For Hawking, I believe many people know that although he is disabled, he can only stay in a wheelchair, but Hawking is not disabled, relying on the wisdom of the brain, still made a lot of achievements.

Hawking is known as the king of the universe, it can be seen that he has unusual views and cognition in the exploration of the universe. As a great scientist, Hawking often makes some predictions, but his predictions are different from Einstein’s. Hawking’s predictions are more concerned about human beings, so he repeatedly urges human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible.

Maybe many people don’t understand: Why did Hawking urge human beings to leave the earth? Did he find something? With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s knowledge of the universe is also increasing. Naturally, we also know that the earth can not become the permanent home of human beings, and there are still many things that can threaten the earth in the universe. For example, asteroid impact, the expansion of the sun to the red giant engulf the earth and so on.

However, these cosmic disasters are too far away for human beings. Due to the protection of huge Jupiter in front of the earth, large asteroids are unlikely to hit the earth directly. What’s more, the probability of asteroid impact is too small. The latest large asteroid impact occurred 65 million years ago. Such a small probability, we naturally do not have to worry too much, and the threat of the sun’s expansion red giant to the earth, it is even more distant.


According to the research of scientists, the sun is still young, and it will be several billion years before it expands to the red giant and engulfs the earth. Therefore, there is no need for us to worry about the threat of red giant stars. If human beings still exist in billions of years, they may have become an interstellar civilization, and naturally they are not afraid of the threat of solar expansion.

Since Hawking urged human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible, it means that Hawking speculated that the earth might undergo drastic changes in hundreds of years. If human beings did not leave the earth at that time, they might encounter disaster. Hundreds of years, whether for the earth or human civilization, is a very short time. In such a short time, what kind of drastic changes will happen?

Hawking urged human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible, indicating that such a disaster may bring the end of human civilization. And this kind of disaster may be more serious than the asteroid impact 65 million years ago. You know, the disaster that we now know can cause the extinction of a civilization may be the asteroid impact 65 million years ago.


However, the probability of an asteroid impact is too small. There has not been an extinct asteroid impact in 65 million years. Will it happen again in the next few hundred years? Obviously, it’s unlikely. Therefore, the disaster that may lead to the end of human civilization in Hawking’s conjecture may not come from the sky, but from the earth itself

It seems that global plate movement and global volcanic eruption are unlikely to occur in the next few hundred years. We should know that the earth plate is very stable now. Although there are often some earthquakes, destructive plate movement is unlikely to occur.

If these are not, what kind of disaster will it be? Some people think of the future climate catastrophe predicted by Hawking. I believe many people know that with the rapid development of human science and technology and the rapid development of industry, the resulting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are also increasing, in addition to some other ecological pollution.

With the rapid development of industry, the ecological deterioration of the earth is also increasing, especially the impact of the rising global temperature is more and more serious. Some people may think that even if the earth’s ecology continues to deteriorate, it is unlikely that it will deteriorate to the point where it cannot adapt to human survival in hundreds of years. Is that true?


If we think carefully and analyze the ecological deterioration of the earth in the past five years, you will not be so optimistic. Let’s take the rising temperature of the earth as an example. In the past five years, the global temperature has been increasing year by year, which I believe everyone can feel personally.

When the temperature is still rising in a normal area, the earth’s ecology is still controllable, and there will be no great disaster. But with the temperature rising, once out of a critical point, the impact may be very terrible.

We all know that there is an upper limit to the adaptability of the human body to temperature. Once it exceeds too much, high temperature will have a great impact on the human body. I believe that every year when the high temperature comes in summer, we can only hide in the house and blow the air conditioner. If we go out for a while, it may have a great impact on our body, and we will die if we don’t get it right.


The impact of high temperature not only makes us feel too hot to bear, but also causes the rapid melting of global glaciers. Once all the ice and snow in the north and south poles melt, the sea level may rise by about 60 meters. At that time, a lot of land will be drowned. Do you think it’s terrible?

Of course, even if there is no land in the world, relying on human technology, we can build cities on the sea without worrying about no place to live. In fact, these effects can not cause a devastating threat to human beings. What really scares human beings is the ancient virus.

I believe we all know the horror of the virus. The new virus appeared in the past month or so, I believe we all know that it makes us dare not go out and can only stay at home. The reason for this is that we do not have an effective solution for this new virus, and its transmissibility is relatively fast. If we are not careful, we may be infected by it.

It can be seen that these tiny, invisible viruses are the biggest threat to human beings. With the rising global temperature, the probability of the birth of various viruses will naturally increase significantly. And don’t forget, the earth also has a huge natural virus pool, that is the permafrost frozen in the north and south poles for tens of millions of years.


With the rising temperature, the permafrost is melting, and the ancient virus that has been frozen for a long time may also continue to recover. If these ancient viruses pose a great threat to human beings, it will be a great disaster. We should know that ancient viruses are very different from modern viruses, and we may not be able to crack them at all.

Once the threat of ancient virus begins to infect, we have no effective solution, which may sweep the world in a very short time and bring devastating disaster to human civilization. The best way to avoid this threat is to leave the earth. Perhaps Hawking saw that the speed of ecological deterioration on the earth is accelerating, so he constantly warned human beings to leave the earth as soon as possible.

Of course, it’s hard for us to have an accurate prediction of the future. What will the earth look like in hundreds of years? Now no one knows. In any case, it is an indisputable fact that the earth’s ecology is deteriorating. The deterioration of the earth’s ecology will not stop until mankind has completely clean and powerful energy to replace the traditional fossil energy.


If human beings solve the problem of energy in the near future, such as mastering controllable nuclear fusion technology, then traditional energy will be replaced and the source of ecological deterioration will stop. The deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment will stop and the earth will continue to repair itself.

Of course, even without Hawking’s warning, human beings will leave the earth and expand into space in the future. As long as we go out, we can develop faster and let human civilization spread to all corners of the universe. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, any threat and disaster will not be able to end mankind. As long as human steps spread throughout the galaxy and the universe, human civilization will live forever and will not end with the end of the solar system.

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